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1979 Interstate Championships

22 Apr 1979, West Lakes SA

1979 programme

1979 Programme Cover

91st Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Time: 6:03.0
Margisn 1.9 & 3.7 secs

1st VIC - Bow: Stephen Shirrefs, 2: Martin Hunt, 3: Alex Sloan, 4: Andrew Withers, 5: Will Magennis, 6: Tim J Young, 7: H James M Lowe, Str: Brian Richardson, Cox: Noel Donaldson, Emergs: Rod Guy & Geoff Matheson, Cch: Chris Dane, Mgr: Graeme Boykett
2nd SA - Bow: Grant Duncan, 2: N W (Charlie) Winter, 3: Tim Willoughby, 4: Graham Keynes, 5: William Dankbaar, 6: Henry Duncan, 7: Rob Lang, Str: John Bolt, Cox: Brenton Parson, Cchs: Paul Jeffries & William Hay, Emergs: Stephen Mann & Matthew Marquis, Manager: Bob Watts
3rd NSW - Bow: Jim P Stride, 2: Ian F Luxford, 3: Ross E Lindstrom, 4: Ian C Paver, 5: Murray C Ross, 6: Athol MacDonald, 7: Ian A Clubb, Str: Stephen C Newnham, Cox: Peter Staunton, Cch: Rusty Robertson, Emergs: Gordon G Clubb & John B Sivewright
4th TAS - Bow: Anthony (Tony) D Heron, 2: David Schier, 3: David G McCathy, 4: Glen S Wills, 5: Peter L Dazeley, 6: P A Heather, 7: Gregory J Roberts, Str: Tim S Saul, Cox: Frank E Andrews, Cch: Paul Myler, Emergs: Graeme C Kitto & P J Beswick, Mgr: Chris G B Dalton
5th QLD - Bow: Chris Hegerty, 2: Alan MacPherson, 3: Trevor Bettenay, 4: Chris Beech, 5: David Ochert, 6: Peter Van Den Broek, 7: John Bowes, Str: Jim Ryan, Cox: Micheal Jowett, Cch: Terry Mulligan
6th WA - Bow: Rupert Cattell, 2: Alan Brooks, 3: James Hart, 4: Steve Donaldson, 5: James S Burt, 6: Mark Smythe, 7: Alan Stewart, Str: Anthony Gilbanks, Cox: Rob Kay, Cch: Rob M Rowell, Emergs: John Berry & Mark Janes

The King's Cup race returned to being a first and final after many years of heats and repechages. The Victorians took the early lead and led all the way. By the 500 metre mark they had a clear lead. SA and NSW had a good battle for second place. Challenges were a plenty in the second half of the race from SA and NSW for the lead. Victoria held on to win by 1.8 seconds in a good race.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Time: 7.33.00
Margins 6.0 and 4.8 secs

1st NSW No 1 - Edward O Hale
2nd NSW No 2 - Richard Reddell
3rd VIC No 2- Andrew McKinley
4th SA No 1 - Norman V Talbot
5th TAS No 3 - Adrian R Marshall
6th QLD - Robert Alexander
NSW No 3 eliminated in semi final - Chris Shinners
VIC No 1 eliminated in semi final - Alan McCowan
VIC No 3 eliminated in repechage - Bruce Sarah
SA No 2 eliminated in semi final - Trevor D Sullivan
SA No 3 eliminated in repechage- Bob Bradley
TAS No 1 eliminated in semi final - Stephen Spurling
TAS No 2 eliminated in semi final - David Schier
WA No1 eliminated in repechage - Wayne Simmons
WA No 2 eliminated in semi final - Corbet Poynton

Up to 3 scullers per State were allowed and most States took advantage of this provision.

