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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

2020 Interstate Championships

Sydney International Rowing Centre, NSW

2020 Programme Cover

On 14th March 2020, only a week prior to the regatta, Rowing Australia cancelled the National Championships. It issued the following statement.

Rowing Australia (RA) today confirmed that the 2020 Aon Sydney International Rowing Regatta (SIRR 2020) has been cancelled due to the Federal Government announcement that non-essential mass gatherings of more than 500 are recommended not to proceed from Monday 16 March 2020 in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cancellation of SIRR 2020 means that RA will not run the 2020 Australian Open Championships (including the sprints), Australian Open Schools Championships or King’s and Queen’s Cups Interstate Regatta. The event was scheduled to be held at the Sydney International Regatta Centre from 23 to 29 March 2020.

In addition to SIRR 2020 being cancelled, the planned Centenary of Women’s Rowing dinner, scheduled for Saturday 28 March in Penrith, will also not take place. RA has determined that it is responsible and prudent to cancel the dinner at this time in light of the Federal Government’s advice, noting that many of those attending the dinner would also have been planning to attend SIRR 2020.

Rowing Australia CEO, Ian Robson said, “We regret to inform the community that the 2020 Aon Sydney International Rowing Regatta will not take place this year and that we’re unable to also celebrate the women’s centenary of interstate rowing at this time. The decision to cancel this year’s event was made for Rowing Australia by the relevant government agencies and we of course support the actions being taken to help protect the health and well-being of the whole country.

“While we are saddened to have to cancel this year’s event, the health, wellbeing and safety of all the rowing community – participants, volunteers, officials, staff and spectators – must always come first.

“We apologise for any inconvenience that the cancellation of Nationals may cause. We will discuss in due course, with our State Associations, the feasibility and viability of an abridged Interstate Regatta for later in 2020; while we look forward to welcoming all of you at Lake Barrington in 2021, while we will look to celebrate the Centenary of Women’s Rowing later in the year.”

Organising Committee and Umpires

Organising Committee

Rowing Australia headed by RA Events Manager Alice Evans. Other members included Margot Harley (Rowing NSW), Chris Grummitt, Michael Eastaughffe, Fred Taylor, Anthony Brown and Brett Ralph (Technical Delegate).


Geoff Northam ACT - President of the Jury, Caroline Schomberg QLD - Deputy President of the Jury, Barney Cundell SA, Lauren Farnden NZL, Phillip Fraser TAS, Catherine Garrington ACT, Andrew Guerin VIC, Merran Holmes NSW, Rene Klupacs VIC, Vicky Knight SA, Tina Maher TAS, Bruce McCarthy QLD, Duncan Mackinnon VIC, Greg Melbourne SA, Karen Mills QLD, John Murdoch WA, Steve Pennington SA, Jack Quirk NZL, Chris Tucker NSW, Zara Underwood QLD, Tim Wainman NSW, Bill Webster VIC

Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Race not conducted

ACT - Bow: Tyron Boorman, 2: William Clark, 3: Tom Cregan, 4: Harry Glackin, 5: Alex Grzeskowiak, 6: Hamish Harding, 7: Luke Letcher, Str: Thomas Perry, Cox: Renae Domaschenz, Cch: Renae Domaschenz
New South Wales - Bow: Robert Black, 2: Sam Hardy, 3: Jack Hargreaves, 4: Jack O'Brien, 5: Hamish Playfair, 6: Alex Purnell, 7: Nicholas Purnell, Str: Spencer Turrin, Cox: Kendall Brodie
Queensland - Bow: Mac Hamilton, 2: Benjamin Pincus, 3: Jackson Free, 4: Paddy Holt, 5: Jack Kibble, 6: Adam Bakker, 7: Elliott Apel, Str: Jared Bidwell, Cox: Stephanie Long, Cchs: Randall Martin, Marcus Free, Richard Powell
South Australia - Bow: Nathan Bowden, 2: Jack Deans, 3: Kane Grant, 4: Ross Hamilton, 5: Alexander Hill, 6: James Price, 7: Tim Santin, Str: William Smith, Cox: Indran Mukherjee, Cchs: Brenton Terrell, Will Maling
Victoria - Bow: Liam Donald, 2: Rohan Lavery, 3: Ben Coombs, 4: Simon Keenan, 5: Nick Lavery, 6: Tim Masters, 7: Joshua Booth, Str: Angus Widdicombe, Cox: Justin Rhodes, Cch: Matthew Ryan
Western Australia - Bow: James McQuillan, 2: Myles McQuillan, 3: Jack Cleary, 4: Benjamin Davidson, 5: David Watts, 6: Sam Marsh, 7: Fraser Pensini, Str: Joshua Hicks, Cox: Max Montanari

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Race not conducted

ACT - Caleb Antill
New South Wales - David Bartholot, Coach: Donald McLachlan
Queensland - Hamish Parry
South Australia - Oscar McGuinness, Coach: Jason Lane
Tasmania - Wilson Mure, Coach: John Driessen, Brett Crow
Victoria - Red Matthews
Western Australia - Sam Marsh

