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1984 Interstate Championships

1 Apr 1984, Lake Barrington TAS

1984 programme

1984 Programme Cover

Queensland team

The Queensland Team at Brisbane Airport

96th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup


1st NSW - Bow: Craig Muller, 2: Richard Paterson, 3: Richard Goodrich, 4: Clyde Hefer, 5: Stan Humiecki, 6: Jim Battersby, 7: Jim Stride, Str: Stephen Evans, Cox: Dale Caterson, Cch: Rusty Robertson
2nd SA - Bow: Graham Keynes, 2: Robert Booth, 3: Bruce Keynes, 4: Michael Nielsen, 5: Tim Willoughby, 6: John Bentley, 7: John Quigley, Str: Stephen Mann, Cox: Gavin Thredgold, Cch: Robert Cooper
3rd VIC - Bow: Colin Rawson, 2: Hamish McGlashan, 3: Ian Belot, 4: Ion Popa, 5: Glenn Deag, 6: James Lowe, 7: Neil Myers, Str: Sam Patten, Cox: Graham Barns, Emerg: Matthew Pringle & Nick Robinson, Cch: Chris Dane, Mgr: Ralph Murphy
4th QLD - Bow: Paul Baxter, 2: Darren Collins, 3: Richard Powell, 4: Laurie Campbell, 5: Duncan Fisher, 6: Ian Edmunds, 7: Peter Zahnleiter, Str: Gavin Kelly, Cox: James Gamick, Cch: Robert Bleakley
5th TAS - Bow: James Osbourne, 2: Andrew Heaton, 3: Andrew Flakemore, 4: Howard Kelly, 5: Mark Wilson, 6: Mark James, 7: Rick Bird, Str: Cameron Crichton, Cox: Wayne Hickson, Cch: Peter Dazeley

NSW, SA and VIC got a good start and the Victorians had a slight lead at the 500 metre mark. The lead changed by the 1000 metre mark with a slight lead to NSW followed by Victoria and South Australia. South Australia made their move in the third 500 metres passing Victoria and going after New South Wales who maintained the lead. However NSW had more in reserve going on to win comfortably in the end from SA followed by Victoria.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Time: 7.06.30
Margins: 0.1 and 3.4 secs

1st VIC - Paul Reedy
2nd WA - Tony Lovrich
3rd SA - Brenton Terrell, Cch: Rob Lang
4th NSW - Tim McLaren
5th TAS - Ted Hale

Brenton Terrell from SA took the early lead and led the field through the first 500 metres with the eventual winner in last place. Paul Reedy worked through the field in the second 500 metres to take the lead at the halfway mark and was never headed thereafter. However Tony Lovrich was in third place and he took after Brenton Terrell passing him and despite a withering sprint after Reedy in the last 500 metres, had to be content with second placing only 0.1 seconds behind.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup


1st VIC - Bow: Phil Gardiner, 2: Charles Bartlett, 3: Peter Antonie, Str: Stephen Spurling, Emerg: Derek Mollison, Cch: David England
2nd TAS - Bow: Bruce House, 2: Ian Jordan, 3: Michael Partridge, Str: Russell Hookway, Cch: David Poulson
3rd SA - Bow: Damien Cooke, 2: Cameron Miller, 3: Robert Hughes, Str: Richard Hall, Cch: Ron Lawrence
4th NSW - Bow: Warren Arndell, 2: Nick Hunter, 3: Merrick Howes, Str: Simon Pardy, Cch: Peter Stroud
5th WA - Bow: Will Drage, 2: Richard Burnell, 3: Darryl Salisbury, Str: Vaslev Vanek, Cch: Ken Grant 

The Victorian led throughout the race and won comfortably from Tasmania and South Australia.

