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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

2011 Interstate Championships

11 March 2011, West Lakes, SA

2011 Program Cover

These were the first Championships at West Lakes and SA since 1999. The Organising Committee put on a splendid event with great spectator facilities. $2.3 million had been spent on the course and other infrastructure to bring the facilities back up to an appropriate condition. The improvements included a new starting and aligning installation, new buoying system, new pontoons at the finish, upgraded finish tower, timing system and photo finish equipment. The course is now back to the international standard expected of courses who host this event. Racing was conducted with a strong tail breeze.

The results for the Interstate Championships can be found through this link.

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Rowing Australia Cup

Interstate Point Score
State Points
1st Victoria
2nd Queensland
3rd New South Wales
4th Western Australia
5th Tasmania
6th South Australia
7th Australian Capital Territory

Victoria again won the Rowing Australia Cup with Victoria having won it now ten times since it was first created in 1999. However it was not as clear cut as in previous years with Queensland winning three of the eigt races. The Rowing Victoria President Andrew Guerin was again presented with the trophy.

Organising Committee and Jury

Organising Committee
Lisa Daw (Chair), Brett Ralph (Field of Play), David Eichler & Richard Daw (Venue management), John Asenstorfer (IT), Paul Logan (Regatta Operations), Paul Hamra (Marketing group), Peter Erskine (Finance/volunteers), Penny Halliday (Volunteers), Will Cabot (Administration), Nicci Van de Ven (Catering/hospitality), Tanya Vassallo (City of Charles SturtCouncil representative), Tim Ward (Regatta course), Deb White, Christina Firth & Bob Pennington (Rowing SA), Michael Eastaughffe and Matt Draper (RA technical delegates).

Rene Klupacs (VIC - President), Lynne Bayliss (WA), Ron Beattie (NSW), Neville Doughan (QLD), Phillip Fraser (TAS), Andrew Guerin (VIC), Stephen Hinchy (QLD), Nick Hunter (ACT), Kelly Jenkins (VIC), Bruce McCarthy (QLD), John Murdoch (WA), Brian Nash (WA), Geoff Northam (ACT), Caroline Schomberg (QLD), Greg Smith (NSW), Tim Wainman (NSW), Victor Walter (NSW), Bill Webster (VIC)< Brett Woolfit (WA), Darryl Purtin (NZL), Murray Discombe (NZL)

regatta jury

Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup


1st New South Wales - Bow: James Chapman, 2; Samuel Loch, 3: Francis Hegerty,, 4: Brodie Buckland, 5: Nick Purnell, 6: Matthew Ryan, 7: Fergus Pragnell, Str: Daniel Noonan, Cox: Toby Lister, Cchs: Nick Garratt & Curtis Jordan
2nd Victoria - Bow: Tom Larkins, 2: John Linke, 3: James Marburg, 4: Cameron McKenzie-McHarg, 5: Joshua Booth, 6: Josh Dunkley-Smith, 7: Drew Ginn, Str: David Crawshay, Cox: David Webster, Cch: Chris O'Brien
3rd South Australia - Bow: Chris Morgan, 2: Tom Shelton, 3: Max Tonkin, 4: Ned Kinnear, 5: Bryn Coudraye, 6: Sam Martin, 7: James McRae, Str: Matthew Bolt, Cox: Tom Game, Cch: Jason Lane
4th Queensland - Bow: Chris Camphin, 2: Jared Bidwell, 3: Ben Morley, 4: Will Lindores, 5: Tom Amies, 6: Scott Laidler, 7: Chris Anderson, Str: Duncan Free, Cox: Mark Alexander, Cch: Tom Westgarth
5th Western Australia - Bow: Ben Williams, 2: David Kelly, 3: Nick Wakeford, 4: Grant Adendorff, 5: Rhys Grant, 6: David Dennis, 7: Brendan Murray, Str: Cameron Brewer, Cox: Teresa Maguire, Cchs: Lincoln Handley & Mike Quinn
6th Tasmania - Bow: Nick Baker, 2: Phil Hutton, 3: George Ellis, 4: Sam Lovibond, 5: Adam Wertheimer, 6: Brendan Long, 7: Scott Brennan, Cch: Alister Foot, Cox: Nicholas Edwards, Cch: John Driessen
7th Australian Capital Territory - Bow: James Edwards, 2: Matthew Barnier, 3: Zac Cleaver, 4: Damien Pentony, 5: David Wright, 6: Andrew Creer, 7: Angus Moore, Str: Nicholas Barnier, Cox: Shannon Narracott, Cch: Gordon Marcks

Stroke of the NSW Dan Noonan reported the race as follows: "We thought the Victorians were going to jump out at the start so we needed to counteract that. We worked hard at the start and happily it worked out for us and we established a lead pretty quickly. By the 1000 metre mark the race was over. In these conditions (choppy with a tail wind) it's hard to come back so we all knew that if we held our technique we were in a strong position to win the race. That's how it turned out".

