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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

Oxford & Cambridge Cup for Men's Eights, Australian University Championships

Oxford & Cambridge Cup

Oxford & Cambridge Cup

Photo from Australian University Sport.

In the year 1893 the Oxford and Cambridge Challenge Cup was first competed for. This fine trophy was presented by Old Blues of Oxford and Cambridge Universities Boat Clubs. Dr. Warre, late headmaster of Eton College, was mainly responsible for securing the handsome and interesting trophy, which is held as a perpetual trophy for the race, and is kept by the winning boat club for the year in which it is Head of the River.

A newspaper article in 1891 noted as follows: Today's race will be the first contest for the Warra Challenge Cup, a perpetual trophy presented by the oarsmen of the Oxford and Cambridge who have rowed in the annual University race at home. The cup, which has not yet arrived in the colonies, was obtained by Dr Warre, Head Master of Eton, and will be sent out to Mr Halcomb, who has been corresponding with Dr Warre as to the advisableness of having such a trophy.

The Australian University Games web site describes the trophy as follows and the picture on the right is taken from that site.

The cup has scenes of both Cambridge and Oxford engraved on the sides, pictures of rowing along with floral emblems of the countries of England, Scotland and Wales. The Angel on the top is pictured in the traditional pose of the Toast to Rowing. This long standing and traditional toast is afforded the winners of the Challenge Cup.

