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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

The Kath Suhr Trophy for Women's Sculls, Australian University Championships

Kath Suhr Trophy

Kath Suhr Trophy

This event commenced in 1968 and named in the honour of Kath Suhr, later Kath Bennett, a strong supporter of women's rowing and sculler herself.

2007 First & Second Place Getters

Lisa Szatsznajder, Melbourne and Elizabeth Kell, Sydney

Australian Universities' Women's Sculling Championship
Year Winner Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth
1968 Margaret Clarke (Newcastle) Anne Ellison (Sydney)        
1969 Anne Allison (Sydney) Western Australia Newcastle      
1970 No race          
1971 Liz Monti (Sydney) Queensland        
1972 Rosalind Southwood-Jones (ANU) Other placings unknown        
1973 Sue Kemp (Newcastle) Other placings unknown        
1974 Anne Parkin (La Trobe) Glenda Brearley, WA        
1975 K. Norrie (Sydney) Other placings unknown        
1976 S McGinniss (Tasmania) Other placings unknown        
1977 Andrea Giles (Monash) Other placings unknown        
1978 Lesley Paton (ANU) Appears to have been a row over        
1979 Jacqui Marshall, Melbourne Other placings unknown        
1980 Christine Childs (NSW) Not known Annie Rowland, Melbourne Other placings unknown    
1981 Claire McGrath (Sydney) Eleanor Mackie, ANU Chris Childs, NSW      
1982 Ceinwen Frisch (Qld) Sue Evans, Tasmania Denise Rennex, ANU Claire McGrath, Sydney    
1983 Jacqui Marshall, Melbourne U Kay, Tasmania        
1984 Jacqui Marshall, Melbourne Rosemary McGurkin, Uni of NSW Edwina Foster, Monash      
1985 Jacqui Kelly, Queensland R Wilkinson, WA        
1986 Deborah Kelly, Qld Sydney        
1987 Julie Ellett, ANU Queensland Sydney      
1988 Maki Takken , Queensland Melbourne Sydney      
1989 Maki Takken Qld C Burge, Melbourne Margaret Kitchen, ANU Sydney    
1990 Maki Takken Qld Melbourne ANU Adelaide    
1991 Maki Takken Qld Balanda Sack, ANU Sydney      
1992 Sarah Foster Curtin Kerry Knowler, ANU A Bollinger, UTS      
1993 Simone Sluchniak, WA          
1994 Fleur Spriggs ANU Chris Gosling, Sydney Adelaide      
1995 Monique Heinke, Sydney Emiley Tidey, Queensland Courtney Johnstone, RMIT      
1996 Chris Gosling, Western Sydney          
1997 Chris Gosling, Western Sydney Sydney ANU Melbourne Canberra Woolongong
1998 Tasmania          
2000 Canberra Melbourne Sydney Auckland Deakin  
2001 Peta Estens, Sydney Miranda Bennett, Adelaide Georgiana Consett , RMIT Louise Auld, QUT Marguerite Houston. Queensland Emily Wilmoth, Melbourne
2002 Tasmania - Hobart Sydney Monash QUT Adelaide ADFA
2003 Western Sydney Queensland Queensland Technology Sydney Melbourne UTS
2004 Queensland UTS Macquarie Melbourne Western Australia Tasmania - Hobart
2005 Tara Kelly, Griffith Verena Stocker, Sydney Lisa Sznatsznajder, Melbourne Laura Roberston, Macquarie Kate Beasley, Queensland Technology Kristy Edwards, UTS
2006 Laura Robertson, Macquarie Yasmin Burraston, Canberra Jacqui Bain, Sydney Laura Osti, Adelaide Alice King, ACU Sassi McCarthy, Melbourne
2007 Elizabeth Kell, Sydney Lisa Szatsznajder, Melbourne Laura Osti, Adelaide Alison Crowe, Deakin Laura Robertson, Macquarie Ailsa Tremayne, Tasmania
2008 Kim Crow, Melbourne Lou Kilby, ANU

Emma Cook, Sydney

Abbie Trengove, Adelaide Alison Crowe, Deakin Laura Robertson, Macquarie
2009 Pippa Savage, Queensland Sally Kehoe, Sydney Alison Crowe, Deakin Carley McKay, Melbourne Laura Honson, New South Wales Laura Robertson, Macquarie
2010 Natalie Bale, Curtin Brittany Mann, Western Australia Renee Kirby, Sydney Laura Honson, New South Wales Jessica Hill, Melbourne  
2011 Sarah Tait, Melbourne Sarah Cook, New Engalnd Peta White, Adelaide Candice Williams, Macquarie Ellena Winstanley, Sydney Elise Andrews UTS
2012 Peta White, Adelaide Madeline Thomas, ACU Anna Traill, Melbourne Jacqui Williams, ANU    
2013 Jennifer Cleary, Melbourne Sophie Jerapetritis, NSW Candice Williams, Macquarie Hannah Lewis, Monash Sally O'Shea, Charles Sturt Madeleine Wallace, Sydney
2014 Jennifer Cleary, Melbourne Cara Grzeskowiak, ANU Ellen Pozzi, Queensland Elsie Andrews, UTS Suzannah Michell, South Australia Bette Wong, New South Wales
2015 Jennifer Cleary, Melbourne Cara Grzeskowiak, ANU

Olympia Aldersey, Adelaide

Elizabeth Kell, Sydney Caitilin Cronin, Queensland Genevieve Horton, UTS






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