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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1974 Australian University Championships

Nepean River Penrith NSW - Men
Canning River Perth WA - Women

1974 Programme Cover

1974 Programme Cover

The men's Championships were back on the Nepean River at Penrith on 24th and 25th May 1974. Heats and repechages were conducted on 24th May with finals on 25th May. For the first time in the history of the Championships, a full albano course was used. There was heavy rain and the river flow increased during the regatta. 

The Women's Championships were contested only between three universities, University of Western Australia, LaTrobe and Tasmania. Sydney University missed the Championships for the first time since inception. Their annual report alludes to a number of factors which caused this disappointment including lack of available members and coaching and of course finance.


Hosts: University of New South Wales (Men) and University of Western Australian (women)

Men's Scull

Time: 7:18.5
Margin: 21 secs

1st University of Queensland - Robert J Bleakley
2nd Melbourne University - Alexander Whitworth
3rd Sydney University - Douglas Burrell
4th University of NSW - John Fardy
5th LaTrobe University - Nick Newton

Bob Bleakley

Robert Bleakley

Men's Pair

Time: 7:19.6
Margins: 5.2 & 7.8 secs

1st Melbourne University - Bow: Mark J Nolan, Str: Bruce W Longden, Cch: William R Stokes
2nd University of Western Australia
- Bow: Wayne Simmons, Str: R L McKenzie
3rd University of Tasmania
- Bow: David Downie, Str: Michael Charles Bonner

Other crews:
University of New South Wales
- Bow: John Punshon, Str: James Taylor, Cch: Lindsay Jameson
Macquarie University - Bow: P Stanley, Str: J A McCann, Cch: Jim Budge
Adelaide University - Bow: H E Michell, Str: Phillip S Keane
Sydney University - Bow: Brendan Lynch, Str: Phillip Waight
Australian National University - Bow: W L Ranken, Str: J A Bartley

E1: 1st MUBC, 2nd UNSW, 3rd SUBC, 4th ANU
E2: 1st UWA, 2nd AUBC, 3rd Tasmania, 4th Macquarie



Men's Eight

Time: 5:39.4
Margins: 5.0 & 3.5 secs

1st Adelaide University - Bow: Grant W Duncan, 2: James C Paton, 3: Michael P Page, 4: Charles W Lott, 5: Mark G Hebblewhite, 6: Dennis D Hatcher, 7: Fearnley S P Szuster, Str: Brian J Richardson, Cox: Jerry W Lemon, Cch: Rod F Elleway
2nd Melbourne University - Bow: Tim Horkings, 2: Murray Ross, 3: Rod Widmer, 4: Richard J Atkinson, 5: Jolyon Shelton, 6: Dallas English, 7: Lachlan Payne, Str: Ian Farran, Cox: Adrian Maginn
3rd Monash University - Bow: J B Gorman, 2: Michael J Kerin, 3: Michael J Slee, 4: Ian D Holyman, 5: David A Worthley, 6: Bruno Romanin, 7: James H Yuncken, Str: G W Green, Cox: David England, Cch: David Bishop
4th Sydney University - Bow: Anthony Anisimoff, 2: John B St V Welch, 3: J Dwyer, 4: Austin M Curtin, 5: Malcolm E Ritchie, 6: Alan R Simson, 7: Douglas N Burrell, Str: John B Sivewright, Cox: Terry O'Hanlon, Cch: Senko Markulin
5th University of Tasmania- Bow: Robert Hobart Castleden, 2: David Schier, 3: P Dwyer, 4: Ian Guest, 5: Edwin Ernest George, 6: Richard Norton, 7: Kerry Braslin, Str: Michael Geoffrey Temple-Smith, Cox: Chris Wojtas

Other crews:
University of Western Australia - Bow: Craig H James, 2: D Ranson, 3: Rob J Jewkes, 4: John P Murdoch, 5: Carl A Richards, 6: Rod Q Cooper, 7: David S Curry, Str: David A Bean, Cox: Robert W C Kay, Cch: Roger Fitzhardinge
University of New South Wales - Bow: Peter G Katz, 2: Andrew L Horsley, 3: J S Drummond, 4: Phillip J O'Connell, 5: G R Kirkham, 6: Peter W Riccord, 7: Alastair R Lee, Str: Simon D Kalfas, Cox: J H Stanton, Cch: Phillip Wilkinson
LaTrobe University - Bow: J Rowe, 2: J Guest, 3: J Clarke, 4: A White, 5: D Craig, 6: A Quinert, 7: Peter Atkinson, Str: Simon Derham, Cox: Peter Aldridge, Cch: Luke Koekoek, Emerg: P Jenson

E1: 1st Monash, 2nd SUBC, 3rd UWA, 4th UNSW
E2: 1st AUBC, 2nd MUBC, 3rd Tasmania, 4th LaTrobe

AUBC Eight

Adelaide University Eight

Men's Lightweight Four

Time: 6:36.2
Margins: 14.5 & 5 secs

1st Adelaide University - Bow: A D Beal, 2: William Steven Moody, 3: G McNeil, Str: William Scott Young, Cox: J M Ferris, Cch: Dean Clayton
2nd Melbourne University - Jeremy M J McGrath, 2: Greg N Longden, 3: C S Guest, Str: Michael C B Cox, Cox: Peter N Cameron, Cch: G Harvey Nicholson
3rd Sydney University - Bow: P Turner, 2: David Ludowici, 3: R Warren, Str: Harold Barrell, Cox: G Wells, Cch: Dr William Webb
4th University of New South Wales - Bow: R C Parr, 2: G Barr, 3: David M Townsend, Str: P Paradice, Cox: M Vincent, Cch: Ron Lee
5th Monash University - Bow: M D Barr, 2: Martin F Owen, 3: Andrew P Williams, Str: John A C Nevett, Cox: S Mollard

Other crews:
Australian National University - Bow: Geoff H Hindson, 2: K A Semmens, 3: John E Goetz, Str: Peter H Nevett, Cox P Keogh, Cchs: Peter Jell & Mike Jagla
LaTrobe University - Bow: J Murphy, 2: Hans Benzing, 3: G Boxshall, Str: J Frearson, Cox: Peter Aldridge, Cch: Scott Chirnside

E1: 1st MUBC, 2nd SUBC, 3rd Monash
E2: 1st AUBC, 2nd UNSW, 3rd ANU, 4th LaTrobe

AUBC Lightweight Four

Adelaide University Lightweight Four Playing Up for the Camera

Women's Scull

Time: Unknown

1st LaTrobe University - Anne Parkin
2nd University of Western Australia - Gwenda Brearley

Women's Coxed Pair

Time: Unknown

LaTrobe University appears to the author to be the only entry and perhaps not rowed over as no result appears in the 1975 programme.

Women's Coxed Four

Time: Unknown

1st University of Western Australia - Str: Gwenda Brearley
2nd LaTrobe University
- Str: N Barnes
3rd University of Tasmania
- Str: Jane Francis Dunsford


Sydney University Women's Rowing Club annual report

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