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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

The Wills Trophy for Men's Scull, Australian University Championships

W D & H O Wills Trophy for the Men's Sculls

W D & H O Wills Trophy for the Men's Sculls

The sculling championship did not have a strong start with two entrants for the first year, a row over in the second, two scullers and a wide margin in the third year, a break of competition for the next seven years and no consistent competition until 1952. However the champions of this event have included many of Australia's best scullers.

Australian Universities' Men's Sculling Championship
Year Winner Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth
1927 Kenneth A Flavelle, Sydney Sydney R Bell, Melbourne        
1928 Kenneth A Flavelle, Sydney Row over        
1929 Kenneth A Flavelle, Sydney A Crothers, Melbourne        
1930 No race          
1931 No race          
1932 No race          
1933 No race          
1934 No race          
1935 No race          
1936 No race          
1937 R Reid, Queensland Row over        
1938 No race          
1939 No race          
1940 No race          
1941 No race WWII          
1942 No race WWII          
1943 No race WWII          
1944 No race WWII          
1945 No race WWII          
1946 No race          
1947 No race          
1948 No race          
1949 No race          
1950 No race          
1951 No race          
1952 B. Sundstrap, Sydney P. Royce, Adelaide        
1953 John Hunt, Melbourne P Royce, Adelaide P North, Sydney      
1954 B. Adams, Sydney Eddie Maslen, WA Hugh F Smith, Melbourne      
1955 No race - lack of entries          
1956 No race - lack of entries          
1957 Barry Ninham, WA Lionel P. Robberds, Sydney        
1958 William Hatfield, NSW Jack Mulcahy, Melbourne        
1959 William Hatfield, NSW J. Hazard, Qld Michael Kloster, Sydney      
1960 Michael Wignall, Sydney Dennis Durston, WA Other placings unknown      
1961 Raymond Troussolett, Tas William Hatfield, NSW        
1962 David Walker, WA William Hatfield, NSW Christopher Hazzard, Melbourne      
1963 Allan Skinner, Sydney Dally R. Messenger, Melbourne G Toomey, NSW J Dellahunty, Queensland    
1964 Jack Bennett, Qld
John Yuille, WA Gordon Rich, Sydney Tasmania NSW  
1965 No race          
1966 Peter H. Hoban, Monash M.J. Reynolds, Qld Kerry Jelbart, ANU W Yuille, Western Australia Christopher Morgan, Sydney  
1967 Richard M. Reddel, Sydney Kerry P. Jelbart, ANU I C Porter, Melbourne G M Minuzzo, Adelaide    
1968 M.J. Reynolds, Qld Islay R. Lee, Sydney Robert Zahara, Melbourne F Arndt, Western Australia    
1969 M.J. Reynolds, Qld Robert Drury, NSW S F Shanasy, Melbourne Richard M Reddel, Sydney W E John, Monash  
1970 RichardM. Reddel, Sydney Peter H. Hoban, NSW Robert Bleakley, Queensland      
1971 Edward O. Hale, Tas Islay R Lee, Sydney Paul Rowe, NSW Robert Bleakley, Queensland A Griffiths, ANU  
1972 Edward O. Hale, Tas Peter H. Hoban, NSW Flinders Bill Brooks, Sydney    
1973 Islay R. Lee, Sydney George Larkins, WA David Worthley, Monash H E Mitchell, Flinders    
1974 Robert J. Bleakley, Qld Alexander Whitworth, Melbourne Rowan Burrell, Sydney John Fardy, NSW Nick Newton, LaTrobe  
1975 Edward O. Hale, Tas Robert Brown, Sydney Alex Whitworth Melbourne Other placings unknown    
1976 Peter Nevett, ANU Ralph French, Qld Charlie Rowe, Sydney Robert Bleakley, Melbourne David Schier, Tasmania

