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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1969 Interstate Championships

Men's: 26 Apr 1969, Burnett River, Bundaberg QLD
Women's: 26 Apr 1969, Port River SA

Photos 1969 Interstate Championships Photo Gallery

1969 Programme Cover for the Men's Interstate Championships

The Men's Interstate Championships were conducted at Bundaberg for the first time and it was the 50th anniversary of the first King's Cup back in 1919. The format of heats, repechages and finals was again used.

1969 program cover for Women's Championships

Women's Championships Organising Committee & Boat Race Officials

Organising Committee: SAWRA
Regatta Organiser: EM Morrison
Regatta Secretary: G Morrison
Starter: D Swan
Umpire: G Coldwell
Judges: J Bollen & F Lodge
Timekeeper: C Williams
Clerk of Scales: R Bradley
J Ward, Son Edmonds & R Morrison

Men's Championships Organising Committee

Chairman: Ald. G G Boreham OBE, VRD
Secretary: Neville A J Cullen
Treasurer: R B Brown
Course: T B Barton
Liaison: I Lloyd-Jones
Publicity: Ald. R E Clemence
Communications: C Grimwood

Jury: O N Rosevear (NSW), Jim M Dowrie (QLD), T B Barton (QLD). Dr D M McClyrmont, R B Brown (QLD), R Pilbeam, Norman W Cairnes (VIC), Robert Duncan (VIC), Jack C Hutchinson (QLD), Frank Hick (QLD), G Newton, G R Hussie, R J Mullins, J Davison, J Andrews G Moran, N Hirst, R R Harmsworth, A C Barrett, John Drewe (QLD), R P Mahony, Robert C Hemery (WA), N T McCallum, L W Winkworth (NSW), Alec McLeish (VIC), Maurice C Grace (NSW), Robert R Aitken (VIC), Reserves: D Roberts, Edward C White (VIC), Jack J Donald (VIC)

81st Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Time: 5:59.5
Margins: 3.4, 12 & 6.7 secs

1st VIC - Bow: David Ramage, 2: John Shanassy, 3: Kerry Jelbart, 4: Paul Guest, 5: John Harry, 6: David Douglas, 7: Stephen Gillon, Str: Graeme Boykett, Cox: Geoff Godkin, Cch: David Boykett, Emergs: David B Bishop & Will R Liley, Mgr: Noel F Wilkinson
2nd NSW – Bow: Robert A Shirlaw, 2: Gary M Pearce, 3: Kim T Mackney, 4: John E Clark, 5: John R Ranch, 6: Joe R Fazio, 7: Michael D Morgan, Str: Alf W Duval, Cox: Alan G Grover, Cch: Phil Cayzer, Emerg: John Nickson
3rd SA – Bow: Robert Russell, 2: I S Munro, 3: J Yates, 4: Paul G Jeffries, 5: J C Ranger, 6: P A D Cronin, 7: J S Ferry, Str: William E Hay, Cox: M R Furze, Cch: G M Taylor, Emerg: R A McLeod
4th TAS – Bow: Geoff L Mason, 2: Roger W Manton, 3: Tim I McKay, 4: J M Taplin, 5: Stephen E Hawkins, 6: Roger J Drummond, 7: L Robert Gould, Str: Chris J King, Cox: G D Archer, Cch: Dr Brian Palmer, Emergs: R B Browne & Dennis Townsend
QLD eliminated in repechage – Bow: Brian Zunker, 2: D Slaughter, 3: B McLean, 4: D Amos, 5: Alan Zunker, 6: Geoffrey Lloyd-Jones, 7: John Bigg, Str: B Zunker, Cox: D Winkinson, Cch: Ron E Clemence, Emerg: Malcolm Ford
WA eliminated in repechage – Bow: Corbet J Poynton, 2: Roger A Fitzhardinge, 3: Peter N Le Souef, 4: Peter Healey, 5: Allan Gray, 6: Don F Lewis, 7: Stan J Omodei, Str: J L Harry Formby, Cox: Terry Scook, Cch: Richard T Gard, Emerg: Murray McHenry & Michael Harrison

Western Australian crew

Western Australian crew departs for Queensland

Left to right: D Lewis (4), P Healey (str), H Formby (6), P LeSouef (Emerg), C Poyton (bow), M McHenry (7), M Harrison (Emg), S Omadei (3), T Scook (cox), A Grey (5), R Gard (coach), G Giles (manager), R Fitzharding (2). 

