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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1895 Intercolonial Championships

18 May, Hamilton Reach Brisbane River QLD

1895 programme cover

Programm Cover

Higher definition images from this regatta can be found at: 1895 Intercolonial Rowing Championships (

19th Men's Intercolonial Eight-Oared Championship

Distance: 3 Miles
Time: 16.16.3
Margin: 1 length

1st VIC - Bow: R Ernie Dawson, 2: Charles Donald, 3: Charles W Horsburgh, 4: Alex B Sloan, 5: W Dawson, 6: W Herbert T Davis, 7: Harold Lindgren, Str: James Donald, Cox: G Horsburgh, Cch: George Upward, Ass Cch: F Warren.
2nd NSW - Bow: John J Daley, 2: James T Cooper, 3: Edward H Pearson, 4: Nathaniel J McDonald, 5: A S Greenwood, 6: Henry (Harry) G Williams, 7: J H Evans, Str: Edward A Pearson, Cox and Cch: C Lou Quist, Emerg: Gaskill
3rd QLD – Bow: W A Douglas, 2: J H Williams, 3: W B Carmichael, 4: R McAlister, 5: Pierce Joyce, 6: A Young, 7: E Colclough, Str: J Deevy, Cox: W Armstrong, Cch: Francis W de Little

The Queenslanders failed to hear the starters gun and lost some two lengths off the start. The Victorians led early and gained a length lead over NSW by the end of the first mile. By 1 1/2 mile mark the Queenslanders drew within a length of NSW. Although it is reported that NSW took the water of Queensland, the margins did not change by the end with Victoria first by 2 lengths to NSW and less than a length further back to Queensland.

However the biggest story of the regatta was the mutiny by the Sydney crew. Some days before the race, NSW ascertained that Ernie Dawson (VIC) had cycled for cash prizes. The NSW crew were instructed not to start if Dawson was included. Alan May In Sydney Rows decribed the situation as follows:

.."Dawson started and in a 'gross breach of discipline', the NSW crew 'mutinied' and decided to row. Victoria won the actual race, beating NSW by a length only. Two problems now faced the NSW Rowing Association: how to discipline the crew and in any event, were they still amateurs? The Association protested to the VRA, demanding a 'no race' decision.

"The Queensland Association took the view that each Association had to interpret its own rules and, accordingly, asked the VRA if its rules allowed a cash cyclist to row as an amateur. Victoria quickly announced that they did. The NSW Association decided to consult the Amateur Rowing Association of England for its view on the matter and it proceeded to pass a vote of severe censure on its own crew. The Association also decided that all members had forfeited their amateur status through having competed against a professional and that a new rule would be needed to overcome the position. A later meeting reinstated all the oarsmen concerned to amateur status."

It was reported in The Argus in Melbourne on 25th October that the VRA had received a letter from the Queensland Rowing Association upholding the win by Victoria in the recent Intercolonial Championship Eight Oared Race. The question of whether the Victorian crew was eligible was adjudged by Queensland as appropriate.

1895 Victorian team

Victorian Team

Back row L-R: AB Sloane (4), W Dawson (5), F Warren, E Powell (sculler), J Donald (str). Middle row L-R: CW Horsburgh (3), H Lindgren (7), WHT Davis (6), George Upward, C Donald (2). On floor L-R: G Horsburgh, RE Davis (bow).
Source: Mercantile Rowing Club

Charles Donald's oar

Charles Donald's oar

Source: Wesley College - Melbourne

Men's Intercolonial Sculling Championship

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 20.22.0

1st VIC – Edward Powell
2nd NSW – William Lambert
3rd QLD – Michael J Slack

The sculling race also had some interest with Powell taking the early lead but being pushed by Lambert towards the end of the race. Slack withdrew after two miles.

NSW sculler W Lamber

NSW Sculler
W Lambert


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