Victorious NSW crew - photo courtesy of Georgie Lee

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup


1st South Australia - James McRae, Cch: Jason lane
2nd Victoria - Karsten Forsterling, Cch: Chris O'Brien
3rd New South Wales - Alexander Belonogoff. Cch: Mark Prater
4th Tasmania - Scott Brennan, Cch: Anthony Edwards
5th Queensland - Jared Bidwell
6th Western Australia - Rhys Grant, Cch: Lincoln Handley
7th Australian Capital Territory - Nicholas Barnier

James McRae

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup


1st Tasmania - Bow: Anthony Edwards, 2: Samuel Beltz, 3 Blair Tunevitsch, Str: Tom Gibson, Cch: Brett Crow
2nd Western Australia - Bow: Ross Brown, 2: Perry Ward, 3: Ben Cureton, Str: Todd Skipworth, Cch: Lincoln Handley
3rd Queensland - Bow: Tim McDonnell, 2: Adam Kachyckyi, 3: Nick Silcox, Str: Darryn Purcell, Cchs: Kieran Dwyer & John Bowes
4th Victoria - Bow: James Wilson, 2: Sean-Paul Lake, 3: Tom Bertrand, Str: Scott Penning, Cch: Alistair Isherwood
5th New South Wales - Bow: Oli Zuk, 2: Roderick Chisholm, 3: Edward De Carvalho, Str: Toby Ledgerwood, Cchs: Stephen Luker & William Townsend

An all the way win to Tasmania.

Tasmania makes it two in a row

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy


1st Victoria - Bow: Harrison Casey, 2: Henry Meek, 3: Tim Cleary, 4: Andrew Emmett, 5: Daniel Brighthope, 6: Simon Keenan, 7: Sam Hookway, Str: Michael Poulter, Cox: Charles Willey, Cch: Alex Henshilwood
2nd New South Wales - Bow: Hamish Playfair, 2: Phillip Blacklaw, 3: Charles Marriott, 4: Harry Thomson, 5: Spencer Turrin, 6: James Medway, 7: Thomas Sacre, Str: Nick Wheatley, Cox: William Raven, Cchs: Mark Prater & Tom Laurich
3rd Western Australia - Bow: Zak Campbell, 2: Mario LoPresti, 3: Alexander Mann, 4: Sam Hughes, 5: Caine Bristow, 6: Matthew Cochran, 7: David Watts, Str: Tom Gatti, Cox: Teresa Maguire, Cchs: Lincoln Handley, Michael Hinsley & Mike Quinn
4th South Australia - Bow: Lachlan Ward, 2: Daniel Ralph, 3: Tyson Beauchamp, 4: Dylan Porte, 5: Riley Lum, 6: William Brennan, 7: Nathan Bowden, Str: Alexander Hill, Cox: Isabella Milazzo, Cch: Ron Mobbs
5th Tasmania - Bow: Scott Bransden, 2: Liam Williams, 3: Max McQueeney, 4: Paul Barrett, 5: Samuel Volker, 6: Lachlan Stewart, 7: Max Rowan, Str: Oliver Lindsay, Cox: Laura Eastment, Cchs: Ron Batt & Rob Prescott
6th Queensland - Bow: Brendan Fischer, 2: Harry McKay, 3: Tom Swete Kelly, 4: Madi Wappett, 5: Richard White, 6: Harrison Westbrook, 7: Harry Baxter, Str: Tom Coates, Cox: Nick Allen-Ducat, Cchs: Michael Opstelten & Mitch Roseland
7th Australian Capital Territory - Bow: Nicholas del Rio, 2: Angus Balmaks, 3: Charlie Mackenzie, 4: Gerrard Kennedy, 5: Oliver House, 6: Jonathan Peake, 7: Adrian Trowell, Str: Dylan Conolan, Cox: Chris Baldwin, Cchs: Andrew MacKenzie & Jason Cain

This was perhaps one of the most interesting races of the day. The NSW crew started with great speed doing 1 min 19 secs over the first 500 metres which would normally be an unassilable lead in the strong tail conditions. They extended the lead in the second 500m and were slowly hauled back in the last 1000 meters. It was an absorbing race.

Victorian Men's Youth Eight

Photo courtesy of Georgie Lee

Women's Interstate Eight Championship–The Queen's Cup


1st Victoria - Bow: Yasmin Burraston, 2: Robyn Selby Smith, 3: Katrina Bateman, 4: Madeline Shackell, 5: Kim Crow, 6: Sophie Robson, 7: Pauline Frasca, Str: Phoebe Stanley, Cox: Elizabeth Patrick, Cchs: David Colvin & Bill Tait
2nd Queensland - Bow: Fiona Albert, 2: Stepanie Krippner, 3: Peta Eddington, 4: Hannah O'Loughlin, 5: Sally Kehoe, 6: Pipa Savage, 7: Emma McCarthy, Str: Francesca Paterson, Cox: Elizabeth Salisbury, Cch: Peter Howard
3rd Western Australia - Bow: Julia Dick, 2: Maia Simmonds, 3: Brittany Mann, 4: Alexandra Hagan, 5: Hannah Vermeersch, 6: Ashleigh Miles, 7: Sarah Tait, Str:Natalie Bale, Cox: Hannah Jansen, Cchs: Jamie Jones, Rebecca Sattin & Rolland Warren
4th New South Wales - Bow: Sorelle Bowman, 2: Renee Kirby, 3: Greta Beale, 4: Amy Ives, 5: Laura Honson, 6: Monique Heinke, 7: Brooke Pratley, Str: Tess Gerrand, Cox: Elizabeth Smith, Cchs: Ellen Randell & David Gely

The New South Wales crew had the best of the start but the Victorians put the accelerator down in the second 500m to take the lead. The race was never in contention after that point. That 500 metre time was the fastest 500 metres of all crews in the race.

