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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1993 Interstate Championships

4 Apr 1993, Lake Wivenhoe QLD

1993 programme

1993 Programme Cover

Organising Committee & Officials

Organising Committee: Rowing Queensland

Boat Race Officials: Bill Cooper, Berry Durston, Jim Harvey, Peter Huggett, Reg McKay, Brian Nash, David Taylor, Brett Woolfitt, Jim Dowrie, Andrew Guerin, Roy Hinchy, Craig James, John Murdoch, Bob Pennington, Bill Wooldridge, John Drewe, Ray Hammon, Steve Hinchy, Pat McGiuffie, Robin Murphy, David Rattray & Joy Wooldridge

104th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup


1st VIC - Bow: Paul Reedy, 2: Malcolm Shippen, 3: Richard Shenfield, 4: Anthony Ellis, 5: Matt McArdle, 6: Ben Dodwell, 7: Peter Murphy, Str: Michael McKay, Cox: David Colvin, Cchs: Brian Richardson & Steve Spurling, Emergs: Duncan Ashby & Brad Kerr
2nd WA - Bow: Michael Logue, 2: Simon Nutter, 3: Simon Spriggs, 4: Simon Powell, 5: Nick Porzig, 6: Ron Snook, 7: David Porzig, Str: Robert Scott, Cox: Terry Scook, Cch: Tony Lovrich
3rd QLD - Bow: Toby Roberts, 2: Andrew Moore, 3: Anthony Steinfort, 4: David Hobart, 5: Steven Kearney, 6: Jeff Howell, 7: Wayne Diplock, Str: Boden Hansen, Cox: Michael Jowett, Cchs: John Rynne & Ray Smith
4th NSW - Bow: Nick McDonald-Crowley, 2: Eric Moore, 3: Richard Wearne, 4: Shane McLaughlin, 5: Robert Jahrling, 6: Marcus Hanna, 7: Richard Roach, Str: Geoff McIntyre, Cox: Stuart Dalgleish, Cch: Steve Evans
5th SA - Bow: Lucas Hirst, 2: Andrew Stunnell, 3: James Seppelt, 4: Alastair McLaughlin, 5: Scott Blood, 6: Matthew Hooper, 7: Edward Draydon, Str: Jaime Fernandez, Cox: Robert Rowlands, Cch: Robert Booth

This was one of the great races of this event. The domination of this Championship by the Victorians appeared about to be broken with a strong performance by the Western Australians. They led from the start and had a sufficient margin in the eyes of the spectators to put their glasses down with five hundred metres to go. Those who continued to watch were startled to see the Victorian domination continue. The Victorians, stroked by Michael McKay, lifted like no one had seen a crew do before and stormed home over the Western Australians to win by a whisker (0.09 second). Ray Ebert, the course commentator was shocked and claimed he saw Michael McKay lift the boat out of the water and take off after the West Australians. After the race he suggested that the Victorians should be charged with "grand larceny" of the Championship by their performance as they should not have won given their position at the 1500 metre mark. Even Roger Wilson in his wrap up the Australian Championships in Australian Rowing titled his article "Victoria steals King's Cup".

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup


1st TAS - Stephen Hawkins, Cch: Stephen Hawkins Snr
2nd QLD - Gary Lynagh, Cch: Bob Bleakley
3rd NSW - Bruce Hick
4th VIC - Jason Day, Coach: Paul Reedy & Brian Richardson
5th SA - Alistair McLachlan
6th WA - Jason Tutty, Cch: Nick Garrett

Jason Day gained a handy lead for the first half of the race but could not withstand the three fast finishing lightweights Stephen Hawkins, Gary Lynagh and Bruce Hick who came through to take first, second and third placings respectively in a well raced event.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup


1st SA - Ben Reece, 2: Ned Draydon, 3: Andrew Stunnell, Str: James Seppelt, Cch: Simon Gillett
2nd TAS - Bow: Paul Newbon, 2: John Keogh, 3: Michael Davis, Str: Simon Burgess, Cch: Sam Carroll & Simon Wishaw
3rd VIC - Bow: Gavin Hall, 2: Richard Wraith, 3: William Peden, Str: Simon Morrison, Emerg: Ian Rycroft, Cch: John Cumper
4th QLD - Bow: Tim Kerrison, 2: Phil Bourguignon, 3: Rob McNeil, Str: Scott Taylor, Cch: John Wilson
5th NSW - Bow: Phil Vail, 2: Kevin Reagan, 3: Michael Smith, Str: Ken Major, Cch: Andrew Randell
6th WA - Bow: Glen Donaldson, 2: Andrew Schupp, 3: Nicholas Flavel, Str: Jim Cross

Victorians were the early leaders but were over taken by South Australians and then the Tasmanians. South Australia went onto win but not without a good fight with Tasmania who finished 1.80 seconds behind them.

