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1991 Interstate Championships

7 Apr 1991, West Lakes SA

1991 programme

1991 Programme Cover

102nd Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup


1st VIC - Bow: Peter Murphy, 2: Gary Gullock, 3: Andrew Cooper, 4: Michael McKay, 5: Nick Green, 6: James Tomkins, 7: Ion Popa, Str: Matthew Dingle, Cox: David Colvin, Cch: Noel Donaldson, Emergs: Malcolm Batten & Warwick Hooper
2nd NSW - Bow: Shane McLaughlin, 2: Luigi Preziuso, 3: Marcus Hanna, 4: Richard Roach, 5: Matthew Cordery, 6: Robert Tucker, 7: Matthew Roach, Str: Simon Guerke, Cox: Dale Caterson, Cchs: Harald Jahrling & Michael Morgan
3rd WA - Bow: William Hutton, 2: Tom Warner, 3: Michael Logue, 4: Rob Scott, 5: Greg Kerr, 6: Ian Clarke, 7: Hugh Baird, Str: Tony Lovrich, Cox: Terry Scook, Emerg: David Sumich, Cch: Ralf Bonte
4th SA - Bow: Chester McDonald, 2: Alastair McLachlan, 3: Stephen Dale, 4: Matthew Hensbest, 5: Malcolm Turner, 6: Jamie Fernandez, 7: Michael Southcott, Str: David Greenslade, Cox: Craig Briggs, Cchs: Simon Gillett & Robert Rowlands
5th QLD - Bow: Greg Howell, 2: Ryan O'Hanlon, 3: Geoff Howell, 4: Marcus Free, 5: David Weightman, 6: Wayne Diplock, 7: Robert Finch, Str: Michael Davies, Cox: Michael Jowatt, Cchs: Alan Bromiley & Ray Smith
6th TAS - Bow: Greg Marshall, 2: Ricky Shadbolt, 3: Andrew Carpenter, 4: Ray Spriggs, 5: Drew Cox, 6: David Tippett, 7: Roderick Lee, Str: Ron deHaan, cox: Matthew Bale, Cch: Mervyn Tippett

South Australia got the best of the start but were overhauled by Victoria by the 500 metre mark. The Victorians suffered strong challenges from NSW but went onto win convincingly even though the margin was only 2.1 seconds.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup


1st VIC - Peter Antonie
2nd QLD - Richard Powell
3rd TAS - Stephen Hawkins
4th NSW - Bruce Hick

Peter Antonie led throughout but was under constant pressure from Richard Powell. Peter became the first person ever to win Interstate Eight, Sculling and Lightweight Four Championships.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup


1st SA - Bow: Tim Brew, 2: Gavin Russell, 3: David Belcher, Str: John Keogh, Cch: Matthew Draper
2nd TAS - Bow: Glen Wright, 2: Jamie Osbourne, 3: Peter Holloway, Str: Craig Rickards, Cch: David Poulson
3rd VIC - Bow: Neil Rycroft, 2: Andrew McCubbery, 3: Ian Rycroft, Str: Simon Langenbacher, Cch: John Cumper
4th NSW - Bow: John Wilson, 2: Anthony Folkes, 3: Charles Frangoulis, Str: Andrew MacKenzie, Cchs: Harald Jahrling & Andrew Randell
5th QLD - Bow: Robert Bruce, 2: Ivan Hooper, 3: Rob McNeil, Str: Jeff Birt, cch: Jack Hutchinson
6th WA - Bow: Neville Kempton, 2: Alan Peckham, 3: Phillip Jurjevich, str: Daryl Salisbury, Cch: Bill Cherrington

This was another good race with SA leading from the 500 metre mark and being pressured by both Tasmania and Victoria throughout the race.

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy


1st QLD - Bow: Jamie Riches, 2: Michael Filippakis, 3: Daniel Rowe, 4: David Silcock, 5: Daniel Morris, 6: David Hobart, 7: Chris Bowen, Str: James Burton, Cox: Matthew Lawson, Cch: Ted Edgerton
2nd VIC - Bow: Daniel Colls, 2: Paddy Sinn, 3: Matt Thomas, 4: Ben Kain, 5: Nick Sadler, 6: David Linley, 7: Peter Findlay, Str: Simon Teschendorf, Cox: Brett Hayman, Cch: David Pincus, Emergs: Doug Bailey & J Marriner
3rd NSW - Bow: Andrew Cannon, 2: Nicholas Galea, 3: Lincoln Parker, 4: Ian Coventry, 5: Andrew Batton, 6: Lionel Bray, 7: Lachlan Evans, Str: Stuart Sincock, Cox: John Courtney, Cchs: Harald Jahrling & Jim Battersby
4th WA -Bow: Michael Scott, 2: Andrew Schupp, 3: Oliver Charlesworth, 4: Sheldon Coxon, 5: Simon Nutter, 6: Anthony Witham, 7: Ronald Snook, Str: Nicholas Porzig, Cox: Rebecca Randell, Cch: George Xouris
5th SA - Bow: Jay Emmerton, 2: James Seppelt, 3: Richard Muirhead, 4: Lucas Hirst, 5: Anthony Ruffin, 6: Scott Blood, 7: Peter Rundle, Str: Sam Binder, Cox: Clive Mathieson, Cch: David Rich

