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1968 Interstate Championships

Men's: 30 Mar 1968, Nepean River NSW
Women's: 27 Apr 1968, Yarra River VIC

Photos 1968 Interstate Championships Photo Gallery

1968 programme

1968 Programme Cover for the Men's Interstate Championships

The Men's Interstate Championships were scheduled for Lake Wendouree but drought conditions prevailed and there was far too little water in the Lake to conduct the Championships. The Championships were also a key part of the selections for the 1968 Olympic Games. Heats, repechage and final were again employed.

This was the first year of the women's lightweight four oared event. The trophy was presented by the Victorian Ladies' Rowing Association and much credit for its introduction can be given to Margaret Mackenzie (nee Agnew). It was therefore fitting that the first winning crew was stroked by her.

80th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Time: 5:46.9
Margin: 1.5 secs

1st NSW - Bow: John Nickson, 2: Gary Pearce, 3: John Clark, 4: Peter Dickson, 5: John Ranch, 6: Joe Fazio, 7: Michael Morgan, Str: Alf Duval, Cox: Alan Grover, Emerg: Robert Shirlaw & Kim Mackney, Cch: Alan Callaway, Mgr: Donald (Don) Roberts, Selectors: Bruce Evans & Howard Holden
2nd VIC - Bow: Harold Doerner, 2: John Sowerby, 3: Ian McBain, 4: Kerry Jelbart, 5: John Harry, 6: David Douglas, 7: Stephen Gillon, Str: Graeme Boykett, Cox: Tom Daffy, Emerg: David Palfreyman, Cch: Hubert Frederico, Mgr: Ken S Cusworth
3rd TAS - Bow: R M B Jessup, 2: Chris J King, 3: E D Lardner, 4: Paul T Myler, 5: Stephen E Hawkins, 6: J M Taplin, 7: Tom N P Mulcahy, Str: Reg G Free, Cox: David Rattray, Cch: Dr Brian Palmer, Emergs: John R Shoobridge & L Robert Gould, Mgr: D C Nation
4th SA - Bow: Robert J Russell, 2: R W Parker, 3: R M Harris, 4: B W J Dubois, 5: J S Ferry, 6: D A Pritchard, 7: R A McLeod, Str: Brian J Richardson, Cox: I L Tuckey, Cch: William N Wallace, Mgr: Don Baulderstone
WA eliminated in repechage - Bow: John Courtney, 2: Brian Shields, 3: Gilbert Rintoul, 4: William Eales, 5: Stan Omodei, 6: Harry Formby, 7: Peter N Le Souef, Str: Don Lewis, Cox: Brian Tonkin, Cch: Robert G Semple, Emerg: Lindsay Wallis, Mgr: Robert C Hemery
QLD eliminated in repechage - Bow: Brian Zunker, 2: D Slaughter, 3: John Bigg, 4: Geoffrey Lloyd-Jones, 5: Gordon Zunker, 6: Laurie Zunker, 7: Alan Zunker, Str: Barry Zunker, Cox: D Wilkinson, Emerg: Malcolm Ford, Cch: Colin Zunker, Mgr: Nev Cullen

E1: 1st NSW, 2nd WA, 3rd QLD
E2: 1st VIC, 2nd TAS, 3rd SA
R: 1st TAS, 2nd SA, 3rd WA, 4th QLD
Final: 1st NSW, 2nd VIC, 3rd TAS, 4th SA

This was a tightly contested race between NSW and VIC with little between these two crews all the way down the course.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Nepean River NSW
Margin: 6.5 secs

1st QLD - Graham Kert
2nd VIC - Peter Edwards
3rd NSW - Richard Reddell
4th TAS - Ian Winter
WA eliminated in repechage - Ian Edwards
SA eliminated in repechage - F C R Levinge

E1: 1st QLD, 2nd TAS, 3rd SA
E2: 1st VIC, 2nd NSW, 3rd WA
R: 1st NSW, 2nd TAS 3rd WA, 4th SA
Final: 1st QLD, 2nd VIC, 3rd NSW, 4th TAS

