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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1997 Interstate Championships

6 Apr 1997, Lake Barrington TAS

1997 programme

1997 Programme Cover

Organising Committee & Officials

Organising Committee: Jack Ellings (Chairman), David Williams, John Saltmarsh, John Oakley, Rod Dobel, Kerry Bligh, Ivan Dolbey, Michael Banks, Brendon Clark, Patricia Pitman, Des Breen, Alan Kitto

Boat Race Officials : T Buchanan, Bill Cooper, Berry Durston, Michael Eastaughffe, Grant Ford, Andrew Guerin, Steve Hinchy, Craig James, Paul Logan, Pat McGuffie, Brough McLeod, I Moy, John Murdoch, Ralph Murphy, Robin Murphy, Brian Nash, Bob Pennington, Ron Podbury, David Rattray, G Scott, Tim Wainman, Ray Waldie, Brett Woolfitt

108th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup


1st ACT - Bow: Craig Jones, 2: Bruce Hick, 3: Anthony Kearns, 4: Stuart McRae, 5: Jaimie Fernandez, 6: Nick Porzig, 7: Nick McDonald-Crowley, Str: David Porzig, Cox: Brett Hayman, Cch: Reuben Bettle
2nd NSW - Bow: James Stewart, 2: Geoffrey Stewart, 3: Alistair Gordon, 4: Daniel Bourke, 5: Zachary Kirkham, 6: Richard Wearne, 7: Robert Walker, Str: Robert Scott, Cox: Dale Caterson, Cch: Michael Morgan
3rd VIC - Bow: Simon Gadsden, 2: Paul Reedy, 3: Paul Gray, 4: Nigel Sullivan, 5: Simon Spriggs, 6: Drew Ginn, 7: Peter Antonie, Str: Richard Shenfield, Cox: David Colvin, Cch: Noel Donaldson, Mgr: Brian Vear
4th WA - Bow: Mike Everlegh, 2: Anthony Fievez, 3: Kim Greville, 4: Joe Walsh, 5: Tim Perkins, 6: Ron Snook, 7: Ben Hopkins, Str: Stuart Reside, Cox: Kenny Chan, Cch: Nick Garrett
5th QLDBow: Randell Martin, 2: Gary Lynagh, 3: Toni Dunlop, 4: James Burton, 5: Marcus Free, 6: David Weightman, 7: Duncan Free, Str: Bo Hansen, Cox: Ben Shaw, Cchs: John Rynne & Reg Free
6th TAS - Bow: Aaron Midgely, 2: Michael Larkin, 3: Tom Hansen, 4: Ben Leicester, 5: Michael Foster, 6: David Tippett, 7: Stuart Poole, Str: Robert Grant, Cox: Ann McLaughlin
7th SA - Bow: James Seppelt, 2: Alex Worthington, 3: Neil lapworth, 4: Adrian Burrell, 5: Darren Thorpe, 6: Paul Bastiaans, 7: Edward Lyons, Str: Alastair McLachlan, Cox: Joseph DeMaria, Cch: Phil Mangelsdorf

The ACT crew led throughout starting with a slight lead at the 500 metre mark and extending it from that point forward.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup


1st QLD - Duncan Free, Cch: Reg Free
2nd NSW - Richard Roach, Cch: Tim McLaren
3rd TAS - Tom Edwards, Cch: Barry Edwards
4th SA - Mark Sparnon, Cch: Andi Furmage
5th WA - Ron Snook, Cch: Tony Lovrich

Duncan Free made no mistake with this race with a commanding performance. The margins were large at every 500 m mark.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup


1st NSW - Bow: Michael Wiseman, 2: Robert Mitchell, 3: Michael Parkes, Str: Duncan Lawson, Cch: Hans Pieter Madritsch
2nd VIC - Bow: Tim Wright, 2: Matt Russell, 3: Anthony Edwards, Str: Rob Richards, Cch: Jock Heys
3rd WA - Bow: Will Bird, 2: Glen Loftus, 3: Tom Atkinson, Str: Anthony Ingram
4th QLD - Bow: Rob McNeil, 2: Ben Cameron, 3: Haimish Karrasch, Str: Jeremy Lawrence, Cch: Ivan Hooper
5th TAS - Bow: Scott Oakley, 2: Andrew Butler, 3: Shane Broad, Str: Andrew Stegmann, Cch: John Driessen

The NSW crew made their move in the second 500 metres and never looked back from there despite a good race with the Victorians.