The medallists

Women's Interstate Lightweight Quad Scull Championship–The Victoria Cup


1st Queensland - Bow: Amy James, 2: Catriona Rose, 3: Gabby Kukla, Str: Hannah Every-Hall, Cch: Andrew Cruickshank
2nd Western Australia - Bow: Hannah Jansen, 2: Alexandra Hayes, 3: Maia Simmonds, Str: Jessica Bowyer, Cchs: Rebecca Sattin & Jamie Jones
3rd Tasmania - Bow: Georgia Nesbitt, 2: Renee Britton, 3: Eve Mure, Str: Ella Flecker, Cchs: Ken Davey & Paul Newbon
4th Victoria - Bow: Ellen McSweeney, 2: Jennifer Matthies, 3: Alice McNamara, Str: Hannah Clark, Cchs: Peter Kupcis & Bill Tait
5th New South Wales - Bow: Jessica Hudson, 2: Sarah Hill, 3: Joanna Wood, Str: Sarah Pound, Cchs: Gonzalo Briones & Robin Smith

Queensland led the whole way but it was only in the later parts of the race did they get any margin. It was a very tight race for most of the race.

Queensland crew with the Victoria Cup

Women's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Bicentennial Cup


1st Queensland - Bow: Morgana Jones, 2: Chloe Hill, 3: Olivia Brusasco, 4: Eleanor Wilson, 5: Maddie Edmunds, 6: Anna Kaszycki, 7: Jessica Hall, Str: Sarah Zillmann, Cox: Georgia Fitzgerald, Cchs: Cameron Kennedy & Cameron Stephenson
2nd South Australia - Bow: AlexTaliangis, 2: Louise Firth, 3: Molly Goodman, 4: Lydia Yerrell, 5: Sophie Van de Ven, 6: Emma Basher, 7: Peta White, Str: Olympia Aldersey, Cox: Min Eaton, Cch: Vicky Spencer
3rd Victoria - Bow: Emma Webley, 2: Lucy Stephan, 3: Riana Mollard, 4: Sophie Sutherland, 5: Hannah Lewis, 6: Brittany Steele, 7: Charlotte Sutherland, Str: Clare Canty, Cox: Annabelle Orr, Cch: Tom Abramowski
4th New South Wales - Bow: Johanna Tarrant, 2: Sarah Jones, 3: Sarah Sackville, 4: Michelle Battersby, 5: Elise Andrews, 6: Ellena Winstanley, 7: Beatrix Sheldrick, Str: Eliza Flint, Cox: Genevieve Fick, Cch: Adam Vine-Hall
5th Western Australia - Bow: Meg Downes, 2: Lilly Tinapple, 3: Anai Coffey, 4: Maddison Jones, 5: Hannah Vermeersch, 6: Sarah Steger, 7: Ashlee Rowe, Str: Alexandra Hagan, Cox: Chiara Smith, Cchs: Rolland Warren, Jamie Jones & Rebecca Sattin
6th Tasmania - Bow: Eleni Kalimnios, 2: Monique Clark, 3: Chloe Ranicar, 4: Ashlee Palmer, 5: Ciona Wilson, 6: Lucy Jordan, 7: Stephanie Williams, Str: Eloise Florence, Cox: Hannah Johnstone, Cchs: Neil Stump & Barry Townsend
7th Australian Capital Territory - Bow: Natalie Graf, 2: Jessica Lyon, 3: Pip Marques, 4: Michallie Pearce, 5: Giorgia Stawaruk, 6: EmilyCaudle, 7: Nicola Metcalfe, Str: Sophie Townsend, Cox: Nicole Sims, Cch: Dafydd Gwynn-Jones

Victoria led early but Queensland took the lead in the second 500 metres and never let it go despite the tight racing. The Queensland crew raced a very even and good race.

The medallists celebrate

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy


1st Queensland - Sally Kehoe
2nd Victoria - Kim Crow
3rd Tasmania - Kerry Hore, Cch: Anthony Edwards
4th New South Wales - Brooke Pratley, Cch: Curtis Jordan
5th Australian Capital Territory - Amy Fowler
6th Western Australia - Natalie Bale

Sally Kehoe took a one and a half second lead in the first 500m and then extended is in the second 500m. The other scullers fought back well but the race was won in the first half.

Sally Kehoe after her win


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