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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

Note: This is an excerpt from another page on this website. For a more complete history, see the 2022 Australian University Championships.


2022 Australian University Championships–
Mixed Coxed Four




1st University of Western Australia - Bow: Johnson Daubney, 2: Digby Marshall, 3: Rebecca Pretorius, Stroke: Georgia Hughes, Cox: Cooper Anspach
2nd University of Technology -  Sydney - Bow: Holly Garner, 2: Lila Anderton, 3: Mackenzie Thompson, Stroke: Jack Message, Cox: Tara Rogers
3rd Sydney University - Bow: Nicola Greenland, 2: Ella Cassin, 3: Torben Ungemach, Stroke: Ryan Gibson, Cox: Emily Jowett-Blinman
4th University of NSW - Bow: Charlotte Stanwix, 2: Ashley Potter, 3: Marcus Della Marta, Stroke: Scott Purves, Cox: Dhruv Kumar
5th Curtin University -  Bow: Lucy Eadon, 2: Joely Patterson, 3: Dejan Bouwhuis, Stroke: Ethan Aird, Cox: Jasmin Collins
6th Adelaide University - Bow: Oscar Moore, 2: Nick Burr, 3: Carys Jones, Stroke: Grace Seppelt, Cox: Amy Carrodus, Coaches: Sam Morton, Tom Doornbos 
7th University of Tasmania -  Bow: Jessica Malisauskas, 2: Ella Marshall, 3: Alister Bradley, Stroke: Angus Paynter, Cox: Abbey Boutcher
8th University of Western Australia 2 - Bow: Riley Flecker, 2: Matthew Randall, 3: Monique Rossi, Stroke: Lily Edgar, Cox: Connor Brace

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