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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1902 Interstate Championships

10 May 1902, Port River SA

This regatta was the first in a new cycle of races held under an agreement between the States to rotate the venues amongst the participating States.

26th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship– The King's Cup

Distance: 3miles 726yards
Time: 17.07
Margins: 3/4 length, 3/4 length, 1/2 length and 300 yards

1st VIC - Bow: Percy C Ivens, 2: C E Suffren, 3: J A Williams, 4: Charles Donald, 5: Dr M K Moss, 6: Alex B Sloan, 7: Eric W Tulloch, Str: James Donald, Cox: J H Counihan, Cch: Jim M Macfarlane
2nd SA - Bow: N Ross, 2: R A Anderson, 3: G Ross, 4: J H Walker, 5: James H Gosse, 6: David Blyth, 7: C T Lawton, Str: Joseph H Clouston, Cox: J Sweeney, Cchs: Rev Henry Girdlestone & H Skiffington
3rd QLD - Bow: V Markwell, 2: H D Brown, 3: H A Montefiore, 4: S A Spragg, 5: R Cran, 6: T J Lyons, 7: A A Petrie, Str: Arthur A Watson, Cox: W Dowridge
4th WA - Bow: E G Bee, 2: H W Rockett, 3: F S Goldsmith, 4: G Wallis, 5: C R Penny, 6: E S Walker, 7: H B Stone, Str: Charles B Brady, Cox: G O "Ponkey" Bailey, Cch: C H Powell
5th NSW - Bow: William J Middleton, 2: R Milsop, 3: T Crow, 4: Henry (Harry) G Williams, 5: G V Padula, 6: Alex Thompson, 7: Edward E Strom, Str: Rowan P Hickson, Cox: J Brownhill, Cchs: J A Brotherton & Rev Charles Edward Doudney

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship– The President's Cup

Distance: 3miles 726yards
Time: 21.12.0

1st NSW - John J Daley
2nd SA - J J Fahey

The sculling race was uneventful with Daley easily accounting for Fahey without extending himself.

1902 plaque

1902 Plaque


  • The Victorian Oarsman by John Lang, published by Massina & Co 1919
  • Sydney Rows by Alan May published by Sydney Rowing Club 1970

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