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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

2015 Interstate Championships

29 March 2015, Sydney International Regatta Centre NSW

program cover

Program Cover

These Championships were conducted without the World Cup overlay of the previous two years. The standard of the organisation did not drop and was superb. The regatta was generously supported by Destinations NSW, an agency of the NSW government.

The Event Board comprised:
Chairman: John Boultbee
Deputy Chairman: John Croll
Member: Joelie Chisholm
Member: Lizzi Chapman
Member: Bryan Weir
Member: Jo Verdan
Project Manager: Fred Taylor

The regatta was a great success both on and off the water. The weather was kind for all but one session.

Innovations included the ROWunion Marquee with bar and tapas menu to catch up with past rowing buddies and crews.

Also new was the exhibition entitled ‘Rowing with the ANZACS – Remembering mateship and sacrifice’. The exhibition commemorated the Centenary of ANZAC in the context of Australia’s rowing heritage. On the 29 March, after the Schoolboys Eight race, there was a Commemorative Ceremony to pay tribute to South Australian rower, Tom Whyte, who died on 25 April 1915 at Gallipoli, Turkey, while rowing to shore.

His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret’d), Governor of New South Wales and Mrs Hurley laid a wreath during the Commemorative Ceremony. Wreaths were also laid by Captain Charles Huxtable, Royal Australian Navy, President of the Australian Defence Rowing Association, and para-rowing World Champion and former Australian Army Sergeant, Gavin Bellis.

Index to Results

Rowing Australia Cup

Interstate Point Score
  State Points
1st Victoria
2nd New South Wales
3rd Queensland
=4th Western Australia
=4th Tasmania
6th South Australia
7th Australian Capital Territory

This was one of the easiest wins for this point score trophy for some years. With Victoria winning four of the eight events, the result was never in doubt.

RV CEO Nick Gall, Victorian team Director Al Isherwood and RV Chairman of Selectors Andrew Cleary accept the Rowing Australia Cup

Results for racing at the Interstate Championships can be found through this link.

Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup


1st Victoria - Bow: Tom Larkins, 2: Benjamin Coombs, 3: Karsten Forsterling, 4: Angus Widdicombe, 5: William Lockwood, 6: Josh Dunkley-Smith, 7: David Crawshay, Str: Joshua Booth, Cox: David Webster, Cchs: Christian Ryan and Pete Kupcis
2nd New South Wales - Bow: James Chapman, 2: Jack Hargreaves, 3: Nick Wheatley, 4: Spencer Turrin, 5: Alexander Lloyd, 6: Nicholas Purnell, 7: Matthew Ryan, Str: Fergus Pragnell, Cox: Toby Lister, Cchs: Mark Prater and Nick Garratt
3rd South Australia - Bow: Christopher Morgan, 2: Matthew Bolt, 3: Nathan Bowden, 4: Falco Richardt, 5: James McRae, 6: Alexander Hill, 7: Bryn Coudraye, Str: Jed Nicolle, Cox: Aleco Lanfranco, Cch: Jason Lane
4th Western Australia - Bow: Christopher Hayes, 2: Tom Gatti, 3: Rhys Grant, 4: Matthew Cochran, 5: Jeremy Stevenson, 6: Cameron Brewer, 7: David Watts, Str: Joshua Hicks, Cox: Connor McCombe, Cch: Antonio Maurogiovanni
5th Queensland - Bow: Patrick Czakilew, 2: Hamish Parry, 3: Nathan Goldstone, 4: Dan Bundock, 5: Ben Morley, 6: Scott Laidler, 7: Angus Lillicrap, Str: Daniel McCarthy, Cox: Daniella Serra, Cchs: Christian Oneto and Zoltan Shepherd
6th Australian Capital Territory - Bow: Francis Snelgar, 2: Michael Cusack, 3: Pat Adams, 4: Caleb Antill, 5: Angus Moore, 6: Luke Letcher, 7: Tom Perry, Str: Nicholas Barnier, Cox: Renae Domaschenz, Cch: Andrew Randell
7th Tasmania - Bow: Oliver Marsden, 2: James Cocker, 3: Mitchell Digney, 4: Tom Cox, 5: George Ellis, 6: Samuel Volker, 7: Richard Giblin, Str: Wilson Mure, Cox: Alexandra Gruber, Cchs: Peter Volker and John Driessen