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy


1st VIC - Bow: Jonathon Stone, 2: Peter Holt, 3: Ben Mulcahy, 4: David Clerk, 5: Warren Keeble, 6: Antony Schober, 7: Peter Moore, Str: Michael Kelly, Cox: Sam Pullin, Cchs: Frank Stone & Rob Heath
2nd NSW - Bow: Anthony Frisch, 2: Stephen Humphrey, 3: Daniel Noble, 4: Peter Hardcastle, 5: Chris Daish, 6: James Bezer, 7: Stuart Welch, Str: Adam Woodward, Cox: Adam Abrams, Cch: Tim McLaren
3rd QLD - Bow: Josh Beckwith, 2: Scott Fraser, 3: Peter Wiseman, 4: Julien Voller, 5: Reece Clifford, 6: Shaun Coulton, 7: Cameron Davis, Str: Nick Crimmins, Cox: Michael Toon, Cch: Bob Bleakley
4th WA - Bow: Phillip Williams, 2: Mike Sweeney, 3: Luke Nicholls, 4: Josh Keogh, 5: Tim James, 6: Hamish Nicholls, 7: Shane Boladeras, Str: Shane Markham, Cox: Neil Wells, Cch: Robert Hannan
5th TAS - Bow: Simon Newitt, 2: John Shield, 3: Ben Wells, 4: Michael Pollard, 5: Sam Rees, 6: Phil Hutton, 7: Chris Harris, Str: Tom Kibbey, Cox: Dale Fahey, Cch: Darrel Cashion
6th ACT - Bow: Andrew Dankers, 2: Tom McCoy, 3: Lachlan Blyth, 4: James Dunlop, 5: Ian Mongan, 6: Vernon Johnston, 7: Cameron Stuart, Str: Ben Cantwell, Cox: Hugh Selleck, Cch: Cameron Kiosoglous
7th SA - Bow: Mark Kurko, 2: Marco Lippis, 3: James Blieschke, 4: Stuart Johnston, 5: Brett Wright, 6: Mark Furnell, 7: John Simlesa, Str: Spiro Perdikoyiannis, Cox: Helen Osbourne, Cchs: Andi Furmage & Damien Cooke

The Victorians led throughout the race but were pushed at various stages, particularly in the second 500 metres, by NSW.

Women's Interstate Four Championship–The ULVA Trophy


1st VIC - Bow: Caitlin Fraser, 2: Georgina Douglas, 3: Rachel Taylor, Str: Bronwyn Thompson, Cch: Brenton Terrell
2nd ACT - Bow: Adair Ferguson, 2: Angela Holbeck, 3: Karina Wieland, Str: Anna Ozolins, Cch: Paul Thompson
3rd SA - Bow: Amy Safe, 2: Alison Davies, 3: Carmen Klomp, Str: Emily Haynes, Cchs: Uwe Bender & Phil Mangelsdorf
4th NSW - Bow: Rebecca Joyce, 2: Virginia Lee, 3: Ballanda Sack, Str: Marina Hatzakis, Cch: Ellen Randell
5th WA - Bow: Anna Scott, 2: Jes Moore, 3: Liz Carson, Str: Angels Heitman, Cch: Rob Dallimore
6th TAS - Bow: Lesley Marshall, 2: Helene Wood, 3: Susan Stegmann, Str: Gina Yeomans, Cch: Ron Woods

A very strong win by the Victorians who took a good lead in the first part of the race and then extended it.

