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1980 Interstate Championships

16 Mar 1980, Lake Wendouree VIC

1980 programme

1980 Program Cover

A PDF copy of the 1980 Australian Rowing Championships program and crew names can be found through these links.

The start list and results for the Interstate Championships can be found through these links.

Full definition images for these Championships can be found on the Australian Rowing Images website.

92nd Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup


1st VIC - Bow: Alex Sloan, 2: David Douglas, 3: Stephen Shirrefs, 4: Andrew Withers, 5: Will Magennis, 6: James Lowe, 7: Tim Young, Str: Brian Richardson, Cox: David England, Emergs: John Cumper & Stephen Gillon, Cch: Chris Dane, Mgr: Graeme Boykett
2nd NSW - Bow: Steve Handley, 2: Anthony Curtin, 3: Anthony Brown, 4: Ian Paver, 5: Rob Paver, 6: Islay Lee, 7: Ian Clubb, Str: Gordon Clubb, Cox: Alan Grover, Cch: Michael Morgan, Emerg: Jim Stride
3rd SA - Bow: Steve Mann, 2: Nick Winter, 3: Tim Willoughby, 4: Henry Duncan, 5: Bruce Keynes, 6: William Dankbaar, 7: John Bolt, Str: Rob Lang, Cox: Brenton Parsons, Cch: William Hay, Emergs: Chester McDonald & Mark Hill
4th QLD - Bow: Trevor Bettenay, 2: James M Alexander, 3: Robert M Alexander, 4: Joe A Tooma, 5: Chris J Beech, 6: Peter R Zahnleiter, 7: Peter Van der Broek, Str: Alan R MacPherson, Cox: Michael W Jowett, Cch: Terry Mulligan
5th WA - Bow: Ian Hilton, 2: Peter Aberle, 3: Rupert Cattell, 4: Robert Coakley, 5: James Hart, 6: James Burt, 7: Anthony Gillbanks, Str: Paul Duckett, Cox: David Mulroney, Cchs: Rob Rowell & William Burbidge, Emergs: Rolly O'Meaghor & P Hodder
6th TAS - Bow: Paul E Millington, 2: Kerry J Lynch, 3: Dayle V Wood, 4: Peter J Downie, 5: Bruce R Heron, 6: Richard A Heron, 7: David J McCarthy, Str: John Saul, Cox: David Cleary, Cch: Brian J Palmer

The early leaders were SA but NSW soon took over the lead. By about the 800 metre mark, the Victorians surged to get up level with NSW. For the next 7-800 metres these three crews were locked together in a great battle with the others crews in their wake. In the last 500 metres, the battle was between NSW and Victoria with Victoria coming home victors by 0.3 seconds in a great race.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup


1st NSW - Edward O Hale
2nd VIC - Neil Manefield
3rd QLD - Jim Ryan
4th SA - Ray Harris
5th TAS - Adrian R Marshall
6th WA - Corbet Poynton

This was a convincing win to Ted Hale by 9.77 seconds.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup


1st NSW - Bow: Graham Gardiner, 2: Clyde Hefer, 3: Michael Smith, Str: Malcolm Campbell, Cch: Peter Stroud, Emerg: Graham Wearne
2nd WA - Bow: David Curry, 2: Ian Clairs, 3: Wayne Simmons, Str: Chris Curry, Cch: Ken Grant, Emergs: Neville Kempton, & George Gallo
3rd VIC - Bow: Phil Gardiner, 2: Tim Hyett, 3: Peter Antonie, Str: Simon Gillett, Emerg: Charles Bartlett, Cch: Rob Stewart
4th QLD - Bow: John Bliss, 2: Gavin Kiely, 3: Ross Gibson, Str: Gary Merrett, Cch: Bob Bleakley
5th TAS - Bow: Ian R Jordan, 2: Maurice J Barry, 3: Edwin E George, Str: Alistair D C Lewis, Cch: David Poulson, Emergs: Cameron Chrichton & Kevin M Phillips
6th SA - Bow: Kym Daly, 2: N Taylor, 3: Richard Hall, Str: M Lang, Cch: Rob Cooper, Emergs: Ron Mobbs & R Gardiner

As with most of these championships, the racing was fierce. At the 500 metre mark SA held a narrow lead and by the 1000 metre mark WA held a slight lead. At the 1500 metre mark three crews stood out, NSW, WA & Victoria in a great struggle. NSW was the dominant crew in the last 500 metres breaking the Victorians 9 year hold on this championship. A tight struggle developed for second placing with WA prevailing over Victoria by 0.03 seconds.