The South Australians set the pace in the early stages of the race with Victoria in close pursuit. Both these crews were determined not to be left behind as in past years. By comparison, the start by the NSW crew was measured. The Victorians kept the pace well up in the second 500 metres to take the lead and did not let go thereafter. The South Australians maintained second place into the third 500 metres but faltered in this part of the race allowing the NSW crew through. The NSW crew maintained the pressure on the Victorians but the result was not in doubt.

The Victorian crew celebrate

Left to right: William Lockwood, Tom Larkins, Josh Dunkley Smith, Karsten Forsterling, David Crawshay, David Webster, Ben Coombs, Josh Booth and Gus Widdicombe

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup


1st New South Wales - Alexander Belonogoff, Cch: Mark Prater
2nd Victoria - John Linke, Cch: Simon Gadsen
3rd Tasmania - Max McQueeney, Cchs: John Driessen and Brett Crow
4th Western Australia - Rhys Grant
5th Australian Capital Territory - Luke Letcher
6th Queensland - Ben Morley
7th South Australia - Ned Kinnear, Cch: Sean Leyland

John Linke had the best of the start but the favourite Alexander Belonogoff soon imposed himself on the race. Linke remained in striking distance of Belonogoff for the first 1500m but could not break him. Another battle for the third place took place between McQueeney and Grant also over the first 1500m. McQueeney prevailed only over the final stages of the race.

Belonogoff makes his move on Linke in the second 500m

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup


1st Queensland - Bow: Jack Price, 2:Tim McDonnell, 3: Nick Silcox, Str: Darryn Purcell, Cch: Keiran Dwyer
2nd Western Australia - Bow: Mario LoPresti, 2: Cameron Fowler, 3: Perry Ward, Str: Timothy Widdicombe, Cch: Philip Jurjevich
3rd New South Wales - Bow: Simon Nola, 2: Roderick Chisholm, 3: Edward De Carvalho, Str: Sean Murphy, Cchs: Lachlan Carter and Tim McLaren
4th Victoria - Bow: Tim Day, 2: Will Day, 3: Red Matthews, Str: James Wilson, Cch: David Fraumano
5th Tasmania - Bow: Toby Pitt, 2: Brendan Longman, 3: Daniel Bloomfield, Str: Oliver Cook, Cch: Brett Crow

Queensland were hot favourites for this race and they led from start to finish. It was a great race for minor placings with Victoria in second place for the first 1500m. They were blown away by the fast finishing Western Australian and New South crews.

The crews approaching the 500m with Queensland leading from Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and Tasmania.

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy


1st New South Wales - Bow: Zac Whitehead, 2: Jack Cook, 3: Thomas Whitehead, 4: Alex Purnell, 5: Tom Schramko, 6: Jacob Bicknell, 7: Campbell Watts, Str: Robert Black, Cox: Angus Bagby, Cchs: Matthias Ungemach and Mark Prater
2nd Queensland - Bow: Tom Davidson, 2: Callum Chisholm, 3: Tom McTaggart, 4: Nick Pettigrew, 5: Darcy Wruck, 6: Harley Moore, 7: Oliver Smith, 8: Jack Armitage, Cox: Thomas McLellan, Cchs: Paul Pettigrew and John Bowes
3rd Victoria - Bow: Christopher Gough, 2: Lachlan Webster, 3: James McCann, 4: William Smith, 5: Carter Dickinson, 6: Alistair Cunningham, 7: Max Rennie, Str: Adam Croxford, Cox: Stuart Callander, Cch: Edward Monteith
4th Western Australia - Bow: Matthew Stubberfield, 2: Andrew Eyres, 3: Broderick Morgan, 4: Sebastian Gay, 5: Jex Fatin, 6: Sam Marsh, 7: Patrick Boere, Str: Luke Salerno, Cox: Darwin Friend, Cch: James Bracey
5th South Australia - Bow: Jack Korcz, 2: Jack Deans, 3: Ethan Mons, 4: Billy Brigham, 5: Kane Grant, 6: Jordarn Karpowicz, 7: Tyson Beauchamp, Str: Tim Santin, Cox: Sophie Terp, Cchs: Jordan Schiller, Joshua Whitwell
6th Tasmania - Bow: Will White, 2: Nat Graham, 3: Matt Byrne, 4: Alec Paterson, 5: Rob Kennedy, 6: Alex Hutchinson, 7: John McKenzie, Str: Henry Youl, Cox: Dominique Hancock, Cch: Andrew Prior