E1: 1st Reddelll NSW, 2nd Spurling TAS, 3rd Hale NSW, 4th Sarah VIC, 5th Simmonds WA
E2: 1st Marshall TAS, 2nd Shinners NSW, 3rd Alexander QLD, 4th Schier TAS, 5th Sullivan SA
E3: 1st McKinlet VIC, 2nd McCowan, VIC, 3rd Poynton WA, 4th Talbot SA, 5th Bradley SA
R: 1st Talbot SA, 2nd Sullivan SA, 3rd Schier TAS, 4th Bradley SA
SF: 1st McKinley VIC, 2nd Hale NSW, 3rd Reddell NSW, 4th Sullivan SA, 5th Shinners NSW, 6th Poynton WA
SF: 1st Talbot SA, 2nd Marshall TAS, 3rd Alexander QLD, 4th Spurling TAS, 5th McCowan VIC, 6th Schier TAS
Final: 1st Hale NSW, 2nd Reddell NSW, 3rd McKinley VIC, 4th Talbot SA, 5th Marshall TAS, 6th Alexander QLD

It was an all the way win for Hale.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup

Time: 6.43.00
Margins 2.3 & 0.5 secs

1st VIC No 2 - Bow: Phil Gardiner, 2: Dennis Hatcher, 3: Andrew Michelmore, Str: Colin Smith, Cch: David England
2nd VIC No 1 - Bow: Vaughan Bollen, 2: Peter Antonie, 3: Simon Gillett, Str: Geoff Rees, Cch: Peter Philp
3rd NSW - Bow: Geoff Webb, 2: Graham Hefer, 3: Clyde Hefer, Str: Gary Hefer, Cch: Peter Stroud & Hans Hefer
4th QLD - Bow: John Bliss, 2: Gavin Keily, 3: Ross Gibson, Str: Gary Merritt, Cch: Bob Bleakley
5th TAS No 1 - Bow: W C R Moore, 2: Alistair D C Lewis, 3: Edwin E George, Str: Kevin M Phillips, Cch: David Poulson
6th WA No 1 - Bow: George P Gallo, 2: Neville J Kempton, 3: David S Curry, Str: Ian P Clairs, Cch: Ken D Grant
TAS No 2 eliminated in repechage - Bow: Simon Wishaw, 2: Maurice J Barry, 3: Ian R Jordan, Str: John A Poynter, Cch: John H Bolton
SA No 1 eliminated in repechage - Bow: Ron Mobbs, 2: Robert Booth, 3: Richard Bolt, Str: Rob Dreschler, Cch: Bruce Mobbs
SA No 2 eliminated in repechage - Bow: Ken R Bertram, 2: Jake A Gillen, 3: A Lachlan Smith, Str: Robert M Cooper, Cch: R J Russell
SA No 3 eliminated in repechage - Bow: Richard Hall, 2: Martin Ward, 3: Ken Darly, Str: Ian Viney, Cch: Anthony Goldsworthy
VIC No 3 eliminated in repechage - Bow: Rob Stewart, 2: Mike Quinn, 3: Paul VanVeenendaal, Str: Charles Bartlett, Cch: Chris Lowe
WA No 2 eliminated in repechage - Bow: Chris P Ayres, 2: Damian P Flynn, 3: Jeremy J Hobbs, Str: P A Hodder, Cch: Ken D Grant, Emergs: Mark Crystal & Gavin Penfolds

Up to three crews per State were allowed to race this year.

E1: 1st WA No 1, 2nd VIC No 1, 3rd WA No 2, 4th SA No 3, 5th SA No 1, 6th TAS No 2
E2: 1st VIV No 2, 2nd TAS No 1, 3rd NSW, 4th VIC No 3, 5th SA No 2, 6th QLD
R1: 1st VIC No 1, 2nd NSW No 3, 3rd SA No 2, 4th TAS No 2, 5th SA No 3
R2: 1st QLD, 2nd TAS No 1, 3rd VIC No 3, 4th WA No 2, 5th SA No 1
Final: 1st VIC No 2, 2nd VIC No 1, 3rd NSW No 3, 4th QLD, 5th TAS No 1, 6th WA No 1

The two Victorian crews battled each other hard throughout the race with the no 2 crew winning by 2.3 seconds and only 0.5 seconds back to NSW No 3. The winning crew contained Andrew Michelmore who had returned from his Rhodes scholarship at Oxford. He had stroked two Oxford crews to victory in the Boat Race in England.

