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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1995 Interstate Championships

9 Apr 1995, Wellington Dam WA

1995 programme

1995 Programme Cover

Organising Committee & Officials

Organising Committee: Bill Cooper (Chairman), Michale Scott, Craig James, Ian Clairs, Berry Durston, Wendy Zuideveld, Roger Gaskin, Brett Hummel, Brett Woolfitt, Brian Nash, Grant Ford & Bob Brealey

Boat Race Officials: Steve Hinchy, Pat McGuffie, Bob Pennington, Des Breen, Bill Cooper, Bob Duncan, Bery Durston, Michael Eastaughffe, Grant Ford, Andrew Guerin, Jim Harvey, Roy Hinchy, Peter Huggett, Gavin Jenner, Reg McKay, Brough McLeod, Geoff Mitchell, John Murdoch, Brian Nash, David Taylor, Brett Woolfitt

106th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup


1st VIC - Bow: Peter Murphy, 2: Tony Ellis, 3: Drew Ginn, 4: Ben Dodwell, 5: Nick Green, 6: James Tomkins, 7: Andrew Cooper, Str: Michael McKay, Cox: Brett Hayman, Cch: Noel Donaldson, Emerg: Peter Antonie & Paul Reedy, Mgr: Stephen Pennicott
2nd NSW - Bow: Janusz Hooker, 2 Richard Roach, 3: Robert Jahrling, 4: Robert Walker, 5: Jason McFayden, 6: Geoff Stewart, 7: James Stewart, Str: Richard Wearne, Cox: Dale Caterson, Cch: Harald Jahrling
3rd WA - Bow: Rob Scott, 2: Ron Snook, 3: Nick Porzig, 4: Shane O'Connor-Smith, 5: David Porzig, 6: Hugh Baird, 7: Mike Logue, Str: Tom Walsh, Cox: Kenny Chan, Cchs: Tony Lovrich & Stephan Muhlenberg
4th QLD - Bow: Mike Davies, 2: Jeff Howell, 3: Randall Martin, 4: Andrew Moore, 5: Greg Howell, 6: Toby Roberts, 7: Ralph Cruickshank, Str: James Graham, Cox: Mike Jowett, Cch: Ray Smith
5th TAS - Bow: Glenn Myler, 2: Ralph Hobbs, 3: Darren Fenton, 4: Dimitri Colebatch, 5: Jamie Rowe, 6: Stuart Poole, 7: Andrew McLean, Str: Tim McLaughlin, Cox: Ann Green
6th SA - Bow: Jamie Fernandez, 2: James Bailey, 3: Andre Corones, 4: Tom Lenthall, 4: Pat Ryan, 5: Darren Thorpe, 6: Andrew O'Sanesy, Str: Sam Francou, Cox: Chris Greening, Emergs: Nick Chabrel & Jared Wallington, Cch: Barnaby Eaton 

This race turned into a two horse race between Victoria and NSW with Victoria narrowly taking the Championship by 0.52 seconds. This was the 10th Championship in succession for the Victorians.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup


1st NSW - Rhett Ayliffe
2nd VIC - Anthony Edwards Coach: Danny Elliott
3rd SA - Alistair McLachlan
4th QLD - Boden Hansen
5th TAS - Simon Burgess

Alistair McLachlan led through the 500 metres with Rhett Ayliffe and Anthony Edwards in close pursuit. These three scullers then swapped the lead at various stages down the race with Edwards in the the lead at the 1000 metre mark and McLachlan leading at the 1500 metre mark. However over the last 500 metres Ayliffe and Edwards sprinted well to the line with Ayliffe taking the championship from Edwards and McLachlan in third place. It was a fine race between these scullers.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup


1st VIC - Bow: Andrew Lane, 2: Ben Stewart, 3: Stuart Purves, Str: Derek Mollison, Cch: Lyall McCarthy
2nd QLD - Bow: Scott Taylor, 2: Rob McNeil, 3: Gary Lynagh, Str: Ned Draydon, Cch: Terry Mulligan
3rd NSW - Bow: Bruce Hick, 2: Cy Pearson, 3: Ken Major, Str: Michael Smith, Cch: Joe Natoli
4th TAS - Bow: Andrew Butler, 2: Jason Harvey, 3: Justin McCullagh, Str: Shane Broad, Cch: John Driessen
5th WA - Bow: Phil Jurjevich, 2: Alex Harrison, 3: Tom Atkinson, Str: Glen Loftus, Cch: Neville Kempton

Victoria led early and consolidated their lead throughout the race to win by 4.81 seconds to Queensland in second place.

