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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1985 Interstate Championships

14 Apr 1985, Lake Wendouree VIC

1985 programme

1985 Programme Cover

Gail force winds had battered the course earlier in the day but abated sufficiently for racing.

97th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup


1st VIC - Bow: Martin O'Halloran, 2: Paul A Thompson, 3: John Sabljak, 4: Neil Jackson, 5: Ian Belot, 6: David Doyle, 7: Mark Doyle, Str: James Tomkins, Cox: David Colvin, Emergs: David Fogarty & Peter Tomanovits, Cchs: Brian Richardson & John Cumper, Mgr: Miss C Betremieux
2nd SA - Bow: Mark McInerney, 2: Alistair Davidson, 3: Robert Booth, 4: Joel Mayne, 5: Michael Nielsen, 6: Chester MacDonald, 7: Jamie Nicholson, Str: Darren Webb, Cox: Robert Rowlands, Cch: Gavin Thredgold
3rd NSW - Bow: Luke Linton-Simpkins, 2: Richard Paterson, 3: John Croll, 4: Andrew Ambrose, 5: Stan Humiecki, 6: George Andrews, 7: Craig Muller, Str: Steve Evans, Cox: Dale Caterson, Cch: Rusty Robertson
4th QLD - Bow: John Lisetto, 2: Laurie Campbell, 3: David Pearson, 4: Mark Denning, 5: Bruce Speare, 6: Matt Sower, 7: Bill Remington, Str: Mal Batten, Cox: John Lincolm, Cch: Terry Mulligan
5th TAS - bow: Michael Davis, 2: Ron De Haan, 3: Andrew Flakemore, 4: John Bannon, 5: Simon Frost, 6: Glenn Myler, 7: David Carter, Str: David Tippett, Cox: Michael Cox, Cch: Mark Roach

NSW led from the start from Victoria and SA. SA then took the lead by the 500 metre mark. It was in the second 500 metres that Victoria made its move and led from the 1000 metre mark for the rest of the race. SA made a strong effort to regain the lead but it was repelled.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup


1st VIC - Gary Gullock
2nd QLD - Richard Powell, Cch: Bob Bleakley
3rd SA - John Bentley, Cch: Rob Lang
4th WA - Tony Lovrich
5th NSW - Ron Smith, Cch: Paul Rowe

Gullock from Victoria had a blistering start leaving the field behind. His handsome lead was maintained through to the finish and he won by a comfortable four seconds.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup


1st VIC - Bow: Phil Gardiner, 2: Simon Cook, 3: Bill Digby, Str: Brian Digby, Emerg: Alan Borger, Cch: Geoff Hunter
2nd WA - Bow: Chris Mallon, 2: Neville Kempton, 3: Russell Lagdon, Str: Ian Clairs, Cch: Bill Cherrington
3rd NSW - Bow: Lyall McCarthy, 2: Charles Frangoulis, 3: Nick Hunter, Str: Merrick Howes, Cch: Roland Stocker
4th TAS - Bow: Russell Hookway, 2: Paul Harvey, 3: Ian Jordan, Str: Bruce House, Cch: David Poulson
5th SA - Bow: Cameron Miller, 2: Richard Hall, 3: Damien Cooke, Str: Robert Hughes, Cch: William Dankbaar

Victoria led from the start and gained a good margin which it never let go. There was a good race for minor placings.

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy


1st VIC - Bow: Chris Gilford, 2: Andrew Muller, 3: Andrew Imison, 4: David McLeod, 5: P T Williams, 6: Paul Somerville, 7: Michal Stranks, Str: Stuart Wade, Cox: S Greenbaum, Emerg: R A Law, Cchs: Stephen Spurling & B M Phillips
2nd QLD - Bow: David Power, 2: Cameron Prout, 3: Ian Carroll, 4: Richard Graham, 5: Mark Halstead, 6: Lachlan Meehan, 7: Rod Birt, Str: David Addis, Cox: James Gamack, Cch: Ted Egerton
3rd WA - Bow: Ben Rosser, 2: Quentin Sims, 3: P Page, 4: H McGlashan, 5: Martin King, 6: Martin Attwill, 7: A French, Str: D Deykin, Cox: A Dowling, Cchs: D A Bean & A Brooks
4th NSW - Bow: Phillip Chapman, 2: Duncan Forbes, 3: Peter Murphy, 4: Charles Huxtable, 5: David Dix, 6: Steven Schweikert, 7: Andrew Weisner, Str: Robert Burgess, Cox: Harvey Smith, Cch: Gary Uebergang
5th SA - Bow: Michael Strout, 2: Jonathan Hayne, 3: David Saunders, 4: Nicholas Longmire, 5: Alistair Beard, 6: Vic Sukacz, 7: Mark Jenkinson, Str: Tom Merrigan, Cox: Craig Briggs, Cch: Robert Russell

Victoria again used the fast start to good advantage gaining a good lead which was never surrendered. They won with a very good margin to second place of 6.5 seconds.

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship–The ULVA Trophy


1st VIC - Bow: Debbie Bassett, 2: Kate Hall, 3: Sue Chapman-Popa, Str: Margot Foster, Cox: Kaylynn Fry, Cch: David Palfreyman
2nd WA - Bow: Avonia Arndt, 2: H Ross, 3: Lisa Harffey, Str: Merome Hall, Cox: Paulette Stroet, Cchs: Warren Gibson & Gwenda Bennetts
3rd NSW - Bow: Sue Weston, 2: Amand Rudgley, 3: Robyn Grey-Gardner, Str: Anne Piper, Cox: Lyn Ryan, Cch: Peter Stroud

Victoria won the start and extended its lead throughout the race to win by 14 seconds.

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy


1st QLD - Adair Ferguson, Cch: Noel Langton
2nd TAS - Urszula Kay
3rd NSW - Annelies Voorthuis, Cch: Paul Rowe
4th VIC - Julie Slattery
5th WA - Patti Pinkerton

Adair Ferguson and Urszula Kay had a good battle for three quarters of the race until Ferguson sprinted to break away from Kay and in the end, gained a comfortable win.

Women's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Victoria Cup


1st VIC - Bow: Leanne Whitehouse, 2: Sue Bartlett, 3: Tracy Fortune, Str: Gayle Toogood, Cox: Lara Stacey, Cch: Brian Dalton
2nd NSW - Bow: Palmina Lo Po, 2: Debbie Cooper, 3: Julie Ellett, Str: Denise Rennex, Cox: Jo Burnand, Cch: Lindsay Callaghan
3rd QLD - Bow: Gael Paul, 2: Bronwyn Gray, 3: Debbie Merritt, Str: Debbie Flynn, Cox: Penny Dixon, Cch: John Kelly
4th SA - Bow: Denise Collins, 2: Chris Tiechert, 3: Karin Riedel, Str: Amanda Cross, Cox: Mira Jovanovich, Cch: Matthew Draper

This was the best contest of the day with a good race between Vicoria and NSW. Victoria led throughout the race but were pushed at every stage.


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