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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1911 Interstate Championships

6 May 1911, Parramatta River NSW

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1911 programme

1911 Programme Cover

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Q L Deloitte

NSWRA President Q L Deloitte

Regatta Officials

Starter: Mr Jack McGregor
Umpire: Mr Vicary Horniman
Judge: Mr John Degotardi
Mr Albert E Nash, Mr William Kerr, Dr Burke

35th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Distance: 3 miles 167 yards
Time: 17.24
Margin 2 1/2 lengths

1st NSW - Bow: John A Ryrie, 2: E Roy Barker, 3: Alec B Doyle, 4: Thomas C Parkinson, 5: Harry Hauenstein, 6: Sidney A Middleton, 7: Keith Heritage, Str: Roger B Fitzhardinge, Cox: Robert G K "Ken" Waley, Cch: William J Middleton, Sole Selector: Roger B Fitzhardinge, Emerg: W G Scott
2nd VIC - Bow: Eric T Brind, 2: William L B Anketell, 3: C A James, 4: H C Hawkins, 5: Harry Ross-Soden, 6: William Potter, 7: M G Scott, Str: C G Davies, Cox: J Thompson, Cch: A J Shepherd, Emerg: M C Brown, Selectors: Arthur J Shepherd, C McDonnell & Thomas Crosthwaite, Mgr: G I Stevenson
3rd TAS - Bow: A Phillips, 2: P Wicks, 3: Allan A Pitt, 4: C A Thomlinson, 5: T Farr, 6: William Needham, 7: Martin C Boniwell, Str: Fred Coverdale, Cox: Alf Griggs, Emerg: E Haigh, Cch: George McKenzie, Mgr: Thomas S Nettlefold
4th SA - Bow: W G Wigg, 2: C A Hamilton, 3: E M Luxmoore, 4: J W Thompson, 5: E F Doyle, 6: Cecil T Madigan, 7: Arthur Fearby, Str: T A Whyte, Cox: R G Woodhead, Emerg: V A Clutterbuck, Cchs: Alf J Grayson & Arthur Nicholls, Mgr: J J Sharp & J A Begg
5th WA - Bow: Arthur Macartney, 2: George Mettam, 3: Charles H Lamb, 4: A R White, 5: Ralph S Jeffries, 6: James Child, 7: B Goode, Str: A F Carl During, Cox: Roy Elsgood, Cch: Charles H Horsburgh, Mgr: W George Hastings
6th QLD - Bow: A A Petrie, 2: S L Quinn, 3: W C Poulson, 4: J Tighe, 5: E S Petrie, 6: S Black, 7: J G Howie, Str: Len Eastman, Cox: G MacKenzie, Cch: Simon B Boland, Mgr: A Swensson

The Victorians got the crew together in seven weeks this year but still were no match for the NSW crew. The Victorians also used swivel rowlocks for the first time. The best part of the racing was for second place between Victoria and Tasmania as NSW had first place clearly won early in the race winning in the end by 2 1/2 lengths. There was little separating second and third.

NSW men's eight

1911 NSW Eight

Tasmanian men's eight

1911 Tasmanian Crew

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Distance: 2.5 Miles
Time: 18.50.0
Margin: 6 lengths

1st TAS - Cecil L McVilly
2nd NSW - John R Towns
3rd VIC - Horace E Stephens

Cecil McVilly again won well and confirmed his good showing in the previous year.

Cecil McVilly

Cecil McVilly in England in 1912


  • Regatta program
  • The Victorian Oarsman by John Lang, published by Massina & Co 1919
  • Sydney Rows by Alan May published by Sydney Rowing Club 1970
  • Mercantile A Century of Rowing by Aitken et al, published by Mercantile Rowing Club 1980

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