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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

Note: This is an excerpt from another page on this website. For a more complete history, see the 2022 Australian University Championships.


2022 Australian University Championships–
Men's Eight



1st Sydney - Jack Cook, Robinson, Wehr-Candler, Tom Whitehead, Alexander Purnell, Campbell Watts, Jacob Bicknell, Judge,  Cox: William Raven
2nd Adelaide - Jack Korcz, Patrick Ey, Cameron Beasley, Tim Santin, Beasley, Drew Clements, Hugo Langsford, Freddie Smyth Cox: Georgia Litt
3rd Monash - Jayden Grey, Charles Risbey, Edward O'Bryan, Jack Kelly, Jack Robinson, Callum Nott, Jack Tivey, Redmond Matthews, Cox: Portelli
4th Queensland - Bram Chapman, Blaine Heseltine, Gallagher, Harold Hinckfuss, Nathan Goldstone, Harry Baxter, Potts, Hamish Parry, Cox: Dimicco
5th Melbourne - Kelt, Stephenson, Carl Tomczak, Alistair Cunningham, Max Arundell, Carrier, Hermsen, Gubbins, Cox: Sarah Ben-David
6th New South Wales - Scott, Angammana, David Shaw, Chris Blundell, Weiss, David Byrnes, Michael Pickford, Mitchell Wherry, Cox: Paterson

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