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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1907 Australian University Championships— Lower Yarra River Melbourne VIC

Melbourne pushed Sydney but Sydney won by a 2 length margin over the 3 mile course which was run downstream. Waley, the cox of the Sydney crew, was to go on to being the 1912 Olympic cox. The race was conducted on 9th June 1907.


Men's Eight

Time: 15 mins 53 secs
2 lengths
"Many lengths"

1st Sydney University - Bow: Thomas S Dixson, 2: Walter W Martin, 3: Randall Vivian O'Donnell, 4: George Howatson, 5: Max E Bedford, 6: Charles N Smith, 7: Keith B Gaden, Str: Archibald Morrison, Cox: Robert G K Waley, Cch: Rowan P Hickson

2nd Melbourne University - John Webster Dunhill, 2: Leonard John Cole Mitchell, 3: Ian Robert Macfarlan, 4: Francis Ernest Dossetor, 5: Sydney James Campbell, 6: Maurice Hurry, 7: Charles W B Littlejohn, Str: Albert G Greenham, Cox: John Stanislaus Reginald Rowan

3rd Adelaide University- Bow: Arthur Lorimer Kennedy, 2: Bertram Stephen Penny, 3: Lancelot Waring Gill, 4: Robert Wilson Tassie, 5: Reginald Horton Wallmann, 6: Clarence Roy Butterworth, 7: Henry Mortimer Muirhead, Str: Charles Archibald Hamilton, Cox: Milton Nancarrow, Cch: W E P Austin

Melbourne University

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