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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1966 Australian University Championships— Murray River, Mannum SA

These Championships were conducted on the Murray River at Mannum SA on 28th May after no racing taking place in 1965. 

Monash won it's first Championship at this regatta with a win in the sculls. 

These Championships were also important for the first entries from the Australian National University and also Newcastle University.

The Challenge Cup were presented to the winning crews by His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor of South Australia, Sir John Mellis Napier, KCMG.

A copy of the regatta program can be found through this link.



Adelaide University

Organising Committee

President - J Angus Maitland, Captain of Boats - Dean E Clayton, Hon Secretary - R D Lawson, Peter M Cudmore, H G Rowell, F P Nolan, D F Howell, R I Leach, P A C Gunson, A T Ramsay, R G Baker, W R Hume.


Umpires - Graham D Coldwell and J R Magarey
Starters - J H Marshall and Peter M Cudmore
Judges - J R Barbour, Dr J M Bonnin and Dr G Sorby Adams
Timekeepers - M F Bonnin, H R S Newland and G M Taylor
Despatch Stewards - David B Bishop and William E Hay
Weight Stewards - A R Russell and R E Bolt
Disputes Committee - The umpires, starters and judges
Course Stewards - Dr R G Morgan, P A C Gunson and A T Ramsay
Weather Committee - Graham D Coldwell and coaches of the eights
Commentator - R I Leach

Men's Sculls

Time: Not known
Margin: 20 lengths

1st Monash University - Peter H Hoban
2nd University of Queensland - Michael J Reynolds
3rd Australian National University - Kerry Jelbart
4th University of Western Australia - W Yuille
5th Sydney University - Christopher Morgan

Peter Hoban - Monash

Michael Reynolds from Queensland

Kerry Jelbart from ANU

Yuille from WA

Men's Eight

Time: 16:10
Margin: 2 lengths

1st University of Tasmania - Bow: R J Gee, 2: Roger J Drummond, 3: G H Denny, 4: R M Jessop, 5: I S Taylor, 6: E D Lardner, 7: R J Hall, Str: Chris King, Cox: A T Calvert, Cch: Dr B J Palmer, Emerg: J W Gillard
2nd University of New South Wales - Bow: John Shanahan, 2: Adrian Membrey, 3: Gary Khan, 4: Robert Drury, 5: Richard Crauford, 6: Jim Brennan, 7: Mike McGlynn, Str: Robert Hearn, Cox: R Gardner, Cch: Wim Sirks, Emerg: T Robinson
3rd Melbourne University - Bow: W James McMeckan, 2: Ross McK Robson, 3: William R Stokes, 4: Neill E Tweedle, 5: John R Harry, 6: Brian A Keon-Cohen, 7: Peter R Martin, Str: Paul L Renouf, Cox: John F Henry, Cch: G Harvey Nicholson, Emerg: R J Wakefield, D D Elder

Other competitors:
Monash University - Bow: Owen C Harris, 2: John B Blanch, 3: Euan R Luff, 4: Lawrence A L Stokes, 5: Simon A Holland, 6: P Christopher Dane, 7: Paul R Espie, Str: Stephen R Bennett, Cox: David Cross, Cchs: D A T Leadley and Dr Lloyd S Williams, Emerg: B G Waters
Sydney University - Bow: T Tolley, 2: David Waugh, 3: P Sevier, 4: T Farebrother, 5: David Barling, 6: Chris Glynn, 7: Doug Burrell, Str: Phil Bookallil, Cox: Vin Bettington, Cch: Eric O Longley
University of Queensland - Bow: R C Palmer, 2: R J McIntyre, 3: G Storey, 4: J Greenham, 5: Peter A Jell, 6: L J Warren, 7: W Noble, Str: Ian Revie, Cox: I C Buchanan, Cch: J T Ireland, Emerg C O'Brien 
Newcastle University - Bow: E J E Lewis, 2: R W Davies, 3: J Pullen, 4: F M Lynch, 5: T Peterson, 6: D O'Donoghue, 7: J K McMillan, Str: William Hugh Sweetland, Cox: S I Elder, Cch: W J O'Reilly
University of Western Australia - Bow: G Blackburn, 2: R A Nulsen, 3: P LeSouef, 4: I Paton, 5: C M Oldham, 6: J H Formby, 7: C P Veal, Str: Dennis Gillespie, Cox: J Middleton, Cch: N Marsh, Emerg: F Arndt 
Adelaide University- Bow: J R Walker, Rodney F Elleway, 3: Dean E Clayton, 4: John H Sedgley, 5: R C Nicholls, 6: Wyatt Roderic “Jack" Hume, 7: Francis Percy Nolan, Str: Barry P Southcott, Cox: Anthony Francis Johnson, Cch: H C Morphett, Emerg: G R Minuzzo

Tasmanian University eight

University of NSW eight posing for the camera

Melbourne University eight

Adelaide University eight

Monash eight

Newcastle eight

Queensland eight

Sydney eight

University of Western Australia eight

Men's Lightweight Four

Time: 6:58
Margin: 1 length

1st Adelaide University - Bow: Henry S Newland, 2: Richard Bonnin, 3: David Brooks, Str: B Rob Gordon, Cox: Peter Taylor, Cchs: Bill M Wallace and J Cyril S Ellis, Emerg: J Chominsky
2nd Sydney University - Bow: Gordon Rich, 2: Phil Sharp, 3: George Bawtree, Str: Phil Titterton, Cox: Paul Satchell, Cch: Dr John N Matheson, Emerg: P Burchfield
3rd Melbourne University - Bow: Brian R Speed, 2: Stewart F Peters, 3: Michael J Darling, Str: Peter H Nicholson, Cox: B Richard Kendall, Cch: Keith A Bilney, Emerg: M J Duck

The victorious Adelaide University crew at Mannum
Back row: Peter Taylor (Cox), Rob Gordon (Str), Richard Bonnin (2), Bill Wallace and Cyril Ellis (Cchs)
Front row: Henry Newland (Bow), David Brooks (3)

Sydney University

Melbourne University

Other competitors:
University of Western Australia - Bow: R L Playle, 2: R J Pember, 3: N S Humphry, Str: Robert M Rowell, Cox: M K Hart, Cch: William R Burbidge
University of Queensland - Bow: A T Philbrick, 2: I R Warren, 3: B F Hemming, Str: Michael O'Shea, Cox: D Bucan-Hepburn, Cch:R Green
University of New South Wales - Bow: J Schmidt, 2: R Stevenson, 3: I Cullen, Str: Jim Kornmehl, Cox: W Andison, Cch: S J Hood
Newcastle University - Bow: J Pullen, 2: F M Lynch, 3: E J E Lewis, Str: William Hugh Sweetland, Cox: S I Erder, Cch: W J O'Reilly
Australian National University - Bow: Christopher Lee, 2: Peter Bunderson, 3: Peter Newson, Str: Richard Stark, Cox: John Harker, Cch: Christopher May
Monash University - Bow: Bruce A Lean, 2: Edward A Morgan, 3: Andrew J P Jones, Str: Robert S Searle, Cox: Peter R Muskovick, Cch: Paul Harding

Australian National University Lightweight Four
Christopher Lee (bow), Richard Stark (stroke), Peter Newsom (3), Peter Bundesen (2), John Harker (cox) 

Monash University

University of Western Australia


  • Regatta program from the Graham Coldwell collection
  • Subsequent programs for results
  • ANU photograph from ANU courtesy of Nick Hunter
  • AUBC lightweight four image from Mark Miller
  • Other images from the regatta program
  • Christian names researched by Steve Roll

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