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy

Time: 4.43.00
Margins 3.2 & 1.6 secs

1st NSW - Bow: Michael Tait, 2: Greg Fitzgerald, 3: Rauol Lake, 4: Peter Hodges, 5: Rod Purnell, 6: Graham Jones, 7: Jordi Martin. Str: Graham Edmonds, Cox: Terry O'Hanlon, Emerg: Dominic O'Loughlin, Cch: Frank Male
2nd VIC No 2: Bow: David Gillett, 2: R Evans, 3: Craig Quinn, 4: Andrew Egan, 5: Bruce McNaughton, 6: Gregory Duniam, 7: C Pugh, Str: David George, Cox: Sean Podbury, Emergs: Robert George & J Hill, Cch: R George
3rd TAS No 1 - Bow: Richard A Heron, 2: Mark S Wilson, 3: Kevin A Hayde, 4: P Robertson-Thomson, 5: Robin Bakker, 6: P G Silver, 7: Ricky A Bird, Str: John D Saul, Cox: Craig B Higgs, Cch: Dr Brian J Palmer, Emergs: N J Childs, C A Bennett, Mark E James & A Young
4th VIC No 1 - Bow: Andrew Briggs, 2: Stuart Moreton, 3: David Webster, 4: David Thomas, 5: Andrew Birnie, 6: Doug Spence, 7: Andrew Murchie, Str: Andrew McDonald, Cox: Vic Ronai-Horvath, Emergs: Rod Birch & Cam Hall, Cch: Martin Aitken
5th SA No 1 - Bow: Joe Leckie, 2: David Lyons, 3: Michael Nielson, 4: Greg Melbourne, 5: Mark Hill, 6: Matthew Draper, 7: Chester MacDonald, Str: Graham Keynes, Cox: Gavin Thredgold, Cch: R Lawrence, Emergs: John Draper & Mark Williams
6th QLD - Bow: G Hughes, 2: N Young, 3: G Luthe, 4: Rodney Silcox, 5: G Magoffen, 6: D Brieffies, 7: D Berghoffer, Str: P Horton, Cox: G McRae, Cch: L Lister
SA No 2 eliminated in repechage - Prince Alfred College crew
TAS No 2 eliminated in repechage - Bow: T Taylor, 2: S Carter, 3: P Orchard, 4: P Denhert, 5: C Raymond, 6: T Lord, 7: A Roberts, Str: N Butler, Cox: S Dale, Cch: T Whyte, Emergs: R Matson & S Graves
WA eliminated in repechage - Bow: Peter L Evans, 2: Timothy L Cornish, 3: Mark W Beekink, 4: R J Mitchell, 5: Ian D Hilton, 6: John S Throssell, 7: Anthony C Seymore, Str: Robert G Guerini, Cox: P A Andrews, Cch: William R Burbidge, Emergs: Peter F Kirwan & P A Evans

E1: 1st NSW, 2nd VIC No 2, 3rd TAS No 1, 4th VIC No 1, 5th SA No 2
E2: 1st SA No 1, 2nd WA No 1, 3rd TAS No 2, 4th QLD, 5th WA No 2
R1: 1st VIC no 2, 2nd VIC No 1, 3rd TAS No 2, 4th WA No 2
R2: 1st TAS No 1, 2nd QLD, 3rd SA No 2, 4th WA No 1
Final: 1st NSW, 2nd VIC No 2, 3rd TAS No 1, 4th VIC No 2, 5th SA No 1, 6th QLD

NSW led all the way and won by a length.