This was the first win for Kert of Queensland and the first Interstate Championship for Queensland since 1939. Reddell was selected ahead of the reining Champion Shirlaw by defeating him at the State Championships.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup

Time: 6.44.2
Margins: 0.6 secs

1st NSW - Bow: Pat Hannan, 2: Ian Carmody, 3: Robert Tagg, Str: Dennis Carmody, Cox: Kevin Hollingsworth, Emerg: Graham Williams, Cch: Robert Stone
2nd VIC - Bow: Alan Hart, 2: Rodney J Webb, 3: Jeff R Sykes, Str: George Xouris, Cox: William Cook, Cch: Robert H George, Emerg: Phil Morgan
3rd SA - Bow: G L Footer, 2: W A Bowen, 3: Tasman R Binder, Str: Vaughan Bollen, Cox: M S Higgs, Cch: Ron G Lawrence
4th TAS - Bow: Norman L Griffiths, 2: S L Bingley, 3: Martin R Guinan, Str: Andres H Edwards, Cox: Cliff G Anderson, Emerg: Merv A Tippett, Cch: Paul R Cox
WA eliminated in repechage - Bow: Craig B Poole, 2: Ken A Edwards, 3: Barry McKinnon, Str: Anthony Preston, Cox: K Kelly, Emerg: Warren Coli, Cch: Robert Brealey
QLD eliminated in repechage - Bow: Geoff Sprott, 2: Robert Warren, 3: Geoff Cleyett, Str: Ian Mitchell, Cox: Gary Bell, Emerg: L Cherry, Cch: Norman Hirst

E1: 1st SA, 2nd WA, 3rd QLD
E2: 1st VIC, 2nd NSW, 3rd TAS
R: 1st TAS, 2nd NSW, 3rd WA, 4th QLD
Final: 1st NSW, 2nd VIC, 3rd TAS

NSW was in second place for most of the race but won on the line with a strong finishing sprint.

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship–The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 1000m
Time: 3.50.6
Margin: 1 1/2 lengths

1st NSW - Bow: Janice Cameron, 2: Janis Adam, 3: Connie Exner, Str: Helen Evans, Cox: Robert Arentz, Cch: Mervyn Perry
2nd VIC - Bow: Kath Suhr, 2: Sylvia Bartlett, 3: Nanette Geer, Str: Pauline Gilbertson, Cox: Alf McLaren, Cch: Margaret Agnew
3rd QLD - Bow: K Andrews, 2: D Richardson, 3: S Ramaut, Str: M Grant, Cox: Peter Jaques, Cch: Mr R Barrett
SA - Eliminated in repechage - Bow: M Smits, 2: M Roberts, 3: G Morrison, Str: S Morrison, Cox: C Davis, Cch: C Davis

The Fours Championship was a strong 2 1/2 length win to NSW who lead all the way. Heats and a repechage were used in this event.

E1: 1st NSW, 2nd SA
E2: 1st VIC, 2nd QLD
R: 1st QLD, 2nd SA
Final: 1st NSW, 2nd VIC, 3rd QLD

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy

Time: 4.38.4
Margin: 1 length

1st NSW - Margaret Clarke
2nd VIC - Alison Thorne

Margaret Clarke of NSW won the Sculling Championship by only one length from Alison Thorne of Victoria who struggled with her steering, nearly hitting a bridge.

Women's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Victoria Cup

Time: 4.15.5
Margins: 3 & 3 lengths

1st VIC - Bow: Helen Hunter, 2: Carol Judd, 3: Helen Fraser, Str: Margaret Agnew, Cox: Alf McLaren, Cchs: Alf McLaren & Margaret Agnew
2nd NSW - Bow: Sue McIntyre, 2: Judith Bignold, 3: Libusa Miladinovic, Str: Larraine Franklin, Cox: Vernon Bowrey, Cch Peter Raper
3rd QLD - Bow: Donna Jermanus, 2: Shirley Graham, 3: Pam Ward, Str: Judy Kirchner, Cox: James Cowden, Cch: Mr Jim Finucan

The Lightweight Four Championship was an easy win to Victoria.


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