Queensland gained an early lead which they did not surrender. Victoria and NSW fought out the second place keenly only 2.4 seconds behind Queensland.

Women's Interstate Four Championship–The ULVA Trophy


1st NSW - Bow: Gillian Campbell, 2: Kathy Stock, 3: Ballanda Sack, str: Trudi Wadsworth, Cch: Harald Jahrling
2nd VIC - Bow: Jodie Dobson, 2: Felicity McCall, 3: Samantha Stewart, Str: Janine Collier, Cch: Angela Turrell
3rd QLD - Bow: Jenny Edmunds, 2: Adair Ferguson, 3: Courtney Johnstone, Str: Kate Dearden, Cch: John Rynne
4th WA - Bow: Sarah Foster, 2: Gesa Ruge, 3: Rebecca Lowe, str: Claire Grayston, Cch: Andrea Schreiner
5th SA - Bow: Anna Ozolins, 2: Kerry Sawford, 3: Marni Boylan-Sugg, Str: Joslyn Else, Cchs: Brenton Terrell, Linda Rich & Simon Gillett

This event became a coxless event this year. Victoria led for 1500 metre before being overpowered by NSW over the last 500 metres. NSW won in the end by a comfortable margin of 4.8 seconds.

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy

Time: 7.59.30
Margins: 9.87 & 1.12 secs

1st NSW - Jenny Luff, Cch: Paul Rowe
2nd TAS - Sandra Harvey, Cch: Paul Harvey
3rd QLD - Ceinwen Fay, Cch: Robin Fay
4th WA - Andrea Coss, Cch: Paul Rowe
5th VIC - Sue Herold, Cch: John Bennett

Jenny Luff led from the start and built on her margin to finish 9.8 seconds in front of Sandra Harvey in second place.

Women's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Victoria Cup

Time: 7.14.90
Margins: 5.32 and 4.24 secs

1st VIC - Bow: Marina Cade, 2: Deidre Fraser, 3: Pam Westendorf, Str: Rebecca Joyce, Cch: Brian Dalton, Emerg: Leisa Wilson
2nd NSW - Bow: Kate Murphy, 2: Margy Galloway, 3: Tamsin Angus-Leppan, Str: Debbie Fox, Cch: Harald Jahrling
3rd SA - Bow: Sue Moran, 2: Nicole Mali, 3: Amanda Cross, Str: Suzi Deterding, Cch: Barbara Gillett
4th QLD - Bow: Naomi Nichols, 2: Samantha Thiele, 3: Amanda Cotman, Str: Kylie Shields, Cch: John Hodgkinson
5th WA - Bow: Sarah Pittendrigh, 2: Caroline Easton, 3: Tamsin Walton, Str: Ashley Makepeace, Cch: Patricia Pinkerton

Victoria led from the start and consolidated their lead for the balance of the race being never threatened.

Women's Interstate Youth Four Championship–The Bicentennial Cup


1st SA - Bow: Carmen Klomp, 2: Kate Slatter, 3: Ingrid Sharer, Str: Tory Toogood, Cchs: Linda Rich, Breton Terrell & Simon Gillett
2nd VIC - Bow: Amanda Loftus-Hill, 2: Rosalind Carter, 3: Louise Findlay, Str: Yolanda Jones, Emergs: B Hall & Felicity McCall , Cch: Robin Jones
3rd NSW - Bow: Julie Weeks, 2: Jodie Brewer, 3: Samantha Jones, Str: Elizabeth Moller, Cch: Robyn Grey-Gardiner
4th QLD - Bow: Melanie Morris, 2: Danah Wood, 3: Margot Tidey, Str: Emily Tidey, Cch: Chris Grummitt
5th WA - Bow: Katie Scott, 2: Jennifer Burnett, 3: Lara Stevenson, Str: Andrea Zuideveld, Cch: Verna Westwood
6th TAS - Bow: Rebecca Wright, 2: Brooke Williams, 3: Delecia Creedon, Str: Claire Primrose, Cch: David Williams

SA dominated this race from the start and finished a commanding 16.7 seconds in front of Victoria in second place. The SA crew members went onto being key rowers within Australia.


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