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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1891 Intercolonial Championships

28 Nov, Yarra River VIC

Regatta Officials

Patron: The Right Hon The Earl of Hopetoun KCMG
Starter: Mr A B Templeman
Umpire: Mr Edward Carlile
Judge: Mr H W Jenvey
Hon Treas: Mr C Miller
Hon Sec: Mr George E Upward
Hon Ass Sec: Mr J McCormick


15th Men's Intercolonial Eight-Oared Championship

Distance 2 1/2 mile
Time: 18.45
Margins: 3 lengths (NB: the margin is recorded in Pritchard's Queensland history as 100 yards) and 2 lengths

1st QLD – Bow: B J Beirne, 2: Francis W de Little, 3: A J Westaway, 4: F M Hart, 5: Arthur H Drury, 6: W E Molle, 7: E Colcough, Str: R T Hilder, Cox: Dan E Joyce, Cchs the Bell brothers (which we assume refers to Colin B P Bell and W A D Bell). Mr Armytage MP assist in the final stages of their training, Emerg: F Hart. Average weight 11st 2lb.
2nd NSW – Bow: Nick Johnson, 2: James A Smith, 3: W C McDonald, 4: W C Metcalfe, 5: J Edward Kennedy, 6: R Rankin, 7: P Eviston, Str: J Gerald Kennedy, Cox: J (Sid) Hellings, Cch: John Myers. Average weight 11st 10lb.
3rd VIC – Bow: W Hatch, 2: H Hutchinson, 3: B James, 4: W A Jones, 5: Arthur J Shepherd, 6: T Parkin, 7: A M Treacy, Str: F James, Cox: Vernon Petherick, Cch: George Upward. Average weight 11st 9lb.

After the disappointment of the previous year, the Queenslanders were determined to win. The Queenslanders suffered some set backs on the way to victory. The seven day sea journey from Brisbane was stormy and interferred with their condition. They had to make a late crew change due to V Jessop suffering from influenza. Finally their coaches were unable to travel. Despite these issues, they won handsomely. The Brisbane Courier reported on 21st November 1891: Their rowing at once showed that they have been tutored upon the lines adopted by the University men upon the Cam. The long measured feather, and quick, hard drive with the legs are the principal features of their stroke. There can be no doubt that the boat travels faster between the strokes.

It is interesting to note that the race was still not organized by the Victorian Rowing Association as it was keen to organize an eight oared race with other colonies under it's own amateur definition. It was not until 1894 did the Victorian Rowing Association take over the selection of the Victorian crew. George Upward's committee continued with this task.

Intercolonial Sculling

Distance 3 miles
Time: 20:58

The depth of the field at the Victorian Sculling Championships of 1891 appears to have been a test as to whether an Intercolonial Sculling Championship should be conducted annually.

The Victorian Championship was conducted on the Yarra River with the following competitors:
1st William J Bridson Wellington Rowing Club NZL
2nd Edward R Ainley Yarra Yarra Rowing Club VIC
3rd K Ritchie Tamar Rowing Club TAS
4th R Gow Tamar Rowing Club TAS
5th J McRae Mercantile Rowing Club (now Mosman Rowing Club) NSW
6th J B Sneider Yarra Yarra Rowing Club VIC
7th J B Walters Yarra Yarra Rowing Club VIC

VRA subscribers request - page 1

VRA Subscribers Request - page 1

Ref: 1891 IC 1

VRA subscribers request - page 2

VRA Subscribers Request - page 2

Ref: 1891 IC 2


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