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup

Race not conducted

New South Wales - Wyatt Batt, Michael McCrea, Sean Murphy, Peter Waldersee
Queensland - David Carter, Tom Williamson, Jack Bowser, Morgan Hodgson, Cchs: Leo Karadimitris, Jack Armitage
Tasmania - Angus Paynter, Jacob Crow, Alec Paterson, Connor Ryan, Cchs: John Driessen, Brett Crow
Victoria - Guy Velik, Red Matthews, Sam Oostendorp, James Crouch, Cch: Craig Smith
Western Australia - Mario Lo Presti, Patrick Boere, Perry Ward, Rohan James

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy

Race not conducted

ACT - Bow: Cormac Hayes, 2: Luca Hehir, 3: Lucas Hempton, 4: Alexander Migdalias, 5: Matthew Norton, 6: Ethan Peters, 7: Jaedon Peters, Str: Lachlan Stevenson, Cox: Vinhara Goonesekera, Cch: David Fraumano, Mark Kwiatkowski
New South Wales - Bow: Miller Argent, 2: Kieran Riach, 3: Connor Hopkins, 4: Harry Crouch, 5: Tom Anderson, 6: Nic Rath, 7: Oscar Carr-Middleton, Str: Torun Olsson, Cox: Nicholas Dunlop, Cchs: Christopher Holliday, Franz Imfeld
Queensland - Bow: Kai du Plessis, 2: Maximilian Crowe, 3: Lachlan Toovey, 4: Jarrod Lord, 5: Clancy Doe, 6: Patrick Long, 7: Miller Rowe, Str: Dylan Rhodes, Cox: Jayden Klemenc, Cchs: John Bowes, Matt Toon
South Australia - Bow: Xavier Barnett, 2: Maximillian Behrens, 3: Nick Blackman, 4: Sam Button, 5: Adam Holland, 6: Hugo Jordan, 7: Oscar Moore, Str: Tom Oldfield, Cox: Sam Burton, Cch: James McRae
Tasmania - Bow: Thomas Morgan, 2: Aiden Midson, 3: Hamish Johnston, 4: William Birchmore, 5: Tom Messer, 6: Finnian Colley, 7: Luke Haas, Str: Lars Gillingham, Cox: Poppy Eastaugh, Cchs: Brendan Long, Brett Crow
Victoria - Bow: Tom Murray, 2: Nick Smith, 3: Harrison Miller, 4: William Achermann, 5: Lukas Matic, 6: Marcus Cameron, 7: Marcus Emmett, Str: Nicholas Vlachodimitropoulos, Cox: Charlie Durkin, Cch: Michael Poulter
Western Australia - Bow: Gus Laufmann, 2: Bailey Flecker, 3: Joe Lovrich, 4: Hayden Coote, 5: Johnson Daubney, 6: Hamish Henriques, 7: Cameron Glover, Str: Alex Rossi, Cox: Tyler Clement

Men's Interstate PR3 Scull Championship

Race not conducted

New South Wales - Ben Gibson, Cch: Franz Imfeld
Queensland - Mac Russell, Cch: Michael Russell
South Australia - Jed Altschwager, Cch: Jason Lane
Tasmania - Michael Taylor, Cch: Matt Robinson, Brett Crow
Victoria - Aaron Skinner, Cch: Tom Bertrand

Women's Interstate Eight Championship–The Queen's Cup

Race not conducted

ACT - Bow: Ella Andreina Beniamini, 2: Sarah Connor, 3: Dearne Grant, 4: Kerry Knowler, 5: Jana Pretorius, 6: Lilli Reardon, 7: Sarah Tynan, Str: Jacqueline Williams, Cox: Vinhara Goonesekera, Cch: Nigel Harding
New South Wales - Bow: Fiona Ewing, 2: Emma Fessey, 3: Georgina Gotch, 4: Genevieve Horton, 5: Harriet Hudson, 6: Rowena Meredith, 7: Georgie Rowe, Str: Leah Saunders, Cox: Talia Barnet-Hepples
Queensland - Bow: Morgan Riemer, 2: Rebecca Smith, 3: Nicole Constable, 4: Kelly Drenth, 5: Eloise Parker, 6: Kate Rowan, 7: Lily Alton, Str: Jacinta Edmunds, Cox: Caitlin Hockings, Cch: Benjamin Southwell
South Australia - Bow: Olympia Aldersey, 2: Ella Bramwell, 3: Anna Collins, 4: Celia Cowan, 5: Molly Goodman, 6: Joanne Malcolm, 7: Katelyn Nicholson, Str: Christie Shanahan, Cox: Bonnie Hall, Cchs: Tom Doornbos, George Ujvary
Tasmania - Bow: Courtney Blyth, 2: Jessica Malisauskas, 3: Julie Janssens, 4: Eleni Kalimnios, 5: Amelia Chilcott, 6: Hannah Dobbie, 7: Ciona Wilson, Str: Hannah Tippett, Cox: Clementine Harris, Cchs: Abbie Crow, Mikayla Lack, Brett Crow
Victoria - Bow: Ria Thompson, 2: Katrina Werry, 3: Olivia Honore, 4: Sarah Hawe, 5: Rosie Popa, 6: Georgie Gleeson, 7: Jess Morrison, Str: Lucy Stephan, Cox: James Rook, Cchs: Brigette Carlile, Nicholas Mitchell
Western Australia - Bow: Charlotte Hill, 2: Thea Adamson, 3: Clare Netherway, 4: Olivia Jones, 5: Bronwyn Cox, 6: Annabelle McIntyre, 7: Lilly Tinapple, Str: Giorgia Patten, Cox: Andrew Le

