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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1912 Interstate Championships

Women's: 29 Jan 1912, Albert Park Lake VIC
Men's: 11 May 1912, Swan River WA

Photos 1912 Interstate Championships Photo Gallery

1912 programme

1912 Programme Cover

Regatta Committee & Officials

Regatta Committee: A C Manuelle & C H Lamb
Starter: C P Dimond
Umpire: C Baxter Cox
Judges: Felix J Whitwell & A G Jenkins

36th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 15.33
Margin: 2 lengths

1st VIC - Bow: Paul M Wade, 2: Mark F Shea, 3: A A Brown, 4: H S Dickinson, 5: William S Needham, 6: Roy Jenkins, 7: Len Sydney Davis, Str: C G Davies, Cox: S A Jerram, Emerg: S Pettitt, Cch: Arthur J Shepherd, Selectors: Arthur J Shepherd, Arch L Dobbie & Thomas Crosthwaite
2nd TAS - Bow E A Coverdale, 2: H K Goyen, 3: Allan A Pitt, 4: H M Quinn, 5: T V Farr, 6: Dan Munro, 7: Jack Woodhouse, Str: C Arthur "Buff" Watts, Cox: Claude Coogan, Cch: W Mangan
3rd SA - Bow: J B Courtney, 2: W G Wigg, 3: J A Begg, 4: G Alex Lawton, 5: J H Vollprecht, 6: Wylie Nation, 7: P W Kennedy, Str: F A Easton, Cox: W S Webb, Emerg: E M Luxmoore, Cch: Sid T Stenning, Mgr: J J Sharp
4th NSW - Bow: J Robinson, 2: A Bryan, 3: Michael Ernest Chapman, 4: T C Elliott, 5: Patrick Ryan, 6: J Holley, 7: Sydney Grant, Str: H Grandin, Cox: Oswald J Wood, Cchs: N J McDonald & Oswald J Wood, Mgr: T R Macnee
5th WA - Bow: W G Taylor, 2: D S Aarons, 3: R T Browne, 4: J T Prince, 5: Ralph (Pop) S Jeffreys, 6: James Child, 7: E G Long, Str: Sydney G Mews, Cox: Roy Elsegood, Cch: Frank E Shaw

With the key members of the NSW crew in the 1912 Olympic eight, the NSW crew was based upon the Balmain crew with representatives from Leichhardt and Enterprise. The race was rowed in some 24 seconds faster than the previous race six years ago and perhaps showed the improvements in rowing during that period. Victoria and Tasmania led out from the field but after the first mile, Victoria had gained the lead. They maintained the lead until the finish with a margin of two lengths. The Western Australian crew was swamped during the race.

Of note, the Victorian four man Needham raced for Tasmania in both the 1911 and 1913 championships. He had settled in Melbourne in 1912 but returned permanently to Tasmania in time for 1913.

The following story appeared in the Adelaide Advertiser on 6th April 1951 about the sea journey over to Perth. It was a story attributed to the Victorian seven man Lyn Davis:
We had a fellow with us, Roy Jenkins, champion wrestler of Australia. After leaving Melbourne we arranged with the captain of the ship to go on the top deck to push round. Roy could do all that. When we reached Port Adelaide, a couple of SA policemen, members of the SA crew, Kennedy and Nation, came up and watched us. They did not know Jenkins's form, and Kennedy asked for a push. Roy stuck his head down and Kennedy put the headlock on him. Nation called to his mate, "That's a good hold, stick to him." I can see Roy's face getting white instead of red. At last he picked Kennedy up and planted him on the deck. He asked, "Would you like another push?" Replied Kennedy, "No thanks.''

Victorian men's eight

1912 Victorian Crew

finish of the King's Cup

1912 Victorian crew celebrates at the finish line

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Distance: 2.5 Miles
Time: 16.45.0
Margin: 4 lengths

1st NSW - Henry Green
2nd WA - George E Rogers
TAS did not finish - Fred Coverdale (Coverdale capsized soon after the start.)
VIC - Horace E Stevens selected but unable to travel

In the sculling race, Coverdale of Tasmania capsized soon after the start. Victoria selected H E Stevens but he was unable to make the trip. It was the first time since 1902 that Victoria was not represented. 

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Challenge

No distance recorded.
No time taken
Margin: 2 feet

1st QLD (Brisbane Ladies' Rowing Club)- Bow: Violet Grose, 2: Hilda Burston, 3: Winifred Lea, Str: Isabel Roberts, Cox: Mr E Butler, Emerg: Irene Walker
2nd VIC (Albert Park Ladies Rowing Club) - Bow: Josie Geary, 2: Edie O'Connor, 3: May Nagel, Str: Elsie Crippen, Cox: Charlie Short, Cch: L Croft, Emergs: D Griffiths, F Jose, E Zittenger, L Giffiths
3rd Warrnambool Rowing Club (VIC) - Bow: N McKee, 2: D Ive, 3: M Day, Str: Vera Newman

The Queensland crew were all from the Brisbane Ladies' Rowing Club and raced a Victorian crew from Albert Park Ladies' Rowing Club. It was a stirring race with Queensland winning by two feet. The Warrnambool crew retired about half way. The race was rowed in clinker outriggers with sliding seats.


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