Australian Universities' Men's Eight Championship
Year 19Winner Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth
1888 Melbourne Adelaide Sydney      
1889 Adelaide Melbourne        
1890 Sydney Melbourne        
1891 Sydney Melbourne Adelaide      
1892 Melbourne Sydney Adelaide      
1893 Melbourne Sydney Adelaide      
1894 Sydney Melbourne        
1895 Sydney Melbourne Adelaide      
1896 Adelaide Sydney Melbourne      
1897 Sydney Melbourne Adelaide      
1898 Sydney Adelaide Melbourne      
1899 Melbourne Sydney        
1900 Sydney Adelaide        
1901 Sydney Melbourne        
1902 Melbourne Sydney Adelaide      
1903 Sydney Melbourne Adelaide      
1904 Melbourne Adelaide Sydney      
1905 Sydney Adelaide Melbourne      
1906 Melbourne Sydney Adelaide      
1907 Sydney Melbourne Adelaide      
1908 Sydney Melbourne Adelaide      
1909 Sydney Melbourne Adelaide      
1910 Adelaide Sydney Melbourne      
1911 Melbourne Sydney Adelaide      
1912 Melbourne Sydney Adelaide      
1913 Melbourne Sydney Adelaide      
1914 Melbourne Adelaide Sydney      
1915 No race WWI          
1916 No race WWI          
1917 No race WWI          
1918 No race WWI          
1919 Melbourne Sydney        
1920 Adelaide Placings unknown        
1921 Melbourne Queensland Adelaide Sydney    
1922 Queensland Melbourne Sydney Adelaide    
1923 Queensland Adelaide Melbourne Sydney    
1924 Melbourne Queensland Adelaide Tasmania Sydney  
1925 Tasmania Sydney Queensland Melbourne    
1926 Sydney Melbourne Adelaide Tasmania    
1927 Western Australia Other placings unknown        
1928 Western Australia Placings unknown        
1929 Melbourne Adelaide Queensland Sydney Western Australia Tasmania
1930 Western Australia Adelaide Sydney Melbourne    
1931 Sydney Queensland Melbourne      
1932 Western Australia Placings unknown        
1933 Sydney Adelaide Melbourne Tasmania Queensland  
1934 Adelaide Sydney Melbourne Western Australia    
1935 Sydney Melbourne Other placings unknown      
1936 Sydney Western Australia Melbourne      
1937 Sydney Tasmania Melbourne Queensland Adelaide  
1938 Sydney Melbourne Queensland Tasmania    
1939 Melbourne Sydney Adelaide Western Australia Queensland  
1940 Melbourne Sydney Queensland entered but were withdrawn by Sports Union due to WWII  
1941 No race WWII          
1942 No race WWII          
1943 No race WWII          
1944 No race WWII          
1945 No race WWII          
1946 Melbourne Adelaide Sydney Queensland    
1947 Sydney Melbourne Western Australia Adelaide Queensland  
1948 Sydney Western Australia Melbourne      
1949 Sydney Melbourne Queensland Tasmania DNF    
1950 Melbourne Sydney Queensland Western Australia Tasmania Adelaide
1951 Melbourne =1st Sydney =1st Other placings unknown      
1952 Melbourne Sydney Western Australia Queensland Adelaide  
1953 Melbourne Western Australia Queensland Other placings unknown    
1954 Melbourne Western Australia Sydney Adelaide    
1955 Melbourne Queensland Sydney      
1956 Melbourne Western Australia Queensland Sydney NSW Technology Tasmania
1957 Melbourne Queensland Western Australia Other placings unknown    
1958 Queensland Melbourne Sydney NSW Technology Western Australia Adelaide
1959 Queensland Sydney NSW Technology Melbourne Western Australia Adelaide
1960 Sydney Melbourne NSW Queensland Western Australia Adelaide
1961 Sydney NSW Queensland Melbourne DNF Other placings unknown  
1962 Sydney Melbourne Other placings unknown      
1963 Melbourne Sydney Western Australia Queensland Tasmania Adelaide
1964 Sydney Melbourne Western Australia Queensland Adelaide Tasmania
1965 No race          
1966 Tasmania NSW Melbourne Other placings unknown    
1967 Melbourne Tasmania Monash Sydney Adelaide Western Australia
1968 Melbourne Adelaide Sydney Western Australia    
1969 Melbourne Sydney Adelaide Monash Western Australia  
1970 Melbourne Sydney Adelaide Tasmania New South Wales Australian National University
1971 Monash Sydney Adelaide Melbourne ANU  
1972 Monash Sydney Queensland Melbourne Western Australia  
1973 Monash Melbourne Sydney Adelaide    
1974 Adelaide Melbourne Monash Sydney Tasmania  
1975 Melbourne Tasmania Monash Adelaide Sydney  
1976 Tasmania Adelaide Monash Melbourne Sydney ANU
1977 Melbourne Adelaide Tasmania Monash Sydney Western Australia
1978 Monash Adelaide Tasmania Melbourne UNSW Queensland
1979 Adelaide Sydney Melbourne Monash Queensland Tasmania
1980 Melbourne Sydney Queensland Monash ANU UNSW
1981 Melbourne Queensland Sydney New Zealand Universities Western Australia Australian National University
1982 Melbourne Sydney Monash Adelaide Deakin Queensland DNF
1983 Sydney NSW Melbourne      
1984 Melbourne Sydney University of NSW Adelaide Tasmania Monash
1985 Melbourne Monash Sydney Tasmania University of WA University of Queensland
1986 Tasmania Melbourne Monash Adelaide Sydney New South Wales
1987 Monash Sydney Melbourne      
1988 Melbourne Monash Sydney      
1989 Monash Melbourne* Queensland Adelaide Sydney LaTrobe
1990 Queensland Adelaide Monash Sydney Melbourne Western Australia
1991 Queensland Melbourne Adelaide      
1992 Queensland Adelaide Melbourne      
1993 Sydney Tasmania Western Australia Queensland    
1994 Tasmania Sydney Melbourne      
1995 Melbourne Queensland Western Australia Sydney UTS Adelaide
1996 UTS Sydney        
1997 Western Australia UTS Melbourne Sydney Queensland Adelaide
1998 Western Australia     Sydney    
1999 Melbourne Sydney        
2000 Melbourne Monash UTS Queensland RMIT Sydney
2001 Melbourne Sydney UTS Monash Adelaide Canberra
2002 UTS Melbourne Sydney Western Australia Monash Adelaide
2003 UTS Sydney Queensland Melbourne Western Australia Adelaide
2004 Sydney Adelaide Melbourne Queensland Monash Tasmania-Hobart
2005 Sydney Queensland Adelaide Melbourne Monash ANU
2006 Sydney Adelaide Melbourne Macquarie ADF New South Wales
2007 Sydney Adelaide Melbourne Macquarie Griffith Defence Force Academy
2008 Queensland Sydney Melbourne Macquarie ADFA Adelaide
2009 Adelaide Sydney Melbourne Queensland Monash ANU
2010 Adelaide Sydney Melbourne Western Australia Monash ADFA
2011 Melbourne Adelaide Sydney ANU UTS Monash
2012 Adelaide Melbourne ANU Monash Western Australia Sydney (SCR)
2013 Sydney Adelaide Monash Melbourne ANU New South Wales
2014 Sydney Monash Adelaide Melbourne UTS ANU
2015 Sydney Adelaide Monash Queensland Melbourne New South Wales


1951 has been the only dead heat for first.
* RMIT finished second but rowed by invitation

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