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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1938 Interstate Championships

Women's: 16 Apr 1938, Hen & Chicken Bay, Parramatta River NSW
Men's: 7 May 1938, Yarra River VIC

Men's programme

Programme Cover from the Men's Regatta

Women's programme

Programme Cover from the Women's Regatta

Index to Results

cartoon of English crew

A Brisbane Courier Cartoon depiction of the visiting English crew

Regatta Officials–Men's Regatta

Starter: H L LaRoche
Umpire: T L Mannix
Judge: T W Jenkin
Assistant Judge: R L Thwaites
Despatch Steward: H T James
Clerk of Scales: J P Rorke
Timekeepers: E T Bradshaw, E Kenny & T L Mannix

Regatta Officials–Women's Regatta

Starter: J W Scott
Umpire: F Lester
Judge: J L Hutchinson
Timekeeper: P C Daly

56th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Time: 14.13.4
Distance: 2 1/2 miles
Margins: 1 canvas, 4 lengths & 1/3 length

1st WA - Bow: William H Teede, 2: Jack E Jeffreys, 3: Les Moncrieff, 4: Edward (Ted) C Bishop, 5: Gordon E Yewers, 6: Richard (Dick) L Paramor, 7: Vic Shakespeare, Str: Donald Fraser, Cox: Ken Carrick, Cch: George Orgill, Emerg: A Marshall, Mgr: H Leo Button (An interesting historical note: Richard Paramor was given the honour of a street being named in his honour in Perth.)
2nd NSW - Bow: B A Willis, 2: William F Bradley, 3: Douglas E W Bain, 4: J G Myers, 5: Mervyn T Wood, 6: William J Dixon, 7: A B (Joe) Gould, Str: F Spencer Grace, Cox: William Kerr, Emerg: David A Elias, Cch: Douglas W Bowden, Mgr: John R Rook, Selector: Cliff Lambert
3rd TAS - Bow: K J Tillack, 2: R G Richardson, 3: Francis "Frank" E Adlard, 4: A J Smith, 5: Arthur Bruce Douglas, 6: B R Gibson, 7: A C Cresswll, Str: Harry S H Porte, Cox: J W Smith, Cch: E Len Gibson, Emerg: J A Stephenson, Mgr: E T Bessell
4th VIC - Bow: M W Hutton, 2: Max Gaskin, 3: Stan J Pitcher, 4: Arthur James, 5: George I Anderson, 6: R Mills, 7: Stewart J Elder, Str: Alan Jacobsen, Cox: David Calnin, Cch: Ben S Thompson, Emergs: George Hutchins, L R Jelbart, K W Anderson & W Gordon Ross, Mgr: H E Butler, Selectors: Walter N Ricketts, W Ray B Todd and George M Hutton
5th SA - Bow: J R Goode, 2: J H Bollen, 3: Geoff M Sheppard, 4: G T Burgess, 5: Keith B Roennfeldt, 6: E F Yates, 7: Ray K Dunn, Str: Max J Richardson, Cox: Deb W Earl, Cch: Taufik "Toff" K Qurban, Emergs: Alf J Gregory & F M Besley, Mgr: Charles Baumann
6th QLD - Bow: N H Powell, 2: P N F Gregory, 3: Derek C O'Beirne, 4: G H Walton, 5 W Morgan, 6: G Perkins, 7: D D Glasgow, Str: Wilf B Mole, Cox: G R Marks, Emerg: E Cook, Cch: Eric P Evers, Manager: F Lou Poulgrain

Western Australian crew

1938 WA Crew

A good start was had by all crews then a magnificent struggle between WA and NSW began with the crews no more than 3/4 length apart at any stage during the race. Within 80 yards of the line NSW was still leading but seemed to falter. WA took the opportunity and rowed through NSW to win by a canvas.

Tasmania was third, four lengths behind and was closely followed by Victoria. The Victorian crews of that era were not very good and the selectors tried unproven oarsmen in the hope of success. The stroke was a junior oarsman from the Banks Rowing Club and the five man a strong maiden oarsman from Ballarat. The crew did not reach a stage of having a flat out trial course before the race day and two of the crew had not raced beyond a mile.

WA crew

Western Australia Eight

Bow: William H Teede, 2: Jack E Jeffreys, 3: Les Moncrieff, 4: Edward (Ted) C Bishop, 5: Gordon E Yewers, 6: Richard (Dick) L Paramor, 7: Vic Shakespeare, Str: Donald Fraser, Cox: Ken Carrick

Tasmanian team

The Tasmanian crew in Melbourne

Kings Cup Picnic

King's Cup Picnic

WA crew

WA Crew

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Distance: 2 1/2 miles
Time: 17.18.5
Margins: 300 & 200 yards

1st NSW - Cecil A Pearce
2nd VIC - L A Purves
3rd SA - R M L Ninham

The Sculling Championship was never a contest even for placing and a comfortable win to Cecil Pearce again.

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship–The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 3/4 Mile
Time: 6.01.0

Margins: 2 lengths & 2 feet

1st England - Bow: Phyllis M Taylor, 2: Dr A Violet K Cyriax, 3: Elsie M Mathewson, Str: Eleanor M Gait, Cox: Barbara L Innes, Emerg: Gladys Barnes
2nd TAS - Bow: E Lawler, 2: E Russell, 3: Maisie Doran, Str: Nancy Reardon, Cox: Mr P Morgan
3rd SA - Bow: M Dent, 2: T Zinnack, 3: J Zinnack, Str: P O'Malley, Cox: J "Rocko" Forbes, Manager: Mrs Zinnack
4th QLD - Bow: Vida Whetter, 2: Audrey Hampson, 3: Edna Beidermann, Str: Flo Crossett, Cox & Cch: Mr Ron Clemence, Mgr: J Hassell
5th NSW - Bow: D Temmis, 2: T Scott, 3: Rona Walker, Str: Nea Walcot, Cox: Ray Schneider, Cch: Claude Rosevear, Emerg: Peggy Auld
6th VIC - Bow: N James, 2: N Walsh, 3: M Bennell, Str: F Harding, Cox: D Hassell, Emerg: E Hawkins

An English Ladies' four toured Australia and took part in the Championships as part of the Sydney Anniversary celebrations. The England team competed in four races during their tour of Australia and won all of them.

The Queensland crew led early in the race after England got off to a bad start. However with powerful and steady rowing, the English crew took the lead by the half-way mark and then went on to win by 2 lengths.

The Victorian selectors went with an experienced crew which included some older rowers. Mrs Walsh from Essendon in the two seat was a grandmother and Mrs Bennell was a mother. Alas they were not able to match it with the other crews.

British crew

The British Crew

This is a picture taken outside their clubhouse on the Thames. Left to right: B L Innes, E M Gait, E Mathewson, Dr A V Cyriax, G M Barnes, P M Taylor


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