This was the strongest win in the 2015 Interstate Championships. New South Wales led from start to finish in a commanding performance. They increased their lead evenly throughout the race in a strong row.

New South Wales crew already in command of the race at 500m

Women's Interstate Eight Championship–The Queen's Cup


1st Victoria - Bow: Addy Dunkley-Smith, 2: Katrina Werry, 3: Sophie Sutherland, 4: Kim Crow, 5: Jennifer Cleary, 6: Katrina Bateman, 7: Lucy Stephan, Str: Charlotte Sutherland, Cox: Sarah Banting, Cchs: Michael Steele and Simon Gadsden
2nd Queensland - Bow: Fiona Albert, 2: Fleur Spriggs, 3: Sarah Zillmann, 4: Charlotte Travers, 5: Sally Kehoe, 6: Tessa Carty, 7: Maddie Edmunds, Str: Jessica Hall, Cox: Jennifer Gilbert, Cchs: Ian Edmunds and Tom Westgarth
3rd South Australia - Bow: Mieka Webb, 2: Lauren Wearne, 3: Narelle Badenoch, 4: Bridget Badenoch, 5: Olympia Aldersey, 6: Renee Chatterton, 7: Rhiannon Hughes, Str: Molly Goodman, Cox: Isabella Milazzo, Cch: Jarrad Schar
4th New South Wales - Bow: Candice Williams, 2: Leah Saunders, 3: Olivia Dressler-Smith, 4: Monique Heinke, 5: Genevieve Horton, 6: Amy Clay, 7: Jessie Allen, Str: Georgina Gotch, Cox: Kendall Brodie, Cchs: David Gely and Alfie Young
5th Tasmania - Bow: Abbie Crow, 2: Eve Mure, 3: Mel Homan, 4: Anna Sansom, 5: Meaghan Volker, 6: Sarah Hawe, 7: Ciona Wilson, Str: Kate Hornsey, Cox: Alison Herbert, Cch: Neil Stump
6th Western Australia - Bow: Ashlea Harvey, 2: Janelle Austin, 3: Holly Child, 4: Amanda Rukuwai, 5: Megan Bagworth, 6: Maia Simmonds, 7: Alexandra Hagan, Str: Hannah Vermeersch, Cox: Elinor Scott, Cch: Nick Collins

The Victorians led all the way but the race by the Queenslanders was superb. The Victorians raced a sensational second 500m which gave them the break which was race winning. The Queenslanders raced well to maintain the pressure of the Victorian throughout the rest of the race.

