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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1930 Interstate Championships

10 May 1930, Mannum SA

Photos 1930 Interstate Championships Photo Gallery

1930 programme

1930 Programme Cover

The decision by the AARC to hold the Interstate Championships at the best location in each State rather than the city based course was having effect. The course at Penrith in 1929 was far superior to the Parramatta River and now the Murray River far better than the Port River in Adelaide, the site of many debacles at Interstate events.

Organising Committee & Officials

Regatta Committee: R Horton Wallman (Chairman)
W D Young, L W Ferres, W B Bednall, J P Marcus, J Kitson, C V Murison, R F Matheson, K A Salkeld
Starter: C A Gepp
Umpire: A J Grayson
Judge: J H Clouson
Timekeepers: L W Ferres & S T Facy
Weight Steward: W R Dollard
Dispatch Steward: W A Salkeld
Mannum Representative: W W Gilbert

49th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Time: 16.47
Distance: 3 Miles
Margin: 3 feet, 10 lengths

The finish of the King's Cup

1930 King's Cup Finish

1st VIC - Bow G R B Patterson, 2 Jack H Bailey, 3 Ben S Thompson, 4 Lachlan J Thompson, 5 Jack South, 6 Douglas C Brooke, 7 Fred C Shore, Str: Cecil McKay, Cox Milton E Green, Emerg: Stanley B McGorm, Cch: Alex B Sloan, Mgr: T L Mannix, Selectors: G Anderson, W Ray B Todd & coach.
2nd NSW - Bow: J B Harkness, 2: A Cliff Lambert, 3: George Wray, 4: F C Pike, 5: F J Lester, 6: Tom C Nickson, 7: R H Bellamy, Str: Malcolm G Mackenzie, Cox: Allan M Napier, Emerg: Sam Downie, Cch: Claude Rosevear, Selector: Oswald J Wood
3rd QLD - Bow: T Wust, 2: R Slean, 3: W Mortensen, 4: Arthur Hassam, 5: V Stephenson, 6: Cliff Cullen, 7: Cecil Roebuck, Str: Johnny Lawrey, Cox: Ron Clemence, Cch: William Moller, Mgr: D T Beatson
4th TAS - Bow: J Costello, 2: J Dodds, 3: L Kaden, 4: J Chester, 5: G Richardson, 6: J Newman, 7: F Makepeace, Str: L Gibson, Cox: J Smith, Emerg: F Fazackerley, Cch: Fred Coverdale, Mgr: A A Pitt
5th SA - Bow: John T Sheppard, 2: Bart F Hopkins, 3: F R Heidrich, 4: Doug N Linnett, 5: D Mutch, 6: K R John, 7: C V Chapman, Str: A W Blank, Cox: V Beard, Emerg & Mgr: Keith Forwood, Cchs: A E Schultz & Claude Coogan
6th WA - Bow: Archie F Dobson, 2: F W Rogers, 3: J Bramley, 4: Peter B Verschuer, 5: Frank R Somerville, 6: J M Herman, 7: Arthur R Wright, Str: George Orgill, Cox: Frank Chisnell, Emerg: J M Roberts, Cch: Paddy J Ryan, Mgr: Stan O'Brien

Victorian crew

1930 Victorian Crew

The following description comes from the Victorian Rowing Association Annual Report of 1930 and shows the tenacity of the race:

"Victoria led from the start, closely attended by Western Australia and Queensland. At the quarter mile, Victoria held a third of a length advantage from Queensland, followed closely by West Australia, with New South Wales a half a length behind West. Victoria had improved their position, and at the half mile mark led by a length from Queensland, West Australia, followed by New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia. At this stage, it looked an easy victory for Victoria, who were gradually drawing away from Queensland.

About the mile and a quarter mark, New South Wales, who were over a length and a half behind Victoria, commenced a brilliant sustained run, which gradually but surely decreased the Victorian advantage. At two miles the light blues had drawn up to within nearly half a length of Victoria and at 2 1/2 miles there was less than a third of a length between the crews.

The rowing of both crews under pressure was excellent. New South Wales continued to gain slightly till within 400 yards of the finish, when a canvas was the margin for Victoria. From this stage to the finish, Victoria appeared to hold their tenacious rivals, and fully extended after the gruelling race, neither crew could increase or decrease the narrow margin that meant victory for Victoria by three feet. As mentioned before, the rowing of Victoria and New South Wales was of the highest order and a tribute to the respective coaches."

The Sydney Morning Herald on 31st March 1930 reported that the Southern Tasmanian crew won the test race to become the Tasmanian crew from the Northern Tasmanian crew the previous Saturday in "a decisive win" on the Lower Derwent River. Fred Cloverdale was the sole selector of the Tasmanian crew and was acting coach.

NSW crew

1930 NSW Crew

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Time: 15.14.0
Distance: 2.5 miles
Margin: 10 & 15 lengths

1st NSW - Jack Scott
2nd QLD - A Buckley
3rd TAS - Reg Beauchamp
4th VIC - Ron Jelbart

The Starter accidentally discharged the gun after the start and thus recalled the crews by accident.

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship–The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 1/2 Mile
Time: 2.59.0

1st NSW - Bow: Thelma Riley, 2: Angela Mann, 3: Flo Thurston, Str: Rose Goodman, Cox: Aub Wagland, Cch: Chris Kayser
2nd VIC - Bow: K Sampson, 2: J DeZolte, 3: L Ludlow, Str: E Murphy, Cox: D Hassell
3rd SA - Bow: N Quinn, 2: R Dorman, 3: E Allen, Str: A Hill, Cox: L Hill


  • Regatta program
  • Victorian Rowing Association annual report
  • Author's own records

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