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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1936 Australian University Championships— Swan River Perth WA

The Championship was conducted on the Swan River in Perth on 6th June 1936. Due to rough water, the course was reduced from three miles to two miles and conducted on the course from Crawley Beach to Point Lewis.



Starter: Mr. F. E. Shaw
Umpire: Mr. R. S. Jeffreys
Judges: Messrs. M. Miller and H. Snaden
Time keeper: Mr. A. H. Macartney.

Men's Eight

Time: 12 mins 30 secs
Margins: 3 lengths and 4 lengths

1st Sydney University - Bow: J I Massie, 2: R L Cox, 3: D L Dey, 4: Bruce Low, 5: R O K T Moodie, 6: A C Robertson, 7: J N Sevier, Str: Hugo K C Dettman, Cox: B G Clarke, Cch: Frank A Page
2nd University of Western Australia - Bow: A Shem, 2: T Jones, 3: Frank Uttley, 4: Ronald T Anderson, 5: H Glese, 6: John A Wilkins, 7: G W Keall, Str: D Frazer, Cox: A Williams, Emerg: D W Hill, Cch: William A Goland
3rd Melbourne University - Bow: Donald W Fleming, 2: K B Curtis, 3: W Ross, 4: M J M Lapin, 5: G Ruddock, 6: A Sanguinetti, 7: A N Fraser, Str: D Ross M Cameron, Cox: H Stewart Moroney, Cchs: W H Pincott (Perth), Tim Turner and L A Renouf (Melbourne), Emerg: D Picken. Most of this crew including cox were medical students.

Sydney got away in the rough conditions better than the other crews and was never beaten. They had a two length lead at the half way mark and finished a further length in front. The Sydney crew under rated the other crews which perhaps was sound work in the conditions. WA appeared to have been impacted in the early stages by the five man loosing his seat in the first few strokes and some wash from the umpires boat. They overcame both these issues.

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