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy


1st NSW - Bow: Alistair Gordon, 2: Cameron Turner, 3: Fingin Murray, 4: Matthew O'Callaghan, 5: Phillip Grueff, 6: Nicholas Motterham, 7: Martin Inglis, Str: Matthew Souter, Cox: Chris Colquhoun, Cch: Michael Morgan
2nd WA - Bow: Damien Kelly, 2: Stuart Reside, 3: Jonathan Fievez, 4: Tim Perkins, 5: Chris Ratajczac, 6: Scott Nicholls, 7: Paul Griffin, Str: Bruce Wells, Cox: Jane Cox, Cch: Nick Garrett
3rd QLD - Bow: Ben Michael, 2: Greg Brown, 3: Jon Bell, 4: Justin Voller, 5: John O'Hara, 6: Neil Simmons, 7: Mike Morrison, Str: Gary Worrell, Cox: Jim Pollack, Cch: Ivan Hooper
4th VIC - Bow: Andrew Broadfoot, 2: Zac Russell, 3: Tom Skidmore, 4: Richard Jackson, 5: Simon Rees, 6: Tom Hodgson, 7: Nigel Sullivan, Str: Simon Gadsen, Cox: Paul Bietzel, Cch: Peter Somerville, Emerg: William Tait was selected but withdrew for illness on the day.
5th SA -Bow: Barnaby French, 2: Wade Barber, 3: Ben Chapman, 4: Monte Goulding, 5: Joseph Lyons, 6: Daniel Collingwood, 7: Michael Dixon, Str: Daniel Lipps, Cox: Stuart Mason, Cch: Robert Rowlands
6th TAS - Bow: Jonathan Doust, 2: Justin Sires, 3: Nathan Snow, 4: Chris Fox, 5: Brett Maloney, 6: Michael Pollard, 7: Sam Hay, Str: Steve Atkins, Cox: Tristan Goc, Cch: Paul Newborn 

The NSW crew led from the start and were never seriously threatened winning by 5.45 seconds from WA then Queensland .

Women's Interstate Four Championship–The ULVA Trophy


1st VIC - Bow: Bronwyn Thompson, 2: Fleur Spriggs, 3: Karina Wieland, Str: Georgina Douglas, Cch: Noel Donaldson
2nd SA - Bow: Anna Ozolins, 2: Alison Davies, 3: Tory Toogood, Str: Carmen Klomp, Cch: Andrew Pierce, Emerg: Kate Slatter
3rd NSW - Bow: Megan Still, 2: Jenny Luff, 3: Angela Holbeck, Str: Ballanda Sack, Cch: Paul Thompson
4th WA - Bow: Jenny Littlejohn, 2: Julia Brown, 3: Baiba Vilums, Str: Jenny McLeod, Cch: Pattie Pinkerton

An all the way win to Victoria with a good race for second placing between SA and NSW.

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy


1st WA - Emmy Snook, Cch: Ellen Randell
2nd NSW - Bronwyn Roye, Cch: Ellen Randell
3rd QLD - Marina Hatzakis, Cch: Matt Draper
4th VIC - Jane Robinson
5th SA - Sally Newmarch

Another commanding and all the way win to Emmy Snook from WA. She faced a good challenge from Bronwyn Roye but never looked like faltering.

Women's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Victoria Cup


1st NSW - Bow: Susan Donoghue, 2:Joanne Morgan , 3: Virginia Lee, Str: Rebecca Joyce, Cch: Ellen Randell
2nd VIC - Bow: Marion Taffe, 2: Diedre Fraser, 3: Briana Watt, Str: Amanda Hinds, Cch; Lyall McCarthy
3rd SA - Bow: Sally Haynes, 2: Josephine Lipps, 3: Melissa Robinson, Str: Angie Millard, Cch: Fleur McIntyre, Emerg: Karen Moore
4th WA - Bow: Sue Peacock, 2: Liz Moir, 3: Yolande Barrett, Str: Anna Scott, Cch: Vanessa Grant
5th TAS - Bow: Adrienne Pattie, 2: Dearne Grant, 3: Susan Oakley, Str: Lorissa Dart, Cch: Robbie Weeks

NSW led all the way and improved their margin late in the race.

Women's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Bicentennial Cup


1st NSW - Bow: Bronwen Greenaway, 2: Katie Potter, 3: Jodi Winter, 4: Kathleen Burke, 5: Heather Cocquio, 6: Kate Warren, 7: Tamara Ripamonti, Str: Bronwen Watson, Cox: Carla Phillipp, Cch: Marty Nicholas
2nd SA - Bow: Emily Hayes, 2: Amy Safe, 3: Anna Tree, 4: Jenni Vesnaver, 5: Hayley Bognall, 6: Tami Stone, 7: Melissa Nyveld, Str: Anna Muecke, Cox: Helen Osbourne, Cch: Peter Tierney
3rd WA - Bow: Jacqui, Van Der Peyl, 2: Simone Sluchniak, 3: Elizabeth Carson, 4: Kriste Sluchniak, 5: Michell Rigg, 6: Marguerite Potter, 7: Jessamy Moore, Str: Sally Heitman, Cox: Claire Woolfitt, Cchs: Pattie Pinkerton & Shelley Davies
4th VIC - Bow: Jess Morrison, 2: Stephanie Fast, 3: Sally Tyack, 4: Prue Hayden, 5: Rachel Taylor, 6: Louise Juracich, 7: Christine Camilla, Str: Kylie Hayles, Cox: Kylie Shiell, Cchs: Pam Westendorf & Craig Adrians
5th TAS - Bow: Emily Grant, 2: Lydia Blundell, 3: Niki Fox, 4: Dana Faletic, 5: Sophie Edwards, 6: Anna Galloway, 7: Jo Burbury, Str: Prue Robertson, Cox: Catherine Thomas, Cch: Glenn Hay

This was a good race between SA, NSW and WA. SA led for the first half of the race with NSW taking the lead in the second half of the race.


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