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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1973 Interstate Championships

Women's: 28 Apr 1973, Barwon River VIC
Men's: 5 May 1973, Murray River at Murray Bridge SA

Photos 1973 Interstate Championships Photo Gallery

1973 programme

1973 Programme Cover for the Men's Interstate Championships

85th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Time: 6:40.0
Margins 1.6, 7.3 & 4.8 secs

1st WA – Bow: Jeff Howard, 2: Wayne McAullay, 3: Gary Ward, 4: Gavin Jenner, 5: Gary Dehring, 6: Peter Shakespeare, 7: George Xouris, Str: Laurence Anderson, Cox: Brian Tonkin, Cch: Joe Saunders, Mgr: Berry Durston, Emergs: Paul Duckett & Arthur Elliott
2nd VIC – Bow: David B Bishop, 2: William R Liley, 3: Lawrence Stokes, 4: John R Harry, 5: William G Magennis, 6: Kerry P Jelbart, 7: John E Shanasy, Str: Mike Faulkner, Cox: Adrian Maginn, Cch: Hubert R Frederico, Emergs: Will J Baillieu & David W Slessar, Mgr: John Jopling
3rd SA – Bow: Rod F Elleway, 2: A C Matson, 3: C W Lott, 4: Michael C Page, 5: William Dankbaar, 6: Athol C Macdonald, 7: Dennis D Hatcher, Str: Brian J Richardson, Cox: Brenton E Parsons, Emergs: J C Paton & Russell Prescott, Mgr: Robert Watts
4th NSW – Bow: Mal C Shaw, 2: Steve C Newnham, 3: Chris D Shinners, 4: Tim G Conrad, 5: Richard A Curtin, 6: Robert D Paver, 7: Michael D Morgan, Str: Bryan F Curtin, Cox: Joe Donnelly, Cch: Alan R Callaway, Emergs: Kim Mackney & Austin M Curtin, Mgr: George M Neilson
QLD eliminated in repechage – Bow: G Cameron, 2: John Bigg, 3: Brian Zunker, 4: Gary Uebergang, 5: Alan Zunker, 6: Robert Alexander, 7: David Brook, Str: Malcolm Ford, Cox: Peter Axam, Cch: John Pressler, Emergs: Mel Slean & M T Galt, Mgr: R Berry Brown
TAS eliminated in repechage – Bow: Stephen J Spurling, 2: Ian A Sansom, 3: Eric J Miller, 4: Peter R Shield, 5: Paul Myler, 6: R J Howell, 7: Wayne M Newitt, Str: Chris J King, Cox: Frank Andrews, Cch: Ray Trousselot, Emergs: D B Harvey & M S Tanner, Mgr: Roger G Viney

George Xouris from WA receives the King's Cup

E1: 1st NSW, 2nd TAS, 3rd VIC
E2: 1st WA, 2nd SA, 3rd QLD
R: 1st SA, 2nd VIC, 3rd QLD, 4th TAS
Final: 1st WA, 2nd VIC, 3rd SA, 4th NSW

NSW crew in training

WA led from the start and was never headed. At the 1000 metre mark, WA had a length on the field. VIC then moved in the third 500 metres but only reduced the margin. This struggle continued to the end where WA won by a canvas.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Time: 8.14.0
Margin 5.3 secs

1st VIC – Jeff R Sykes
2nd TAS – Edward O Hale
3rd QLD – George Petlin
4th NSW – Islay R Lee
WA eliminated in repechage – Terrence McNair

E1: 1st NSW, QLD excluded from the race although finished first
E2: 1st TAS, 2nd VIC, 3rd WA
R: 1st QLD, 2nd VIC, 3rd WA
Final: 1st VIC, 2nd TAS, 3rd QLD, 4th NSW

The sculling race was of great interest with the final a dead heat between Sykes and Hale. Upon the dead heat being announced, the scullers resolved to re-row the event and the referee agreed. In the re-row for first place 1 1/2 hours later, Jeff Sykes won by 5.3 secs from Ted Hale.

Just after the finish of the President's Cup heat, a dead heat, Sykes closest and Hale on the far side - photo Terry Phillips

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup

Time: 7.38.5
Margins: 1.4, 13.1 & 14.8 secs

1st VIC – Bow: Chris D Low, 2: Geoff L Rees, 3: T Campbell Johnston, Str: Andrew G McKinley, Cox: Robert England, Emerg: Andrew G Michelmore, Cch: Peter E M L Philp
2nd SA – Bow: R Mobbs. 2: D Yardley, 3: Colin Smith, Str: Luigi Lippis, Cox: Geoff Worth, Cch: Robert Russell, Emergs: William Whiting & T Daniel
3rd QLD – Bow: Howard Ward, 2: Richard Spencer, 3: Peter Walsh, Str: Roy (Chic) Graham, Cox: Brian Yeoman, Cch: Graham Angus, Emerg: Robert Bleakley
4th NSW – Bow: Stephen G Yorke, 2: D B Simmons, 3: R Tierney, Str: J A Nicholl, Cox: John Leeming, Cch: Robert Stone, Emerg: Terry D Phillips

This was a first and final with VIC leading all the way. A push by SA to narrow the gap worked but Victoria still won comfortably.

Men's Interstate Coxless Pair Championship

Time 8.12.0
Margins 4.5, 5.6 & 2.9 secs.