Women's Interstate Lightweight Quad Scull Championship–The Victoria Cup

Race not conducted

ACT - Bow: Adair Ferguson, 2: Louisa Ritchens, 3: Alexandra Moylan, Str: Bianca Gillett, Cch: Nigel Harding
New South Wales - Bow: Michaela Franz, 2: Sophie Jerapetritis, 3: Georgina Masters, Str: Sarah Pound
Queensland - Bow: Katelin Douglas, 2: Wallis Russell, 3: Lucy Theodore, Str: Lucy Coleman, Cchs: Michael Russell, Lincoln Handley
Tasmania - Bow: Kate Hall, 2: Anneka Reardon, 3: Eve Mure, Str: Georgia Nesbitt, Cchs: Paul Newbon, Brett Crow
Victoria - Bow: Alysha Caruso, 2: Phoebe Wolf, 3: Sophie Walmsley, Str: Mila Marston, Cch: Virginia Lee
Western Australia - Bow: Pascale Ketelaar, 2: Georgia Seed, 3: Annabel Counsel, Str: Suzannah Gravestock

Women's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Bicentennial Cup

Race not conducted

ACT - Bow: Ellie Barr, 2: Nicola Greenland, 3: Charlotte Grose, 4: Jenna Oerder, 5: Grace Turner, 6: Georgina Wallace, 7: Harriet Wallace, Str: Madeline Vagg, Cox: Issy Shaw, Cchs: Renae Domaschenz, Caroline Pijpers
New South Wales - Bow: Danielle Stuart, 2: India Thomson, 3: Sophia Carmody, 4: Olivia O'Donnell, 5: Ella Mentzines, 6: Laura Gourley, 7:Lauren Graham, Str: Isabelle Furrer, Cox: Hannah Cowap, Cchs: Lachlan Carter, Jack Hanley
Queensland - Bow: Monique Bitzios, 2: Sophie Gerber, 3: Elizabeth Newell, 4: Sabina Murchie, 5: Lucy Hope, 6: Laura Chancellor, 7: Jess Scott, Str: Leukie Smith, Cox: Ashleigh Hockings, Cch: Agustin Radero, Andrew McNicol
South Australia - Bow: Sophie Barr, 2: Ruby Hetherington, 3: Gabby Huxtable, 4: Carys Jones, 5: Tonya Lokteff, 6: Noni Maccallum, 7: Clare Romaniuk, Str: Sophie Tickner, Cox: Amy Carrodus, Cch: Simon Lane
Tasmania - Bow: Phoebe Teale, 2: Jessica Stephens, 3: Molly McCausland, 4: Abbey Boutcher, 5: Amy Bain, 6: Isabelle Higgins, 7: Sophie Robinson, Str: Kate Oliver, Cox: Daisy Pilkington, Cchs: Shaun Finlayson, Brett Crow
Victoria - Bow: Emily Sutherland, 2: Aaliah Dawson, 3: Teagan Blythe, 4: Paige Barr, 5: Laura Foley, 6: Eliza Gaffney, 7: Sara de Uray, Str: Sophie Reinehr, Cox: Lucy Burnell, Cchs: Brigette Carlile, Mitchell Nelson
Western Australia - Bow: Louisa Jackson, 2: Rebecca Pretorius, 3: Jacqui Swick, 4: Lola Quinn, 5: Vivienne Noonan, 6: Jaymee Park, 7: Genevieve Hart, Str: Alex McLaren, Cox: Nicolas Rogers

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy

Race not conducted

ACT - Cara Grzeskowiak
New South Wales - Tara Rigney
Queensland - Caitlin Cronin, Cch: Benjamin Southwell
South Australia - Verayna Zilm, Cch: Jason Lane
Tasmania - Alexandra Wrigley, Cchs: Brendan Long, Brett Crow
Victoria - Amanda Bateman

Women's Interstate PR3 Sculling Championship

Race not conducted

ACT - Nikki Ayers, Cch: David Bagnall
New South Wales - Kathleen Murdoch, Cch: Lindsay Callaghan
Queensland - Rebecca Markwell
South Australia - Anu Francis, Cch: Christine MacLaren
Victoria - Maggie Sandles, Cch: Tim Dolphin


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