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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1949 Interstate Championships

Women's: 23 Apr 1949, Town Reach Brisbane River QLD
Men's: 7 May 1949, Murray Bridge SA

Photos 1949 Interstate Championships Photo Gallery

1949 programme

1949 Programme Cover for the Men's Interstate Championships

Regatta Committee for Men's Championships & Race Officials

Organising Committee: Charles Baumann, Charles W Amiel, W John Menz, R S Palmer, W J Richardson
Starter: Hurtle Morphett
Umpire: John Williams
Judge: Herman V Menz, Ass. Judge: A V Scott
Timekeepers: Max Richardson & M Neumann
Weight & Despatch Steward: A Mobbs

61st Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Distance: 2 1/2 miles
Time: 18.47
Margins: 4 1/2 lengths and a canvas

1st NSW - Bow: Robert N Tinning, 2: Phil A Cayzer, 3: Graham W Montgomerie, 4: Bruce H Goswell, 5: Ross L Selman, 6: Eric O Longley, 7: Edward O G Pain, Str: Alan W Brown, Cox: Jim Barnes, Emerg: Don R Palmer, Cch: William G Thomas, Mgr: George E Parlby, Selector A B (Joe) Gould
2nd WA - Bow: G Richard Dempster, 2: Victor W Murray, 3: Conway I Stacey, 4: James L Paton, 5: Tom D Pervan, 6: John E Foley, 7: Graham L Norton, Str: Jack E Jeffreys, Cox: Ken Carrick, Emerg: Arthur T Winstanley, Cch: George Orgill, Mgr: Jas A Child
3rd VIC - Bow: Bill M Wallace, 2: Herb P Shears, 3: J R King, 4: S G A Thomas, 5: Murray A Christie, 6: Laurie L B Moll, 7: Tom G Hoffman, Str: Joe J F Goddard, Cox: David R Salmon, Coach: Jack J Mulcahy, Emergs: M L Davis & D V Davies, Selectors: Jack South, W Ray B Todd & coach, Mgr: H E Butler
4th TAS - Bow: M Will, 2: H Lockley, 3: K Fulton, 4: R Pitt, 5: Brian Pitt, 6: L Hale, 7: J Thureau, Str: Terry C Colman, Cox: Tom A Darcey, Emerg: W Gibson, Cch: Fred Coverdale, Mgr: J R Chant
5th SA - Bow: McLeahy Lawrie, 2: Keith L Coldwell, 3: Jack Neville, 4: C Anthony L Abbott, 5: Remo Morelli, 6: L Steer, 7: Laurie Goodenough, Str: Doug Glazbrook, Cox: L Hannaford, Emerg: Rex Wallman, Cch: Jack Bollen, Mgr: F J Frolich
6th QLD - Bow: G K Fraser, 2: I R Hinwood, 3: Don H McClymont, 4: A Lennon, 5: T F Wardrobe, 6: C K T Thompson, 7: A G Hack, Str: Bruce T Greenland, Cox: T Sherry, Emerg: N Caris, Cch: Eric P Evers, Manager: M L James

The eights championship had the added importance of being the selection event for the 1950 Auckland Commonwealth Games. NSW led from the mile mark and went on to win by 4 1/2 lengths to Western Australia and Victoria a close third.

1949 NSW Crew

Bow: Robert N Tinning, 2: Phil A Cayzer, 3: Graham W Montgomerie, 4: Bruce H Goswell, 5: Ross L Selman, 6: Eric O Longley, 7: Edward O G Pain, Str: Alan W Brown, Cox: Jim Barnes

The Launceston Examiner on Monday 9th May 1949 reported as follows:
Brilliant Win - King's Cup
ADELAIDE.-Rowing brilliantly with perfect precision and maintaining even length, New South Wales comfortably won the King's Cup eight-oar Australian championship at Murray Bridge on Saturday. It seems that the crew could ably represent the Commonwealth at the Empire Games' in New Zealand next year. Although the sun shone during the race, a strong wind made the water chop.

Western Australia and Victoria were first to show out, with New South Wales and South Australia close behind. When the crews had settled down Western Australia led by half a length from New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Queensland in that order.

With a long, steady swing and rating about 36 strokes to the minute, New South Wales gradually drew on Western Australia, and soon the two crews were fighting a stirring battle for supremacy. Victoria, rowing well, was in third position, half a length behind. When New South Wales first took the lead the race became divided into two sections, with South Australia heading the second. After half the three miles course had been covered New South Wales had established superiority. While rowing well, the Western Australian and Victorian crews were unable to make up the leeway. At this stage Tasmania was leading South Australia and Queensland was about eight lengths behind.

With a mile to go New South Wales had increased its lead to three lengths from Western Australia, and Victoria was gradually drawing up. Half a mile from the finishing line New South Wales oarsmen had the race safely in their keeping. A great fight for second place ensued between Western Australia and Victoria, with the former emerging successful. Tasmania finished fourth, South Australia fifth and Queensland last. Won by 4 1/2 lengths. Time, 18min. 47sec.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Distance: 2 1/2 miles
Time: 18.28.0
Margins: 350 and 45 yards

1st NSW - Mervyn T Wood
2nd VIC - John G Williams
3rd QLD - Sid F Rogers

The sculling championship was a foregone conclusion with Wood winning by 350 yards. Wood spent time assisting his opponents in the training period prior to the race and his sportsmanship was well regarded.

Merv Wood - 1949 NSW Sculler

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship–The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 3/4 Mile
Time: 5.13.0
Margins: 2 1/4 & 1 1/4 lengths

1st NSW - Bow: Elsie Green, 2: M Burke, 3: Ivy Crook, Str: Launa Boyd, Cox: David Aherns
2nd QLD - Bow: Aileen Jarvis, 2: Hazel Parry, 3: Dorothy Christsen, Str: Nancy Kidd, Cox: K Hannam
3rd VIC

Jack Pritchard in his book Rowing in Queensland notes that the winning NSW crew were all from the Tweed Heads & Coolongatta Rowing Club in Queensland. The male rowers of that club were affiliated with Queensland but the women affiliated with NSW. The interesting fact is that therefore both the first and second placed crews were from Queensland. The official Queensland crew hailed from Bundaberg. It was a close race early but Victoria steered badly and had to make a significant correction and fell behind. New South Wales moved away and Victoria fought back to get within 1 1/4 lengths from Queensland in the finish.

1949 Queensland crew

Queensland crew from Bundaberg Rowing Club

Dorothy Christsen, Nancy Kidd, Hazel Parry & Aileen Jarvis


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