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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1990 Interstate Championships

1 Apr 1990, Lake Barrington TAS

1990 programme

1990 Programme Cover

The Championships were again marred by poor conditions. One might have thought that after the monsoon like conditions of 1988 at Penrith, and the cyclone of WA in 1989, we were ready for a calm regatta. However we were provided with freak south west winds which caused a two hour delay to the start and most uncomfortable head wind conditions, particularly in the last part of the race.

Organising Committee & Officials

Organising Committee: David Schier (Chairman), Patricia Pitman, David Rattray, George Bligh, Barbara Berkery, Ian Winter, Ray Waldie, Michael Banks, Guy Scott, Lorraine Higgs, Les Coates.

Boat Race Officials: Jim Dowrie, Bob Pennington, Mike Leonard, Barny Cundell, Bryan Draper, Berry Durston, Steve Hinchy, Peter Huggett, Pat McGuffie, Reg McKay, G J Mitchell, I A Moy, Ralph Murphy, John Welch, David Taylor, Shane Wood & Brett Woolfitt.

101st Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Time: 6:30.25
Margins: 5.52 and 5.61 secs

1st VIC Bow: Warwick Hooper, 2: Mal Batten, 3: Tim Howes, 4: Andrew Muller, 5: Nick Green, 6: Michael McKay, 7: Sam Patten, Str: James Tomkins, Cox: David Colvin, Emergs: Geoff Barden & Anthony Johnston, Cchs: Noel Donaldson & Paul McGann, Mgr: John R Crowley
2nd WA - Bow: Tom Warner, 2: Greg Kerr, 3: Ian Clarke, 4: David Sumich, 5: Tony Lovrich, 6: Rob Scott, 7: Michael Logue, Str: Hugh Baird, Cox: Terry Scook, Emergs: William Hutton and Josh White, Cch: Tim Willoughby
3rd QLD - Bow: Stephen Kearney, 2: Ian Carroll, 3: Robert Jenkins, 4: Robin Bakker, 5: Anthony Steinfort, 6: Tim Browne, 7: Michael Davies, Str: John Bentley, Cox: Craig Gough, Cch: Terry Mulligan
4th NSW - Bow: Kevin Regan, 2: Ian Coates, 3: Andrew Palmer, 4: Anton Van der Vegt, 5: Alex May, 6: James Ditzell, 7: Marcus Hanna, Str: Matthew Roach, Cox: Dale Caterson, Cch: Tim Conrad
5th SA - Bow: Rob Dallimore, 2: Bill Natt, 3: Cory Bernadi, 4: Malcolm Turner, 5: David Rich, 6: Tim Burns, 7: Phil Jurjevich, Str: Phil Facci, Cox: Nick Sellars, Cch: Matt Draper
6th TAS - Bow: Mark Freeman, 2: Henry Maxwell, 3: Jason Harvey, 4: Ken Kingston, 5: Warren Sweeney, 6: Darren Fenton, 7: Paul Newbon, Str: Bradley Ashlin, Cox: Shane Marshall, Cch: Paul Harvey

The first 1000 metres was a good race between the Victorian and Western Australian crews. However the Victorians proved themselves too strong and broke through the WA crew to win by 5.52 seconds. It was a good and spirited race by the WA crew. WA coach Tim Willoughby was quoted in the West Australian on Monday 2nd April 1990 decalring that WA's performance was their best for 17 years. "We gave away a lot in strength, age and experience, but we performed with maturity and technical skill beyond our years". Victorian stroke James Tomkins was quoted in the same article as: "That was closer than we expected, even though we'd been told that WA would be tough. They jumped us, and it took 600 metres to get our nose in front." WA Greg Kerr was a late inclusion at the expense of William Hutton.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Time: 9.53.41
Margins: 35.51 & 12.09 secs

1st QLD - Richard Powell, Cch: Bob Bleakley
2nd VIC - Peter Antonie, Cch: Brian Richardson
3rd TAS - Stephen Hawkins, Cch: Stephen Hawkins Snr
4th NSW - Andrew Beeham, Cch: Bob Shirlaw

The final margins did not reflect the true race. Antonie led to the 1500 metre mark but could not handle the fierce head wind in the last 500 metres as well as Richard Powell who went on to win comfortably.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup

Time: 7.45.41
Margins: 9.10 & 9.17 secs

1st VIC - Bow: Phil Gardiner, 2: Malcolm Robertson, 3: Lyall McCarthy, Str: Brian Digby, Cch: Geoff Hunter
2nd NSW - Bow: Anthony Foulkes, 2: Charles Frangoulis, 3: Mark Hoffman, Str: Andrew Randell, Cch: Lindsay Callaghan
3rd SA - Bow: John Keogh, 2: Andrew Pierce, 3: Gavin Russell, Str: David Belcher, Cch: Matt Draper
4th TAS - Bow: Peter Holloway, 2: Cameron Crichton, 3: Craig Rickards, Str: Jamie Osbourne, Cch: William Trousselot
5th QLD - Bow: Jeff Birt, 2: Andrew Lamming, 3: Jesper Poulsen, Str: Robert McNeil, Cch: Jack Hutchinson

The Victorians gained an early lead which they improved upon throughout the race.

