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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1981 Australian University Championships— Canning River Perth WA

These Championships were conducted on 15th & 16th May 1981 for the first time in Perth since 1968 for the men and 1979 for the women. A compsite New Zealand University eight competed in the men's eight for the Oxford & Cambridge Cup.

The conditions were good although slightly choppy for the finals. A seperate 1000 metre course on the Clubhouse side was created for the women's events.

Melbourne University again won the Centenary Cup and the men's lightweight four for the 14th time out of 18 races.


Hosts: University of Western Australia

Men's Scull

Time: 7:49.4
Margins: 20 & 2 secs

1st University of Western Australia - Ian Waite
2nd Newcastle University - Tim Drinkwater
3rd New Zealand Universities - Brett Cooper


Western Australia's Ian Waite Taking Home the Trophy

Men's Pair

Time: 7:39

1st University of Western Australia - Bow: Tony Gilbanks, Str: Rob Coakley
2nd University of New South Wales
3rd Sydney University
4th Melbourne University


University of WA's Rob Coakley and Tony Gilbanks Enjoy the CUB Goblets

Men's Eight

Time: 6:13.1
Margins: 1.8 & 3.7 secs

1st Melbourne University - Bow: Tony Hall, 2: Stephen Weir, 3: Richard Hall, 4: Peter Nichols, 5: Mark Carnegie, 6: Nial McConchie, 7: Matt Pringle, Str: David Webster, Cox: Martin Scott, Cch: Brian Richardson
2nd University of Queensland - Bow: John Wills, 2: Richard Powell, 3:  Anton Barton, 4: Mike Opstelten,  5: Jeff Hall,  6: David Rose, 7: Ian Edmunds, Str: Greg Kewley, Cox: P Buss, Cch: Peter Wade
3rd Sydney University
- Bow: John White, 2: Mark Ryan, 3: Peter Finlay, 4: Rob Britt, 5: Lionel McFayden, 6: Adam Davenport, 7: Mark Campbell, Str: Steve O'Halloran, Cox: Andrew Leicester
4th New Zealand Universities
- Cch: Mike Holloway
5th University of Western Australia
6th Australian National University


The Victorious Melbourne University Crew

Men's Lightweight Four

Time: 6:50.0
Margin: 9.6 secs

1st Melbourne University - Bow: Michael Keeley, 2: Bryce Raworth, 3: Jim Peters, Str: Tony Ingles, Cox: David Fisher, Cch: Paul T Van Veenendaal
2nd University of Western Australia
3rd Australian National University
4th Adelaide University
5th Sydney University
6th Royal Military College Duntroon

Sydney lightweight Tom Isaaksen was admitted to hospital the day before racing started with a badly infected hand. He discharged himself from hospital on Friday to gain qualification to the final - firstly without rowing a stroke in the heat and with pain killers, gaining third place in the repechage to make the final. After another night in hospital he competed well in the final.

Women's Scull

Time,: 4:26.5
Margin: 1.2 secs covered the first three scullers

1st Sydney University - Claire McGrath
2nd Australian National University - Eleanor Mackie
3rd University of Wollongong - Chris Childs


Sydney University's Clare McGrath

Women's Pair

Time: Unknown
Margin: 9.2 secs in the re-row

1st Monash University - Bow: Hilary Dickson, Str: Janine Lippy
2nd University of Western Australia - Bow: Barbara Kletnieks, Str: Christine Piesse
3rd Sydney University

Crews had difficulties in handling the gusty tail breeze conditions in this event. UWA won the initial race by 0.1 seconds but Monash successfully protested that UWA had interfered with them. In the rerow, Monash won by 9.2 secsonds.

Women's Four

Time: Unknown
Margins: 1.2 & 4.5 secs

1st University of Western Australia - Barbara Kletnieks, Christine Piesse, Toni Van Rijn, Liz Hollingworth, Cox: Pat Dodson
2nd Melbourne University
3rd Sydney University
4th Australian National University
5th Monash University

The New Zealand Universities crew won the event by a length but were rowing by invitation.


Victorious University of Western Australia

Women's Eight

Time: Unknown
Margins: Very little & 2 lengths

1st Sydney University
2nd University of Western Australia
3rd Melbourne University

Women's Lightweight Four

Time: Unknown
Two crew final

1st Melbourne University - Bow: Angela Turrell, 2: Gail Toogood, 3: Gini Skinner, Str: Felicity Brake, Cox: Ros Rixon, Cch: David England
2nd Sydney University
3rd Monash University

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