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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1966 Interstate Championships

Men's: 26 Mar 1966, Huon River TAS
Women's: 17 Apr 1966, Port River SA

Photos 1966 Interstate Championships Photo Gallery

1966 programme cover

1966 Programme Cover for the Men's Interstate Championships

Heats, repechage and final were used for all events at this year's Men's Interstate Championships over two days.

Organising Committee & Officials

Organising Committee: S C Hammond (Chairman), J A Andrews, E T Bessell, Reg G Blundstone, Doug F Clark, A S Hay, I Short, D H Timothy, A A Downie

Weather & Grading Committee: Robert R Aitken & Philip A Cayzer

Starters: N F Fazackerley & M Leamey

Umpires: D A Large & J W Woods, Judges: R R "Ray" Vincent, A H Willett

Timekeepers: Bert Golding, E S Elrick, C B Needham

78th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Time: 5:54.6
Margins: 1/2 canvas, 1/4 length, 2, & 3 lengths

1st VIC - Bow: Richard J Garrard, 2: John D Castles, 3: Graeme H Boykett, 4: John H Stuckey, 5: Mal D McKenzie, 6: Robin A Jones, 7: Martin G Tomanovits, Str: David H Boykett, Cox: Tom C Daffy, Cch: Hubert R Frederico, Emerg: David Palfreyman, Manager William Craven, Selectors, Dr Lloyd S Williams & Ron March
2nd NSW - Bow: Ian McWhirter, 2: Bruce I Dickson, 3: John Ranch, 4: Chris Stevens, 5: Peter Dickson, 6: Alf W Duval, 7: Errol Brazenall, Str: Brian Denny, Cox: Brian Thomas, Emerg: Terry Hayes, Cch: Alan R Callaway, Mgr: Jack McFarlane
3rd SA - Bow: Barry P Southcott, 2: Brian J Richardson, 3: H J Bone, 4: David B Bishop, 5: William E Hay, 6: R G H Baker, 7: A T Ramsay, Str: M N Jeffries, Cox: P J Taylor, Emergs: Robert Russell & D Edmond, Cchs: C Ellis & William N Wallace, Mgr: Donald Baulderstone
4th TAS - Bow: James Gould, 2: Harry Hale, 3: Stephen Hawkins, 4: Ken Burgess, 5: Athol Johnson, 6: Reg Free, 7: John Blake, Str: D Holloway, Cox: Darrell Cashion, Emergs: D Harper & Roger Manton, Cch: Ivan Moy, Mgr: I Elrick
5th WA - Bow: Ross Moffat, 2: Alex Chromow, 3: Victor G Phillips, 4: Michael W Scott, 5: John F M Brazier, 6: Chris G E Henn, 7: Stan J Omodei, Str: L Robert Gould, Cox: Terrence Scook, Emerg: Michael J McGarry, Cch: Ken D Grant, Mgr: E J (Ted) Stuart
QLD eliminated in repechage - Bow: G Daly, 2: Bernie Moroney, 3: Peter Jell,4: Anthony Anderson, 5: Robert Alexander, 6: Ian Revie, 7: Anthony Elliott, Str: Alec Evans, Cox: Alan Bromiley, Emerg: H Arthur, Cch: Norman W Hirst, Mgr: Nev Cullen

E1: 1st VIC, 2nd WA, 3rd QLD
E2: 1st SA, 2nd TAS, NSW disqualified
R: 1st NSW, 2nd TAS, 3rd WA, 4th QLD
Final: 1st VIC, 2nd NSW, 3rd SA, 4th TAS, 5th WA

SA were the early leaders followed by NSW and VIC. By the half way mark NSW narrowly took the lead from SA. The fast finishing Victorians caught the New South Welshmen close to the line to win by 1/2 canvas with SA a half a length further back.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Time: 7.08.6
Margins 3/4, 2, 5 & 4 lengths

1st VIC - Jeff R Sykes
2nd TAS - J Moore
3rd NSW - Robert Shirlaw
4th QLD - B Bray
5th WA - David K Walker
SA eliminated in repechage- B Reschke

E1: 1st VIC, 2nd TAS, 3rd QLD
E2: 1st NSW, 2nd WA, 3rd SA
R: 1st TAS, 2nd QLD, 3rd WA, 4th SA
Final: 1st VIC, 2nd TAS, 3rd NSW, 4th QLD, 5th WA

The Tasmanian sculler led early and maintained that lead until 100 metres to go when passed by the very fast finishing Jeff Sykes who won by 3/4 length.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup

Time: 6.51.2
Margin 3/4 length and a canvas

1st VIC - Bow: Terry McNair, 2: Ron Griffiths, 3: Robert Webb, Str: George Xouris, Cox: Keith Stevens, Emerg: Tom Prime, Cch: Robert H George
2nd SA - Bow: G L Footer, 2: Robert Cooper, 3: D E Brooks, Str: P R Gordon, Cox: G R Perry, Emerg: R M Bonnin, Cchs: C Ellis & William N Wallace
3rd NSW - Bow: Dennis Carmody, 2: Robert Powell, 3: Ian Carmody, Str: Bruce Downie, Cox: Larry Crick, Emerg: J MacDonald, Cch: W Howard Holden
4th TAS - Bow: K Wise, 2: I Berry, 3: Paul Bird, Str: Peter Griggs, Cox: John Bolton, Emerg: Kerry Hay, Cch: Kerry Dawkins
5th WA - Bow: Paul J Bezic, 2: Harry A Robinson, 3: John M Coleman, Str: Barry J Boyd, Cox: Ross A Hannaford, Cch: Ken H Butt
QLD eliminated in repechage - Bow: D John Murphy, 2: K Curtin, 3: C Mossel, Str: T Dawson, Cox: A Simpson, Emerg: H Arthur, Cch: Norman W Hirst

E1: 1st TAS, 2nd WA, 3rd QLD
E2: 1st VIC, 2nd NSW, 3rd SA
R: 1st SA, 2nd NSW, 3rd WA, 4th QLD
Final: 1st VIC, 2nd SA, 3rd NSW, 4th TAS, 5th WA

The early leaders were TAS but by the 800 metre mark, VIC gained the lead and was never headed thereafter. NSW did most of the chasing but were passed in the last part of the race by SA. Alan May in Sydney Rows states that the Sydney Rowing Club crew was inexperienced and unsettled by the big occasion.

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship–The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 1000m
Time: 3.44.0
Margins: 2 lengths
1 1/2 lengths
3/4 length

1st NZL - Bow: Lesley White, 2: Hilary Vaudrey, 3: Jenny Broadmead, Str: Lynette Skelton, Cox & Cch: Eric Cralis
2nd VIC - Bow: Valmai Bertrand, 2: Patricia Meadth, 3: Norma Healey, Str: Alison Thorne, Cox: John Arifovic, Cch: Roy Scutcheon
3rd NSW - Bow: Jennifer Hill, 2: Dianne Lucas, 3: Christine Quailey, Str: Amanda Tuckett, Cox: Malcolm Satchell, Cch: Stewart Derwin
4th ACT
5th SA

The New Zealand crew were rowing by invitation and so Victoria took the title. The New Zealand crew were dominant throughout the race and won comfortably.

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy

Time: 4.07
Margins: 3/4 & 1 1/2 lengths

1st VIC - Alison Thorne
2nd NSW - Robyn Hayes
3rd QLD - K Chappell


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