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy

Time: 7.07.25
Margins: 12.30 & 0.15 secs

1st VIC - Bow: Andrew Kenneally, 2: James Bowden, 3: Nick Harper, 4: Michael Terzini, 5: Ben Dodwell, 6: Andrew Doyle, 7: Anthony Ellis, Str: Richard Shenfield, Cox: Jonathon Lumsden, Cch: Stephen Spurling
2nd NSW - Bow: Croyston Frazer, 2: William Sidwell, 3: Richard Roach, 4: Ian Coventry, 5: Guy Meldrum, 6: Christian Johnson, 7: Shane McLaughlin, Str: Peter Hughes, Cox: Connell Nesbet, Cch: Andrew Cox
3rd QLD - Bow: David Fletcher, 2: Peter Green, 3: David Hobart, 4: Angus Inness, 5: Alex Szogi, 6: Ryan O'Hanlon, 7: David Weightman, Str: Robert Finch, Cox: Damon Jackson, Cch: Alan Bromiley
4th SA - Bow: Justin Greenwood, 2: Adam Jackson, 3: Ed Lyons, 4: Peter Rundle, 5: Anthony Ruffin, 6: Willy Hay, 7: Andrew Stunnel, Str: Sam Binder, Cox: Clive Mathieson, Cch: Craig Muller
5th TAS - Bow: Justin McCullagh, 2: Davis Page, 3: Nick Fraser-Easton, 4: Raymond Spriggs, 5: Drew Moles, 6: Geoffrey Foley, 7: Joe McKibben, Str:Tim McLaughlin, Cox: Tim Hawkins, Cchs: Hawkins & Wright
6th WA - Bow: Shane Mickle, 2: Simon Buckingham, 3: Simon Powell, 4: Tony Winter, 5: Ian Harrison, 6: Rory Vinnicombe, 7: J Conway-Mortimore, Str: Leith Constantine, Cox: Kane Constantine, Cch: Michale Higgins

Victoria led from the start and improved their lead throughout the race. A good battle for second placing took place between NSW and Queensland.

Women's Interstate Four Championship–The ULVA Trophy

Time: 9.00.83
Margins: 2.68 & 7.54 secs

1st QLD - Bow: Courtney Johnstone, 2: Jenny Mills, 3: Helen Ower, Str: Kate Dearden, Cch: Chris Grummitt
2nd VIC - Bow: Jodie Dobson, 2: Fleur Worboys, 3: Samantha Stewart, Str: Fleur Spriggs, Emergs: Janine Collier & Margot Mayfield, Cch: Catherine Hall
3rd NSW - Bow: A Woodham-Clarke, 2: Cathy Stock, 3: Balanda Sack, Str: Anita Derks, Cch: Lindsay Callaghan

4th SA - Bow: Paula Matthews, 2: Josslyn Else, 3: Karina Home, Str: Natasha Gooding, Cchs: Barbara Gillett & Robyn Grey-Gardner

Three crews fought out the first half of the race, namely Queensland, NSW and Victoria. Queensland showed more determination and went on to win narrowly from NSW with Victoria 2.68 seconds further back.

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy

Time: 10.13.60
Margins: 1.79 & 56.34 secs

1st QLD - Adair Ferguson, Cch John Rynne
2nd NSW - Jenny Luff, Cch: Paul Rowe
3rd VIC - Sue Herold, Cch: John Bennett
4th TAS - Sandra Harvey, Cch: Paul Harvey
5th WA - Andrea Coss

The order was established in the first 500 metres and stayed that way throughout the race. Jenny Luff took the race to Adair Ferguson in the last 500 metres but Ferguson maintained the lead to win by 1.79 seconds to Luff and a large margin back to the other scullers.

Women's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Victoria Cup

Time: 8.13.34
Margins: 14.04 and 2.05 secs

1st VIC - Bow: Sally Ninham, 2: Josie Millard, 3: Pam Marshall, Str: Kathy Lloyd, Cch: Brian Dalton, Emerg: Rebecca Joyce & A Rice
2nd SA - Bow: Natalie Russell, 2: Jeanette Boyce, 3: Linda Rich, Str: Amanda Cross, Cch: Barbara Gillett
3rd NSW - Bow: Debbie Fox, 2: Anne Scott, 3: Justine Battersby, Str: Brigid Cassells, Cch: Anne Caterson
4th QLD - Bow: Rachel Tomson, 2: Kylie Shields, 3: Amanda Cottman, Str: Katrina Parson, Cch: J Hodgkinson

The Victorians took the lead by the 500 metre mark and improved on the lead for the rest of the race.

Women's Interstate Youth Four Championship–The Bicentennial Cup

Time: 9.23.35
Margins: 8.20 and 34.4 secs

1st SA - Bow: Marni Boylan-Sugg, 2: Kate Slatter, 3: Josslyn Else, Str: Paula Matthews, Cch: Robyn Grey-Gardner
2nd NSW - Bow: Cathy Bateman, 2: Samantha Brown, 3: Felicity Moore, Str: Megan Still, Cch: Paul Thompson
3rd VIC - Bow: Rosalind Carter, 2: Yolanda Jones, 3: Catherine Foreman, Str: Phillippa Devine, Emerg: V King, Cch: Robin Jones
4th QLD - Bow: Kerry Tickle, 2: Seion Boyd, 3: Elizabeth Tidey, Str: Emilt Tidey, Cch: Ted Hale
5th TAS - Bow: Rebekka Wright, 2: Brooke Williams, 3: Lisa Palmer, Str: Claire Primrose, Cch: David Williams

NSW led the other crews through the 500 metre mark but SA then took command of the race in the second 500 metres to win confortably in the end by 8.2 seconds.


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