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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1953 Interstate Championships

Women's: 18 Apr 1953, Parramatta River NSW
Men's: 18 Apr 1953, Swan River Perth WA

Photos 1953 Interstate Championships Photo Gallery

1953 programme

1953 Programme Cover for the Men's Interstate Championships

Organising Committee & Officials

Organising Committee: WA Rowing Association
Starters: J W Lang & T G Edwards
Umpires: F W Humphreys & G R W Meadly
Judges: George W Mettam & Dr W Jim Pannell
Timekeepers: A R Yews & A Marshall
Result Steward: C Stewart

65th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 16.20
Margins: 1.5 and 6 lengths

1st VIC - Bow: William L Wallace, 2: Brian J Doyle, 3: John P Hall, 4: Warwick O Granowski, 5: P Neil Everist, 6: W Neville Howell, 7: A G (Paddy) Barrett, Str: Robert R Aitken, Cox: W Max Bailey, Cch: Herb P Shears, Emerg: John S Rowe & James A Harwood, Manager: Deane J Morgan, Selectors: Ron J March, Jack South & coach
2nd NSW - Bow: Richard Browne, 2: James McLeod, 3: Bruce Downie, 4: Ross Kesterton, 5: David Asimus, 6: Nimrod Greenwood, 7: Geoff Williamson, Str: David R Anderson, Cox: E Don Reid, Emergs: Ernie Chapman & Don Palmer, Cch & sole selector: A B (Joe) Gould, Mgr: Tom C Nickson
3rd WA - Bow: Gerry O Fagan, 2: Alec W Murphy, 3: R G (Bob) Semple, 4: Allan G Hall, 5: John A McMeekin, 6: James L Paton, 7: Graham L Norton, Str: Paul T Travers, Cox: Roy Breen, Emergs: Jack S Messer & Frank E Slee, Cch: R R (Dick) Day, Mgr: Jack F Howson
4th TAS - Bow: Malcolm Plummer, 2: Max Plummer, 3: J Wilson, 4: L Seidenburg, 5: A Jones, 6: M Kitto, 7: K Harmon, Str: T McMahon, Cox: F Stokes, Emerg: L Jacobs, Cch: J H Thureau, Mgr: Reg G Blundstone
5th SA - Bow: R Simpson, 2: G Brice, 3: I Lowcock, 4: Bryan Draper, 5: John A Hill, 6: W Mayfield, 7: R Lepley, Str: Graham Coldwell, Cox: C Davis, Emerg: C Reynolds, Cch: R Francis, Mgr: A R Johnson

Presentation of the King's Cup to Bob Aitken, stroke of the Victorian crew

WA took the early lead in the eights race but Victoria led from the mile mark and was never passed thereafter. NSW challenged Victoria who was able to underrate NSW in holding them off. Victoria lifted the rate over the final stages of the race to put the race beyond doubt. The conditions for the race were rough but moderated during the race.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Distance: 2 1/2 miles
Time: 19.13.0
Margins: 8 & 10 lengths

1st NSW - Peter M Evatt
2nd VIC - Ron V Rawlins
3rd TAS - Len Plummer
4th WA - Gerry Hubbard

The sculling race was rowed in very difficult conditions. Rawlins led for the first mile but the powerful sculling of Evatt showed through in the second half of the race. Evatt won handsomely by 8 lengths to Rawlins with a further 10 lengths back to Plummer.

Peter Evatt

Men's Interstate Pair Oared Championship

Distance: 2000m
Time: 8.35
Margins: 1 & 3 lengths

1st NSW - Bow: Don R Palmer, Str: Ernie Chapman, Cox: E Don Reid, Cch: A B (Joe) Gould
2nd TAS - Bow: D E Heron, Str: Frank L Heron, Cox: J Crawford, Cch: Ivan Short
3rd WA - Bow: Frank O'Brien, Str: Don O'Brien, Cox: D Webster, Cch: George E Rogers

NSW Men's Pair

Bow: Don R Palmer, Str: Ernie Chapman

Men's Interstate Double Scull Championship

Distance: 2000m
Time: 7.35
Row over won by WA

WA - Bow: Les R Alp, Str: George Frizzell, Cch: George E Rogers

WA Men's Double Scull

Bow: Les R Alp, Str: George Frizzell

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship–The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 3/4 Mile
No time taken
Margin: 1 1/2 lengths

1st NSW - Bow: M Mould, 2: Betty Uren, 3: Gloria Woolbank, Str: Fay Doughty, Cox: Lionel Robberds, Cch: Gordon Parry
2nd QLD - Bow: Colleen Sexton, 2: Pam Sexton, 3: Judith Webb, Str: Muffy Reid, Cox & Cch: Mr Robert T Longmore
3rd VIC

Queensland Women's Four

Bow: Colleen Sexton, 2: Pam Sexton, 3: Judith Webb, Str: Muffy Reid

The early leaders Victoria were unable to sustain their effort. They were rowed through by NSW firstly and then Queensland.


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