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship–The ULVA Trophy

Time: 3.28.00
Margins: 14.9 & 4.3 secs

1st VIC - Bow: Anne E Chirnside, 2: Sally A Harding, 3: Pam D Westendorf, Str: Verna Westwood, Cox: Susie Palfreyman, Cch: David Boykett, Emergs: Barbara Griffiths & Ruth C Rycroft
2nd NSW - Bow: Vicki Baxter, 2: Jenny Rourke, 3: Karen Williamson, Str: J Wittles, Cox: Jill McCure, Cch: Reg Stride
3rd WA - Bow: Toni M Spurge, 2: Jenny A Dalziell, 3: Ruth Riddell, Str: Joanne J Linck, Cox: Ros Bowl, Cch: Conway I Stacey, Emergs: Ellen-Jean I Roberts & Cassandra King
4th QLD - Bow: Debbie Baskerville, 2: Catherine Wright, 3: Catherine Langton, Str: S Greenwood, Cox: R Mules, Emerg: Wendy Alexander, Cch: Bradley Beutel
5th SA - Bow: Bronwyn Clutterbuck, 2: Gloria Prior, 3: S Nairn, Str: Barbara Phelan, Cox: R Warne, Cch: P McCullough, Emerg: J Patten
6th TAS - Bow: R Targett, 2: Tracey Johnson, 3: J Hendley, Str: S Thomas, Cox: L Hendley, Cch: John Bugg, Emerg: Chris King

This was a first and final won comfortably by VIC by the large margin of 14.9 seconds.

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy

Time: 4.10.0
Margins 5.1 & 0.4 secs

1st VIC No 1 - Mary Renouf, Cch: Terry Poole
2nd VIC No 3 - Rosemary Hoffman, Cch: Tom Hoffman
3rd NSW No 1 - Evelyn Adams, Cch: T Crooks
4th TAS - Shanne McGinniss
5th VIC no 2 - Leisa Patterson
6th NSW no 2 - Denise Phillips
NSW No 3 eliminated in repechage - Klara Lantay
WA eliminated in repechage - Vanessa R Grant, Cch: Ken D Grant
SA eliminated in repechage - Elaine Guterres
QLD eliminated in repechage - Wendy Alexander, Cch: Richard C Graham

Details of the heats and repechage have not yet been located. The final was an all the way win to Mary Renouf of Victoria by 5.1 seconds to fellow Victorian Rosemary Hoffman.

Women's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Victoria Cup

Time: 3 53.0
Margins 15.0 and 6.0 secs

1st VIC - Bow: M L Johnstone, 2: Christine N Betremieux, 3: M A Wright, Str: Maree Cox, Cox: J Davidson, Cch: Kath Bennett, Emergs: M Williams & E Nicholson
2nd SA - Bow: L Quigley, 2: Cate Cooper, 3: Annette Lowe, Str: Lesley Cummins, Cox: G Nelligan, Cch: William Dankbaar, Emerg: V Whitcomb
3rd TAS - Bow: K McKenzie, 2: J Holmes, 3: J March, Str: S Lockie, Cox: T Best, cch: A March, Emerg: L Burk
4th WA - Bow: Janet Lancaster, 2: Tracey O'Shannessy, 3: Lynne Bayliss, Str: Eva Oldfield, Cox: Veronica (Ronnie) Cooper, Cch: Steph Greenaway, Emergs: J Daly & Cathy Paxton
5th ACT - Bow: L Wilson, 2: R Barwick, 3:R Dubs, Str: L Paton, Cox: C Pearson, Cch: J Wolfe, Emerg: Sue Donoghue
6th QLD - Bow: D Free, 2: T Newcombe, 3: L Reed, Str: D Powell, Cox: P Burgess, Cch: F Hick, Emerg D Shannon
NSW disqualified - Bow: Sandy Rourke, 2: Gay Allen, 3: Leanne Turner, Str: Karen Law, Cox: Mary Guantos, Cch: Margaret Mackenzie, Emergs: Kym Brown & Janell Williams

This was also a comfortable win to Victoria by some 15 seconds.


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