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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1933 Interstate Championships

Women's: 25 Mar 1933 Derwent River TAS
Men's: 6 May 1933 Brisbane River QLD

Photos 1933 Interstate Championships Photo Gallery

1933 programme

1933 Programme Cover from the Men's Interstate Championships

Regatta Officials

Starter: George N Smoothey
Umpire: G R Howard Gill
Judge: F W deLittle
R Wilson, E E McCaskie & N Braidwood 

51st Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Distance: 2 1/2 Mile
Time: 14.30
Margins: 1 1/4 & 4 lengths

1st NSW - Bow: Geoff E May, 2: William J Dixon, 3: Edward R Bromley, 4: Walter (Wal) E Jordan, 5: Frank J Lester, 6: Tom C Nickson, 7: William (Bill) S Shepherd, Str: A Cliff Lambert, Cox: Reg J Daly, Emerg: Stanley (Stan) J McGilvray, Cch: Ernie E Keary, Mgr: Harold G Alderson, Sole Selector: Bernie S Williams
2nd QLD - Bow: A Duncan, 2: E Von Hein, 3: P Finney, 4: H Ridgley, 5: O Ruback, 6: R Weir, 7: L Duncan, Str: J Anderson, Cox: S Tappenden, Emerg: O Lusk, Cch: R A Hunter, Manager: Joseph Smith
3rd VIC - Bow: F Ruglin, 2: M Gardner, 3: Stewart J Elder, 4: D K Wilson, 5: Jack South, 6: Lachlan J Thompson, 7: Ben S Thompson, Str: Alec W McLeish, Cox: C Brennan, Emerg: Colin Bain, Cch: George S Anderson, Mgr: Ray W B Todd, Selectors: Walter N Ricketts, W Ray B Todd & coach
4th TAS - Bow: G Arnott, 2: C B Chesterman, 3: R Doran, 4: J A Hood, 5: J Chester, 6: H J Johnston, 7: D C Chandler, Str: T Long, Cox: Tom Darcey, Cch: G A Westbrook, Emerg: G F Sorell, Mgr: E T Bessell
5th SA - Bow: A Berrill, 2: J Grimshaw, 3: E Billinger, 4: A Walters, 5: Robert Ninham, 6: Ken Ormston, 7: Alf J Gregory, Str: William Ninham, Cox: D Earl, Emerg: W Treglown, Cch: W Robbins, Mgr: J Grimshaw

NSW Men's Eight

1933 NSW Crew

NSW led from the start finishing 1 1/4 lengths in front of Queensland with Victoria well back. NSW tried valiantly to shake off the Queensland crew who got within a length in the later stages of the race. Following the race, the Queensland crew complained to their Association that the start was in a straight line and not an angle which would have provided all crews with the same distance to race. The Queenslanders claimed that they were disadvantaged. Subsequently the starter George Smoothey was censured for the start. Finney, the three man of the Queensland crew, was blind as a result of a shooting accident in 1925. He was a member of the 1924 winning crew.

The Telegraph newspaper of Sydney reported on 28th February 1933 that the NSW crew was "considered to be the strongest eight chosen to represent New South Wales in the King's Cup since Mosman won in 1929". 

Upon their return home, the Victorian praised the hospitality of the Queensland oarsmen and admitted that the Victorians needed to train for the faster conditions and stream on the Brisbane River next time. The Australasian quoted the Victorians as stating that the Queensland Wide Bay crew rated 44 off the start and then rated 38 down the course. The Victorians were left in their wake. 

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Distance: 2 1/2 mile
Time: 14.32.00
Margin: Easily

1st NSW - Herbert Turner
2nd TAS - Reg F Beauchamp
3rd QLD - Geoffrey G Boreham

The sculling race was an easy win for Turner.

Herbert Turner

Herbert Turner from NSW

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship–The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 1/2 Mile
Time: 3:35.0
Margins: 1/3 & 1 length

1st VIC - Bow: Edna Twite, 2: Nellie James, 3: Stella Peters, Str: Doreen Kamphfhenkel, Cox: V Allender, Mgr: Mrs Williams, Cch: George Williams
2nd NSW - Bow: Flo Thurston, 2: M Van Williams, 3: May Harvey, Str: Angela Mann, Cox: Alex Eddie, Cch: Chris Kayser
3rd QLD - Bow: M Crane, 2: M Cocks, 3: Nell Plint, Str: Kath Beardmore, Cox: Mr W Wertemeyer
4th SA - Bow: Mrs Lorna Vardon, 2: Miss Florence Killmier, 3: Miss Rose Dornan, Str: Miss A Hill, Cox & Cch: Mr Len Hill
5th TAS - Bow: B Graveley, 2: Nancy Reardon, 3: O Sturgess, Str: Madge Stewart, Cox: Mr J Smith, Cchs: L Marsh and D Hughes

The race was a thriller. NSW were leading slightly with only 150 yards to go when a late burst by the Victorians pushed their way to the front finishing a canvas in front. A good crowd of 7,000 spectators watched the racing.

NSW Women's Four

1933 NSW Women's Four


  • Regatta program
  • Victorian Rowing Association annual reports
  • Author's records
  • The Australasian May 20 1933 page 48

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