Mark Hebblewhite, Adelaide

1977 Peter Nevett, ANU Mark Hebblewhite, Adelaide David Schier, Tasmania Neil McGill, Sydney J Baillieu, Monash  
1978 Chris Shinners, Sydney J. Kettewell, Qld Phil Mangelsdorf, Flinders Roger Bade, Melbourne B Edwards, UNSW  
1979 Andrew Rigby, Melbourne Chris Shinners, Sydney Ralph French, Queensland      
1980 Andrew Cassidy, Melbourne J Ryan, Queensland Rick Stacy, Macquarie Other placings unknown    
1981 Ian J. Waite, WA Tim Drinkwater, Newcastle Brett Cooper, NZ      
1982 Jim Battersby, Sydney Paul Reedy, Melbourne Sam Golding, Deakin Steve Norman, UNSW Glen Baxter, Queensland  
1983 Hugh McLean, Adelaide Christopher White, Sydney Monash      
1984 Richard J. Powell, Qld Richard McMahon, Melbourne Gert Grigull, Woolongong      
1985 Hamish McLashan, Melbourne Sam Golding, Deakin Gert Grigull, Woolongong      
1986 Sam Golding, Deakin Sydney Flinders Tasmania Macquarie  
1987 Ben Gier, ANU Monash Queensland Melbourne    
1988 Wayne Diplock, Qld Melbourne Tasmania      
1989 Wayne Diplock, Queensland N Weston, LaTrobe P O'Farrell, ANU New South Wales    
1990 Wayne Diplock, Queensland Sydney University Tech Adelaide LaTrobe Sydney New South Wales
1991 Alister McLachlan, Adelaide James Lilley, Sydney ANU      
1992 Sam Golding, Monash Alistair McLachlan, Adelaide Anthony McGlynn, NSW      
1993 Alistair McLachlan, Adelaide          
1994 RMIT Melbourne ANU      
1995 Richard Burton, Griffith Sinclair Taylor, Sydney        
1996 A. Kearns, GUGC          
1997 Richard Roach, UTS Sydney Griffith Melbourne Canberra Monash
1998 Tim Perkins, UWA Stephen Stewart, UWS Randall Baker, TUBC      
1999 Michael Wiseman, Sydney          
2000 Mitchell Punch, Canberra Sam Golding, Melbourne South Australia unknown Curtin Uni  
2001 Luke Hennessy, ANU Thomas Chapman, Sydney Mitchell Punch, Canberra Scott Brennan, Tasmania, Hobart John Romyn, UTS Al Taylor, Swinburne
2002 Mike Irvine, UTS UWS Queensland Macquarie Deakin Sydney
2003 Western Sydney Sydney Queensland UTS Melbourne ADFA
2004 Macquarie Alistair Taylor, Swinburne Tasmania-Hobart Patrick Bird, Newcastle Sydney Melbourne
2005 James Chapman, UTS Jackson Price, Griffith Chris Riddell, Melbourne Patrick Bird, Newcastle Stuart Davies, Swinburne Miles Foran, Sydney
2006 James Chapman, UTS Matthew Bolt, AUBC Edward Boyce, Western Sydney Patrick Bird, Newcastle Samuel Bailey, MUBC Miles Foran, SUBC
2007 Kieran Kobelke, Coll of Phys Ed Graham Kolb, Griffiths Tom Larkins, Melbourne Matthew May, Sydney Charles Ohtomo. Queensland Matthew Bolt, Adelaide
2008 Final not raced David Wright, ANU - Heat 1 winner Robert Lewis-Swan, Queensland heat 2 winner      
2009 Danjels Reedman, Canberra Samuel Conrad, Queensland David Wright, ANU Hugh McLeod, ACPE Benjamin Smith, Macquarie  
2010 Brendan Murray, Murdoch Matthew Bolt, Adelaide Zac Cleaver, Melbourne Rhys Grant, Curtin Liam James, UTS Andrew Evans, Newcastle
2011 Finals cancelled          
2012 Brendan Murphy, Murdoch David Wright, ANU Michael Poulter, Monash Nathan Bowden, SA Darcy Frawley, RMIT Grant Adendorff, Curtin
2013 James Davies, Sydney Alednader Lazarou, New South Wales Conrad Bond, Newcastle Robert Szewczak, Western Australia George Ellis, Melbourne Riley Owen, ANU
2014 John Linke, Melbourne Luke Letcher, ANU Nathan Bowden, SA Angus Lillicrap, QUT Connor Clark, Macquarie James Kane, NSW
2015 Luke Letcher, ANU David Bartholot, Sydney Hugo Langsford, Adelaide Harold Hickfuss, Queensland Isaac Smith, Melbourne James Waldersee, UTS

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