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy


1st VIC - Bow: Stuart Gula, 2: Anthony Johnston, 3: Tom Sanchez, 4: Tom Griffiths, 5: David Fogarty, 6: Michael McKay, 7: Andrew James, Str: James Tomkins, Cox: Robert Forsyth, Emergs: Craig Adrians & Chris Gilford, Cch: Paul McGann
2nd QLD - Bow: Andrew Rolfe, 2: Stuart Cioccarelli, 3: Bruce Speare, 4: Jeremy Brett, 5: Corby Green, 6: Cameron Prout, 7: David Power, Str: Patrick O'Keefe, Cox: John Lincoln, Cch: Terry Mulligan
3rd NSW - Bow: Guy Morgan, 2: Andrew Smith, 3: Chris Goodman, 4: Mark Alderdice, 5: Craig Allen, 6: Craig Mitchell, 7: Matthew Weir , Str: Henry Vaughan, Cox: Andrew Cox, Cch: Graeme (Mick) Allen
4th TAS - Bow: David Banks, 2: Stuart Evans, 3: Dan Wyly, 4: John Bannon, 5: Simon Frost, 6: Glenn Myler, 7: Craig Saville, Str: David Tippett, Cox: Michael Cox, Cch: Mark Roach
5th SA - Bow: Justin Smith, 2: Tim Blecher, 3: Grant McGarty, 4: Mark Jenkinson, 5: Victor Sukacz, 6: Mark McInerney, 7: Michael Emery, Str: Patrick Winter, Cox: Robert Rowlands, Cch: Robert Russell
6th WA - Bow: Anthony Reilly, 2: Colin Wagnell, 3: Haig McGlashan, 4: Andrew French, 5: David Deykin, 6: Andrew Roberts, 7: Chris Holliday, Str: Tim Beeson, Cox: Robert Dalimore, Cch: David Bean

The Victorians won this race comfortably with a lead at the 1500 metre mark of some 11.1 seconds. The crew members included many good oarsmen and in particular the great James Tomkins and Michael McKay.

Queensland's Youth Eight

Queensland's Youth Eight at Brisbane Airport

Jeremy Brett, David Power, Terry Mulligan (coach), Stuart Cioccarelli, Cameron Prout, John Lincoln (cox), Andrew Rolfe, Corby Green, Bruce Speare, Patrick O'Keefe

Women's Interstate Four Championship–The ULVA Trophy


1st VIC - Bow: Margot Foster, 2: Sue Chapman, 3: Jacqui Marshall, Str: Pam Westendorf, Cox: Susan Lee, Emerg: Jo Dickson & Sue Weston, Cch: David Palfreyman, Mgr: Barbara Gillett
2nd SA - Bow: Connie Vanderwerp, 2: Keisha Slamon, 3: Karen Brancourt, Str: Robyn Grey-Gardner, Cox: Sarah McLean, Cchs: Matthew Draper & Bill Dankbaar
3rd WA - Bow: Miriam Borthwick, 2: Ute Beyer, 3: Judith Richardson, Str: Ruth Richardson, Cox: Jo Messenger, Cch: Warren Gibson
4th TAS - Bow: Susan Young, 2: Julie Shegog, 3: Tracey Johnson, Str: Anne Broomby, Cox: Pam Pryor, Cch: Grant Pryor

This was another comfortable win to Victoria with a 6.8 second margin over the 1000 metres.

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy


1st NSW - Anne Piper
2nd TAS - Urszula Kay
3rd QLD - Elizabeth Burness, Cch Richard (Chic) Graham
4th VIC - Kate Elliott
5th WA - Barbara Kelly, Cch: Geoff Mitchell

This was one of the great races of the day with a splendid race between Anne Piper of NSW and Uszula Kay of Tasmania. Whilst Piper led by a second through the 500 metres, the second and last 500 metres saw the lead change between the two scullers many times with Piper winning by only 0.1 second.

Women's Interstate Lightweight Four-Oared Championship–The Victoria Cup


1st VIC- Bow: Leanne Whitehouse, 2: Flavia Gobbo, 3: Angela Turrell, Str: Gayle Toogood, Cox: Megan Robertson, Cch: Brian Dalton, Emerg: Felicity Brake
2nd WA - Barbara Kletnieks, 2: Angela Maidment, 3: Janet Lankester, Str: Tracey O'Shannessy, Cox: Leigh Dale, Cch: Warren Gibson
3rd SA - Bow: Miranda Neilsen, 2: Ann Bradley, 3: Amanda Cross, Str: Karen Riedel, Cox: Rachel Milner, Cchs: William Dankbaar & Matthew Draper
4th NSW - Bow: Lesley Paton, 2: Julie Ellet, 3: Jeanette Hall, Str: Brigid Cassells, Cox: Clare Johnston, Cch: David Bagnall
5th TAS - Bow: Linda Winzenburg, 2: Alison Flakemore, 3: Carol Males, Str: Elizabeth Cook, Cox: Bernadette Symons, Cch: Shane Fish

WA and VIC fought out this race with the Western Australian crew leading by 0.9 second through the halfway mark. They were unable to maintain the pace with the Victorians finishing with a strong second 500 metres to win by a comfortable margin of 3.3 seconds.


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