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy


1st VIC - Bow: Matt Pringle, 2: Cameron Hall, 3: Richard Hall, 4: Michael Keeley, 5: Anthony Hall, 6: Rob Leach, 7: Paul Reedy, Str: John Michelmore, Cox: David Fischer, Emergs: David Webster, Emerg: Andrew Craig, Cch: Andrew Michelmore
2nd WA - Bow: Jamie Jones, 2: Neil Steadman, 3: Chris Strauss, 4: Ben Killerby, 5: Stephen Fisher, 6: Phillip Anderson, 7: Gavin Rezos, Str: Tim Norrish, Cox: Stephen Annear, Cchs: Peter Shakespear & Murray McHenry, Emergs: Anthony Lovrich & David Bungey
3rd TAS - Bow: Phillip L Riley, 2: Kevin A Hayde, 3: Michael R Blake, 4: Phillip R Morrison, 5: Adrian G Young, 6: Russell Hookway, 7: Mark E James, Str: Ricky A Bird, Cox: Scott M Griggs, Cch: Paul Myler, Emergs: Andrew Heaton & Ventry J Lightbody
4th NSW - Bow: M Linton-Simkins, 2: L Heyward, 3: Mark Avakian, 4: L Jones, 5: Steve Peruch, 6: Peter Hodges, 7: G Stollery, Str: Steve Evans, Cox: S Dadour, Cch: Frank Male, Emergs: John Cantor & Dominic O'Loughlin
5th SA - Bow: S H J Porter, 2: Darren C Webb, 3: Brenton Terrell, 4: J E W Moore, 5: Greg J Melbourne, 6: P A Quigley, 7: G A Jones, Str: Jamie C Nicholson, Cox: Gavin R Treadgold, Cch: P McCullough, Emerg: Mark R Williams

The Victorians established an early lead which they held throughout the race. A strong challenge by WA in the last 500 metres was only just withstood with WA finishing a narrow second placing.

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship–The ULVA Trophy


1st VIC - Bow: Anne Chirnside, 2: Verna Westwood, 3: Pam Westendorf, Str: Sally Harding, Cox: Susie Palfreyman, Emerg: Rosemary Hoffman, Cch: David Palfreyman
2nd SA - Bow: Helen Shiel, 2: L Hildyard, 3: Dale Henrich, Str: Barbara Henrich, Cox: Zofia Krzemionka, Cch: Robert Russell, Emerg: C Chambers
3rd WA - Bow: Ellen-Jean J Roberts, 2: Amdrea Balch, 3: Ruth Riddell, Str: Toni Spurge, Cox: Ros Bowl, Cch: Conway Stacey, Emergs: Prue Fitzpatrick & Joanne Green
4th NSW - Bow: Klara Lantay, 2: Jane Piper, 3: Anne Piper, Str: Denise Phillips, Cox: J McGowan, Cch: J Williamson
5th TAS -Bow: K Brimfield, 2: Carole Males, 3: L Oiderman, Str: Urzula Kay, Cox: F McConnell, Cch: R Winzenberg
6th QLD - Bow: J Strong, 2: J Hardie, 3: D Dunlop, Str: Lyn Kelly, Cox: C Nardi, Emerg: B Jekyll, Cch: A Broad

A strong performance by Victoria who led all the way and finished with a large margin.

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy


1st VIC - Mary Renouf
2nd VIC no 2 - Rosemary Hoffman, Cch: Tom Hoffman
3rd VIC no 3 - Leisa Patterson
4th WA - Vanessa Grant, Cch: Ken Grant
5th WA no 2 - Marie T Gibson, Cch: Ken Grant
6th TAS - S Evans, Cch: David Poulson
WA no 3 eliminated in repechage - Joanne E Green
ACT eliminated in repechage - C McGrath, Cch: J McGee
NSW No 1 eliminated in repechage - Klara Lantay
NSW No 2 eliminated in repechage - Denise Phillips

Renouf won by 2.72 seconds from fellow Victorian Hoffman with a large margin back to third.

Women's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Victoria Cup


1st VIC - Bow: Meryl Evans, 2: Glenda Bennetts, 3: Barbara Griffiths, Str: Bernadette Mahoney, Cox Alison Davidson, Cch: Brian Dalton, Emerg: Alison Chinn & M Nicholson
2nd SA - Bow: Pam Withers, 2: Barbara Phelan, 3: Annette Lowe, Str: Lesley Cummins, Cox: Alex Levkowicz, Cch: William Dankbaar, Emerg: L Quigley
3rd NSW - Sandy Rourke, 2: Gay Allen, 3: Leanne Turner, Str: Karen Williamson, Cox: Megan Turner, Cch: Malcolm Shaw, Emergs: Kym Brown & Janell Williams
4th ACT - Bow: Sue Donoghoe, 2: C McGrath, 3: D Cunningham, Str: E Gibbs, Cox: N Rea, Cch: J McGee, Emerg: S Quinn
5th QLD - Bow: Caroline Schomberg, 2: H Dunn, 3: Debbie Baskerville, Str: A Rigby, Cox: L Larsen, Cch: M Sprott, Emerg: B Jekyll
6th WA - Bow: Janet Lankester, 2: Tracey O'Shannessy, 3: Barbara Kletnieks, Str: Cathy Paxton, Cox: Patricia Dodson, Cch: Warren Gibson, Emergs: Vivian Cox & Marie Gibson
TAS no record of racing but in the programme - Bow: J March, 2: E Burk, 3: K Williams, Str: S Lockie, Cox: T Best, Cch: A March

This was a closer Championship than the four and scull but still a good win by 2.40 seconds for Victoria.


  • Regatta program and result sheets
  • Victorian Rowing Association annual reports
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