1st NSW "A" crew - Bow: Kim Mackney, Str: Austin M Curtin, Cch: Alan Callaway
2nd NSW "B" crew - Bow: Ian G Plater, Str: Anthony J Brown, Cch: Alan Callaway
3rd WA – Bow: Paul Duckett, Str: Arthur Elliott
4th VIC "A" crew - Bow: Will J Baillieu, Str: David W Slessar, Cch: Hubert R Frederico
VIC "B" crew eliminated - Bow: Geoff L Hardie, Str: Robert K Cusworth, Cch: Ken S Cusworth
TAS eliminated – Bow: D B Harvey, Str: M S Tanner
QLD withdrew before heat – Bow: Mel Slean, Str: M Galt
SA No 1 eliminated - Bow: I C Paton, Str: C B Prescott, Cch: Roger L Moore
SA No 2 eliminated - Bow: Vaughan Bollen, Str: Robert Cooper, Cch: Graham D Coldwell

E1: 1st NSW "A" crew, 2nd SA "B" crew, 3rd SA "A" crew
E2: 1st WA, 2nd NSW "B" crew, 3rd VIC "B" crew
E3: 1st VIC "A" crew, 2nd TAS, QLD withdrew
R: 1st NSW "B" crew, 2nd SA "B" crew, 3rd TAS
Final: 1st NSW "A" crew, 2nd NSW "B" crew, 3rd WA, 4th VIC "A" crew

This was the first time that a coxless pair oared event was conducted. States could enter up to two crews provided that one comprised the reserves for the eight oared crew. Heats were held with crews finishing third eliminated and those finishing second progressing to a repechage.

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship–The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 1000m
Time: 3.58.8

1st NSW – Bow: Sita Carter, 2: Jill Callan, 3: Pamela Murray, Str: Janice Cameron, Cox: Stephen Evans (10 years old), Cch: Bruce Evans, Emerg: B Mattsson
2nd VIC - Bow: Carmel Hyne, 2: Wendy John, 3: Joan Harris, Str: Connie Van Vugt, Cox: Noel Clarke, Cch: Jack Bennett, Emergs: P Blakston & M Browne
3rd NZL – Bow: Patricia Gallop, 2: Anne Kidd, 3: Gay Leslie, Str: Lesley Keys, Cox: Dexter Abernathy, Cch: John Williamson, Emerg: Kathy O'Sullivan
4th QLD – Bow: M Pownall, 2: M Bush, 3: Nancy Davidson, Str: A Pownall, Cox: Mr Peter Axam, Cch: A Emerick
SA – Eliminated in repechage - Bow: Jill Mangelsdorf, 2: Catherine Wilkins, 3: Caroline Motley, Str & Cch: Barbara Mattsson, Cox: A Davis, Emerg: Elaine Guterres
WA – Eliminated in repechage - Bow: Susan James, 2: Nina Boydell, 3: Diane Hopper, Str: Stephanie Greenway, Cch: Simon Whitehouse
ACT – Eliminated in repechage - Bow: Helen Callanan, 2: Gerda Van Malenstaein, 3: Penny Searle, Str: Judy Werner, Cox: M Peddey, Cch: Ray Backhouse, Emerg: Elizabeth Gibbs
TAS – Eliminated in repechage - Bow: Roslyn Pope, 2: Robyn Harris, 3: Jill Holmes, Str: Carol Gadsden, Cox: Philippa Walker, Cch: P Schouten, Emereg: H Knight

The Women’s Four Championship was conducted in heats, repechages and final. The results were:
E1: 1st NSW, 2nd VIC, 3rd SA, 4th WA
E2: 1st NZL, 2nd QLD, 3rd TAS, 4th ACT
R1: 1st VIC, 2nd WA, 3rd TAS
R2: 1st Dead heat QLD & SA, 3rd ACT
Rerow of second repechage: 1st QLD, 2nd SA
Final: 1st NSW, 2nd VIC, 3rd NZL, 4th QLD

In addition to the normal women's championships wnich were held on the Barwon River this year, women's events in fours, pairs and singles were conducte at the men's championships at Murray Bridge. In the four oared event, an Australian crew competed against a New Zealand crew with other club crews. Australia No 1 stroked by Pam Murray defeated Australia No 2 by 3 lengths with New Zealand a mere two feet further behind. The New Zealand crew was Bow: Anne Kidd, 2: Patricia Gallop, 3: Kathy O'Sullivan, Str: Lesley Keys, Cox: Dexter Abernethy, Cch: John Williamson, Emerg: Gay Leslie. See the 1973 National Championships page for other details.

1973 Australian Women's Four

1973 Australian Women's Four at Murray Bridge

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy

Time: 3.55
Margins: Easily & 1 length

1st QLD – Shirley Graham
2nd VIC – Valmai Bertrand
3rd NSW – Robyn Pull
4th SA – Elaine Guterres

The sculling championship was a straight final and an easy win to Shirley Graham.

At the men's championships, a women's sculling event was conducted. Shirley Graham won convincingly again but this time from Robyn Pull with Elaine Guterres in third place.

Women's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Victoria Cup

Time: 3.44
Margins: Canvas & 3 lengths

1st NSW – Bow: Jill Dennis, 2: Evelyn Adams, 3: Anne Titterton, Str: Therese Clancy, Cox: Vernon Bowrey, Cch: Margaret Mackenzie, Emerg: Robin Major
2nd VIC – Bow: Sally Harding, 2: Christine Brass, 3: Kath Suhr, Str: Maree Cox, Cox: Rae Hynes, Cch: Kevin Wickham, Emergs: June Murray and Fay Atkins
3rd SA – Bow: J Fairbrother, 2: T Lawson, 3: R Corner, Str: K Fairbrother, Cox: T Davis, Cch: J Corner, Emerg: Elaine Guterres

The Lightweight Four Championship was also run as a first and final with a close win to NSW from Victoria.

NSW Women's Lightweight Four

Margaret Mackenzie (Coach), Vern Bowrey (Cox), Jell Dennis (bow), Evelyn Adams (nee Gardiner - 2), Anne Titterton (nee Ellison - 3), Therese Clancy (Stroke)


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