E1: 1st NSW, 2nd WA, 3rd QLD
E2: 1st VIC, 2nd SA, 3rd TAS
R: 1st SA, 3rd TAS, 4th QLD, 4th WA
Final: 1st VIC, 2nd NSW, 3rd SA, 4th TAS

It was a fast start from all crews but Victoria soon gained the lead and was never headed. At the 500 metre mark Victoria gained a 3/4 length lead and held that lead through the 1000 metre mark. The lead increased to one length by the 1500 metre mark and this was maintained to the end.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Time: 7.50.9
Margins 3.4, 2.3 and 6.0 secs

1st TAS - Reg Free
2nd VIC - Jeff Sykes
3rd QLD - Graham Kert
4th NSW - Stuart Mackenzie
SA eliminated in repechage- Norman V Talbot

E1: 1st TAS, 2nd VIC, 3rd SA
E2: 1st QLD, 2nd NSW
R: 1st VIC, 2nd NSW, 3rd SA
Final: 1st TAS, 2nd VIC, 3rd QLD, 4th NSW

Stuart Mackenzie had returned to Sydney and was placed second in the NSW State Championships. As Bob Shirlaw rowed in the eight, Mackenzie raced the single. He was favoured to take the title but unfortunately was well off the pace in the finish. The stormy Mackenzie unsuccessfully protested the heat race against Kert and rowed through the repechage. Reg Free raced superbly to take his first Interstate Sculling Championship, 3.4 seconds in front of Jeff Sykes

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup

Time: 7.01.0
Margins 1.6, 5.9 and 17.8 secs

1st NSW – Bow: Ian J Carmody, 2: Robert W Powell, 3: Robert L Tagg, Str: Dennis R Carmody, Cox: Kevin P Hollingworth, Emerg: Robert Allen, Cch: Robert Stone
2nd TAS – Bow: Terry L Philpott, 2: Martin R Guinan, 3: Barry A Rogers, Str: Edward (Ted) L Holloway, Cox: Cliff G Anderson, Emerg: J F Matthews, Cch: Paul R Cox
3rd SA – Bow: Henry Newland, 2: W Bowen, 3: Robert Cooper, Str: Vaughan Bollen, Cox: R Potter, Emerg: Luigi Lippis, Cch: William N Wallace
4th VIC – Bow: Tim J Hogan, 2: Robert W Connolly, 3: Bryan C Clarke, Str: Peter H O'Brien, Cox: Martin F Owen, Cch & emergency: Peter J Downey
QLD eliminated in repechage – Bow: H Thackeray, 2: G Hansen, 3: B Rawlings, Str: M Burke, Cox: B Smith, Cch: W Jones, Emerg: J Hoare

E1: 1st TAS, 2nd QLD, NSW disqualified due to an underweight cox but permitted to race in repechage.
E2: 1st SA, 2nd VIC
R: 1st VIC, 2nd NSW, 3rd QLD
Final: 1st NSW, 2nd TAS, 3rd SA, 4th VIC

The final was close between NSW and TAS, with SA finishing 5.9 seconds further back in third place and Victoria a further 17.8 seconds back in last place.

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship–The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 1000m
Time: 3.35.5
Margins: 3/4 & 5 lengths

1st VIC – Bow: Kath Suhr, 2: Pam Murray, 3: Nanette Geer, Str: Pauline Gilbertson, Cox: Alf McLaren, Emerg: Denise HolmesCch: Margaret Agnew
2nd NSW – Bow: Pat Cree, 2: Joan Lake, 3: Jennette Cameron, Str: Libusa Miladinovic, Cox: B White, Cch: Peter Raper, Emerg: R Hadfield
3rd QLD – Bow: Donna Jermanus, 2: Shirley Graham, 3: Pam Ward, Str: Judy Kirchner, Cox: James Cowden, Cch: Roy C Graham

Victoria won its first victory for 29 years in this Championship, winning by 3/4 length to NSW. Also record breaking was that that it was first winning crew in this championship ever to be coached by a woman. The Victorian crew all hailed from the then dominate Victorian women's club of YWCA. The emergency was the exception who came from the Preston club.

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy

Time: 4.09
Margin: 6 lengths

1st NSW – Janis Adam, Cch: Steve Roll
2nd VIC – Dorothy Melville, Cch: Margaret Agnew

The Sculling Championship was an easy win to Janis Adam of NSW. Janis went onto win again in 1970 under the coaching of Steve Roll. 

Women's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Victoria Cup

Time: 3.41.7
Margins: 3/4 & 3 lengths

1st NSW – Bow: Larraine Franklin, 2: Judith Bignold, 3: Lydia Miladinovic, Str: Evelyn Gardiner, Cox: Robert Arentz, Cch : Mervyn Perry, Emerg: K Brooker
2nd VIC - Bow: Lydia McIntosh, 2: Lesley Roberts, 3: Carol Judd, Str: Sylvia Bartlett, Cox: Alf McLaren, Emerg: Susanne McPhie, Cch: Margaret Agnew
3rd QLD – Bow: Donna Jermanus, 2: Shirley Graham, 3: Kay Crompton, Str: Judy Kirchner, Cox: James Cowden, Cch: Roy C Graham

The Lightweight Four Championship was a good race also with NSW taking the Championship from VIC by 3/4 length. The Queensland crew thought seriously about scratching from this event as three of the crew also were racing in the Fours Championship.


  • Regatta programs - acknowledgement to the Graham Coldwell collection for the Women's program
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