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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1982 Australian University Championships— Lake Wendouree Ballarat VIC

These Championships were conducted on 14-15th May 1982 on Lake Wendoureeat Ballarat.

Melbourne University again dominated retained the Centenary Cup for the most successful University at the regatta with a point score of 114, well ahead of Sydney University on 71 points. In doing so they maintained their strangehold on the Sir Fred Schonell Cup making it 15 wins out of 19 times this event has been conducted.

Deakin University from Geelong competed for the first time at this regatta.


Men's Scull

Time: 7:33.4
Margins: 15.8 & 1.85 secs

1st Sydney University - Jim Battersby
2nd Melbourne University - Paul Reedy
3rd Deakin University - Sam Golding
4th University of New South Wales - Steve Norman
5th University of Queensland - Glen Baxter

Men's Pair

Time: 7:41.4
Margins: 25.0 & 15.7 secs

1st Monash University - Bow: John Sabljak, Str: Ian Belot
2nd Australian National University
3rd Sydney University
- Bow: Bruce Holman, Str: Robert Waugh
4th Adelaide University
- Bow: J Price, Str: M Faulkner, Cch: P Emery

Other crews competing:
University of New South Wales - Bow: Martin Scott, Str: Steve Waight

Men's Eight

Time: 6:22.0
Margins: 5.1 & 6.3 secs

1st Melbourne University - Bow: Michael Keeley, 2: Jim Peters, 3: Richard Hall, 4: Mark Reedy, 5: Tony Hall, 6: David Webster, 7: Niall McConchie, Str: Jim Kiellerup, Cox: Peter Wiseman, Cch: Eric Nelson
2nd Sydney University - Bow: Chris Wright, 2: Mark Ryan, 3: Richard Van den Brook, 4: Martyn Selman, 5: Craig Bowra, 6: Hugh Nivison, 7: Mark Campbell, Str: Rob Britt, Cox: Andrew Leicester, Cchs: Eric Longley & Maurice Grace
3rd Monash University
- Bow: Bow Brad Fry, 2 Andrew Perkins, 3 Peter Tregent, 4 Jeff Thompson, 5 Gregory Robinson, 6 Patrick Robinson, 7 Ed Dugdale, 8 John Michelmore, Cox Ken Marshall, Coach Chris Dane
4th Adelaide University
- Bow: Craig J Henderson, 2: Anthony D Lewis, 3: Timothy John Belcher, 4: T N Roden, 5: P Pain, 6: John David Belcher, 7: J S Martin, Str: Nigel W "Charlie" Winter, Cox: George Jovanovich, Cch: Brenton Parsons
5th Deakin University
DNF Queensland University

Queensland University struck a marker buoy some 300 metres from the start which forced them out of the race.

Other crews competing:
University of New South Wales - Bow: J Kay, 2: R Moor, 3: Rodney Baker, 4: John Fabbro, 5: Luke Linton-Simkins, 6: Tim Weston, 7: Richard McDonagh, Str: Roger Brighton, Cox: William Marsden

Men's Lightweight Four

Time: 7:03.9
Margins: 10.5 & 8.3 secs

1st Melbourne University - Bow: Andrew Watson, 2: Tony Ingles, 3: Matthew Galvin, Str: Andrew McLean, Cox: Martin Scott, Cch: Scott Young
2nd Australian National University
3rd University of Queensland
4th Sydney University
- Bow: Tony Stevens, 2: Mark Harris, 3: Ed Donovan, Str: Hugh Cooke, Cox: Chris Mangan, Cch: Ron Ficarra
5th Macquarie University

Other crews competing:
University of New South Wales - Bow: G Gladera, 2: Michael Coles, 3: Nick Cole, Str: Bruce Lennox, Cox: Tony Sherbon

Women's Scull

Time: 4:11.0
Margins: 4.1 & 3.1 secs

1st University of Queensland - Ceinwen Frisch
2nd University of Tasmania - Sue Evans
3rd Australian National University - Denise Rennex
4th Sydney University - Claire McGrath

Women's Pair

Time: 4:09.7
Margin: 19.2 secs

1st Sydney University - Claire McGrath & Leslie Hodgson
2nd Monash University

Women's Four

Time: 4:07.5
Margins: 1.4 & 37.4 secs

1st Melbourne University
2nd Sydney University
3rd Monash University
4th Deakin University
5th University of New South Wales

Result unknown or may not have raced - Adelaide University - Bow: Francis Adamson, 2: Veronica Ward, 3: Jean Jackson, Str: Naomi Rea, Cox: V Clements, Cch: Dale Henrich

Women's Eight

Time: 3:46.0
Margins: 6.4 & 3.5 secs

1st Melbourne University
2nd Sydney University
3rd Monash University

Women's Lightweight Four

Time: Unknown
Margin: 18.5 secs

1st Melbourne University - Bow: Vanessa Matthews, 2: Jenny Inglis, 3: Angela Turrell, Str: Gayle Toogood, Cox: Trudy Firth, Cch: David England
2nd Monash University
3rd Sydney University
4th University of New South Wales

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