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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1914 Interstate Championships

2 May 1914, Lower Yarra VIC

Photos 1914 Interstate Championships Photo Gallery

1914 Certificate Presented to Tasmania - original held by Yarra Yarra Rowing Club

Regatta Officials

Starter: Mr J Donald
Umpire: Mr George Upward
Judge: Mr S Sharland
Mr E T Bradshaw

38th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Distance: 2 1/2 miles
Time: 13.33
Margin: 5 feet, a canvas, 2 lengths and 6 lengths.

1st TAS - Bow: R J Clark, 2: A Bucirde, 3: R Goyen, 4: Fred C Hansch, 5: A A Pitt, 6; C Williams, 7: Arch A Robb, Str: Fred A House, Cox: A Griggs, Cch: Cecil McVilly
2nd SA - Bow: G H S Oliver, 2: Walter H Pfeiffer, 3: Wally (Bubs) E H Jarvis, 4: Arthur V Scott, 5: F A Atkinson, 6; A B Sladden, 7: E H Joyce, Str; William M Sladden, Cox: R Woodhead, Emergs: J Millen & Arthur R G Fearby, Cch: H Edward Higgs, Mgr: Arthur R G Fearby
3rd WA - Bow: Arthur H Macartney, 2: Arthur L Sadler, 3: Jack S Harrison, 4: James A Child, 5: T J Hughes, 6: S Hooper, 7: George W Mettam, Str: George E Rogers, Cox: Roy Elsgood, Emerg: W George Hastings, Cch: James (Jim) Chute
4th VIC - Bow: D Laird, 2: A Harvey, 3: B Nolan, 4: R Jenkin, 5: A S McGregor, 6: H C Disher, 7: F Johnson, Str: H S Dickinson, Cox: R Duncan, Emerg: R Cunningham, Cch: M G Scott, Selectors: W Potter, M G Scott, J A Williams, D Ross & E Kenny
5th NSW - Bow: Rupert Symons, 2: John Goswell, 3: Sydney R Grant, 4: Alma Cox, 5: E J Holborn, 6: Ernest A Cody, 7: Stuart S Amess, Str: Henry Green, Cox: Robert G K "Ken" Waley, Emerg: William A Audsley, Cch: George Gunning, Mgr: Oswald J Wood
QLD did not finish - Bow: R D Leslie, 2: W E J Taylor, 3: S Henderson, 4: L Petrie, 5: L Law, 6: C Horn, 7: R S Billington, Str: A Petrie, Cox: K Petrie, Cchs; E Colclough & J H Kohn

finish of the 1914 King's Cup

Finish of 1914 King's Cup

Left to right: Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia

The eights race was regarded as the finest ever since the championship had begun. The race was stopped after a foul in the first half mile and the race restarted. After lying in third position until about 100 yards from the finish, the Tasmanians sprinted to win by five feet to SA with WA third by less than a canvas.

What makes this race even more interesting is that only the cox and one rower in the Tasmanian crew had raced at the Interstate level previously. Further, their coach was Cecil McVilly who also won the interstate sculling championship at the same regatta. The Tasmanian stroke and seven went onto be members of the No 1 AIF crew who won the King's Cup in 1919.

The 1913 winning crew from Murray Bridge had to make do with second place.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Distance: 2.5 Miles
Time: 17.11.0
Margin: Easily

1st TAS - Cecil L McVilly
2nd VIC - Len Sydney Davis
3rd SA - Edward D Thomas

The sculling championship was less exciting with a convincing win to Cecil McVilly.

1914 Sculling Championship Certificate - original held by Derwent Mercantile Collegiate Rowing Club


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