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy


1st NSW - Bow: Mark Johnston, 2: Greg Stroud, 3: Alexander Maxwell, 4: Daniel Beaumont, 5: Jamie Wickham, 6: Robert Courtney, 7: Chris Bragg, Str: Mark Savage, Cox: Simon Wilson
2nd VIC - Bow: James Baker, 2: Chris Evens, 3: Matthew Anstee, 4: Mark McNeal, 5: Drew Ginn, 6: Robert Cretney, 7: Matthew Magarey, str: Jason Nevins, Cox: Andrew Levy, Cchs: Tim Derham & Ben Grodski
3rd SA - Bow: Daniel Collingwood, 2: Darren Thorpe, 3: Doug Williams, 4: Shaun Mousley, 5: Barnaby French, 6: Dusko Petrovic, 7: David Low, Str: Torn Lunn, Cox: Ashley Rundle, Cchs: Mark McInerney & Barbara Gillett
4th WA - Bow: Gavin Pascoe, 2: Kim Greville, 3: Daniel Bishop, 4: Chris Ratajczak, 5: Thomas Walsh, 6: Tim Bird, 7: Tristian Pascall, Str: Jason Tutty, Cox: Claire Woolfitt, Cch: Nick Garrett
5th QLD - Bow: Andrew Lyndon, 2: Simon Davis, 3: Liam Smith, 4: Julian Morton, 5: Richard Barton, 6: Jon Voller, 7: Ben Cameron, Str: Mark Serafini. Cox: Christian Anderson, Cch: Peter Tierney
6th TAS - Bow: Tom Ibbott, 2: Andrew Butler, 3: Dimitri Colebatch, 4: Ben Leicester, 5: Justin Sires, 6: Andrew Jordan, 7: Harry Atkinson, Str: Sam Manson, Cox: Ben Walker, Cch: John Driessen

NSW had the lead for most of the race, initially from SA and then from the fast finishing Victorians. The photo finish gave the race to NSW by 0.01 second.

Women's Interstate Four Championship–The ULVA Trophy


1st VIC - Bow: Caitlin Fraser, 2: Bronwyn Thompson, 3: Courtney Johnstone, Str: Georgina Douglas, Cch: Paul McGann
2nd NSW - Bow: Megan Still, 2: Fleur Spriggs, 3: Gillian Campbell, Str: Jenny Luff, Cch: Paul Thompson
3rd SA - Bow: Kate Mueke, 2: Kate Slatter, 3: Victoria Toogood, Str: Alison Davies, Cch: Simon Gillett

South Australia led for the first half of the race but the Victorians were too strong and passed them. The South Australians finished third in the end behind Victoria in first place and NSW in second place.

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy


1st NSW - Emmy Snook
2nd WA - Pip Alder, Coach: Geoff Mitchell
3rd QLD - Marina Hatzakis, Cch: Terry Mulligan
4th SA - Sally Newmarch, Cch: Simon Gillett
5th VIC - Sarah Hallows, Cch: John Bennett

Emmy Snook won her first sculling Championship comfortably leading from the start and consolidating her position throughout the race.

Women's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Victoria Cup

Time: 7.15.12
Margins: 0.10 & 9.16 secs

1st VIC - Bow: Gayle Toogood, 2: Georgina Radcliffe-Smith, 3: Deidre Fraser, Str: Marina Cade, Cch: Brian Dalton, Emerg: Kathy McCallum
2nd NSW - Bow: Mary Lou Johnston, 2: Janine Lippi, 3: Virginia Lee, Str: Elizabeth Moller, Cch: Bruce Keynes
3rd WA - Bow: Emma Cross, 2: Elizabeth Moir, 3: Merome Hall, Str: Sue Peacock, Cch: Warren Gibson, Leslie Dean
4th SA - Bow: Angie Millard, 2: Madeline Roodenrys, 3: Sophie Marcus, Str: Kisahn Lamshed, Cch: Barnaby Eaton & Barbara Gillett
5th QLD - Bow Danah Wood, 2: Carolyn Juratowitch, 3: Shelley Murtagh, Str: Ceinwen Fay, Cch: Robin Fay

Victoria won the Championship but had to withstand a strong challenge from NSW to do so. The final margin was only 0.10 seconds.

Women's Interstate Youth Four Championship–The Bicentennial Cup


1st SA - Bow: Anna Tree, 2: Linda Laurencic, 3: Amy Safe, Str: Peta Coudraye, Cch: Simon Gillett
2nd WA - Bow: Andrea Zuideveld, 2: Jenny McLead, 3: Michelle Rigg, Str: Simone Sluchniak, Cch: Patricia Pinkerton
3rd VIC - Bow: Lara Drake, 2: Linda Skidmore, 3: Floran Bourke, Str: Shelley Johnston, Cch: Robert Kemp, Emerg: Sarah Murray
4th NSW - Amanda Ferguson, 2: Jacqueline Neilly, 3: Helena Fisher, str: Katie Potter, Cch: Michael Crowley

Victoria was the early leader but could not match the good South Australian crew in the second half of the race. Most of the members of the South Australian crew went onto be some of the top women rowers in the country.


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