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy

Time: 9.52.98
Margins: 1.17 and 15.52 secs

1st NSW - Bronwyn Roye, Cch: Ellen Randell Griffiths
2nd ACT - Kerry Knowler, Cch: Nigel Harding
3rd VIC - Jane Robinson, Cch: Brenton Terrell
4th SA - Sally Newmarch, Cch: Uwe Bender

Kerry Knowler and Jane Robinson took the race out quickly but were overhauled by Bronwyn Roye in the second 500 metres. Thereafter it was a very close tussle between Roye and Knowler.

Women's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Victoria Cup

Time: 8.31.15
Margins: 5.73 & 5.18 secs

1st VIC - Bow: Jill Burston, 2: Christina Camilla, 3: Marine Cade, Str: Justine Joyce, Cch: David Ochert
2nd TAS - Bow: Samantha Keogh, 2: Susan Oakey, 3: Sandra Harvey, Str: Dearne Grant, Cch: Paul Harvey
3rd NSW - Bow: Natalie Robson, 2: Zita Van Der Walle, 3: Bronwyn Watson, Str: Catriona Thompson, Cch: Peter Lanigan, Joanne Morgan was ill on the day and relaced by Natalie Robson
4th ACT - Bow: Clare Gillespie-Jones, 2: Fiona Milne, 3: Sue Donoghoe, Str: Juliet Fisher, Cch: Nigel Harding
5th SA - Bow: Alice Haynes, 2: Josephine Lips, 3: Kisahn Lamshed, Str: Angie Millard, Cch: Uwe Bender
6th QLD - Bow: Lin Sampson, 2: Eliza Wilson, 3: Margaretha Prendergast, Str: Kirrly Park, Cch: Robin Fay

This was yet another strong Victorian win in this event - they led all the way.

Women's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Bicentennial Cup


1st VIC - Bow: Amy Pearce, 2: Hilary Poole, 3: Rebecca O'Loughlin, 4: Emily Martin, 5: Lora Steele, 6: Bonnie Lakey, 7: Sarah Billens, Str: Stephanie Fast, cox: Sophie McKinnon, Cchs: John Downie & Paul Reedy
2nd QLD - Bow: Karen Worrell, 2: Veronica Lee, 3: Sarah Cooper, 4: Jamie Kohleis, 5: Kate McLeod, 6: Nadia Vedelago, 7: Cathy Hoden, Str: Khaleda O'Neil, Cox: Margot Robinson, Cch: Neil Myers
3rd SA - Bow: Nicola Stone, 2: Catherine Cross, 3: Elizabeth Windge, 4: Belinda Talbot, 5: Jenni Vesnaver, 6: Johanna Lips, 7: Sophie Tree, Str: Judith Sluiter, Cox: Brooke Cooper, Cch: Gary Adams
4th NSW - Bow: Diedre Coates, 2: Leith Johanson, 3: Masina Johnston, 4: Georgia Koutts, 5: Alenka Krajc, 6: Mina Obradovic, 7: Nicole Timbrell, Str: Orla Murray, Cox: Greanna Wickens, Cch: Andrew Randell
5th WA - Bow: Bernese Cooper, 2: Jaye Reynolds, 3: Hollie Webster, 4: Jennifer Ivans, 5: Janette Conner, 6: Lauren Coats, 7: Rebecca Sattin, Str: Sally Robbins, Cox: Jes Hall, Cch: Ben Dudley
6th TAS - Bow: Jacqui Drummond, 2: Rachel Cairns, 3: Sara Lance, 4: Megan Richardson, 5: Emily Grundgeiger, 6: Emma Hayes, 7: Tameka Painting, Str: Emily Grant, Cox: Catherine Thomas, Cchs: Glenn Hay & Paul Bird
7th ACT - Bow: Helen Gillespie-Jones, 2: Kirsten Skipper, 3: Cassandra Crowe, 4: Elena Rose, 5: Donna Martin, 6: Clare Gillespie-Jones, 7: Sally Creswell, Str: Davina Martin, Cox: Rachel Swift, Cch: Ted Hall

A strong start to the race by the Queenslanders was not quite enough to keep the Victorians at bay. It was a good race between the Victorians and Queenslanders for the middle part of the race after the Victorians caught the Queenslanders in the second 500 metres. The Victorians broke away in the last part of the race to win comfortably.


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