Start of the Queen's Cup

Women's Interstate Lightweight Quad Scull Championship–The Victoria Cup


1st Tasmania - Bow: Alexandra Hayes, 2: Annabel Gibson, 3: Georgia Nesbitt, Str: Ella Flecker, Cch: Paul Newbon
2nd New South Wales - Bow: Holly Lawrence, 2: Georgia Miansarow, 3: Laura Dunn, Str: Sarah Pound, Cchs: Esther Verburg and Ellen Randell
3rd Victoria - Bow: India McKenzie, 2: Stephanie Radford, 3: Alice Arch, Str: Alice McNamara, Cchs: Bert Cocu and David Colvin
4th Western Australia - Bow: Thea Adamson, 2: Amy Walters, 3: Janelle Austin, Str: Maia Simmonds, Cch: Michael Hinsley
5th Queensland - Bow: Maria Tomassini, 2: Alana Hewish, 3: Hannah Norris, Str:: Alice Doring, Cchs: Courtney Talbot and Alex Field

The Tasmanian had a blistering first 1000m. They gained a 1.5 second advantage in each of the first two 500 metres which was the winning margin. However the other big story in the race was the ship wreck in the leading New South Wales crew in the first 500m which lost them some 6 seconds. They rowed through the field to finish only 3.09 seconds behind Tasmania.

Tasmanian Women's Lightweight Quad

Women's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Bicentennial Cup


1st Victoria - Bow: Elise Franetic, 2: Ellie Howe, 3: Rachael Caldwell, 4: Phoebe Rennie, 5: Claudia Zucchelli, 6: Hedda Cooper, 7: Bec Joyce, Str: Lucy Jepson, Cox: Sarah Ben-David, Cch: Annabelle Eaton
2nd Queensland - Bow: Tyler Ferris, 2: Maddie Southall, 3: Lily Alton-Triggs, 4: Eloise Parker, 5: Kate Rowan, 6: Caitlin Cronin, 7: Ellen Pozzi, Str: Miller Ferris, Cox: Caitlin Hockings, Cch: Jirik Haselgrove
3rd South Australia - Bow: Zoe Molloy, 2: Mackenzie Lum, 3: Mariah Hatchard, 4: Milly van der Jeugd, 5: Georgia Seidel, 6: Amy Miller, 7: Lucy Triggs, Str: Tess Robertson, Cox: Georgia Litt, Cchs: Brynley Millward and Daren Potts
4th New South Wales - Bow: Kate O'Gorman, 2: Bridie O'Gorman, 3: Olivia Bartram, 4: Lara Wainwright, 5: Rowena Meredith, 6: Serena Cox, 7: Charlotte Medway, Str: Rafaela Stalph, Cox: Danielle Pettit, Cchs: Judith Ungemach and Deborah Fox
5th Western Australia - Bow: Denika Kelsall, 2: Tanami Ashby-Deering, 3: Molly Booker, 4: Kate Woodall, 5: Bronwyn Cox, 6: Bree Kennedy-Smith, 7: Annabelle McIntyre, Str: Georgia Wheeler, Cox: Genevieve Vinciguerra, Cch: Chris Holliday
6th Tasmania - Bow: Caitlyn Bloomfield, 2: Sarah Leon, 3: Jacqueline Hancock, 4: Louisa Stewart, 5: Louisa Seddon, 6: Shanyce Kitson, 7: Fiona Anderson, Str: Sophie Hughes, Cox: Josie Robertson, Cch: Ron Woods

The Victorians led from start to finish. The South Australian were the challengers to Victoria in the first half of the race but dropped off in the third 500 metres leaving the challenging to Queensland. The Queenslanders had a slower start than the other crews but raced very well over the remainder of the race. A good battle between the New South Wales and Western Australian crews for fourth and fifth places took place for much of the race.

Victoria and Queensland approaching the 1500 metre mark

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy


1st Victoria - Kim Crow
2nd Tasmania - Kerry Hore, Cch: Brett Crow
3rd Australian Capital Territory - Cara Grzeskowiak
4th Queensland - Amy James, Cch: Alex Field
5th Western Australia - Alexandra Hagan
6th New South Wales - Elizabreth Halsall, Cch: Ellen Randall

Australian single sculler Kim Crow was from start to finish as was expected. She also raced later in the Queen;s Cup, thus winning two gold medals in these Championships. The big story in this race was the superb race by veteran kerry hore to come in second place, only 3.68 seconds behind Kim.

Kim Crow and Kerry Hore nearing the finish


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