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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1908 Interstate Championships

9 May 1908, Yarra River VIC

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1908 programme

1908 Programme Cover

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Henry Gyles Turner

Henry Gyles Turner

President Victorian Rowing Association

Regatta Officials

George Upward

George Upward–Umpire

32rd Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Distance: 2 1/2 miles
Time: 14.24.2
Margins: 1 1/4 lengths,3 lengths, 2 1/2 lengths, 3 lengths, several lengths

1st NSW - Bow: S C Jones, 2: Walter W Martin, 3: John R Ryrie, 4: James H D Goldie, 5: Harry Hauenstein, 6: Keith B Gaden, 7: Oscar A Ireland, Str: Roger B Fitzhardinge, Cox: Robert G K "Ken" Waley, Cch: William J Middleton, Mgr: P D Kirby
2nd VIC - Bow: George Ferguson, 2: William Potter, 3: V H Gard, 4: D McNaughton, 5: Henry Joseph Whiting, 6: Charles Donald, 7: M G Scott, Str: Jas Donald, Cox: B Arnold, Emerg: W Anketell, Cch: Jas Macfarlane, Selectors: Arthur J Shepherd, Alf R Moses & coach
3rd TAS - Bow: Hilmer T Smith, 2: T T Scarborough, 3: H Henley, 4: Frank Herbert Stephens, 5: Jack Woodhouse, 6: V P Lithgow, 7: Dan Munro, Str: William Robinson, Cox: Claude Coogan, Cch: James Coogan, Emergs: Jack Artis & A Forsythe
4th SA - Bow: J F Osbourne, 2: F R Peterson, 3: G Alex Lawton, 4: W Nation, 5: W G Wigg, 6: C T Lawton, 7: E L Sanders, Str: T A Whyte, Cox: W S Webb, Emerg: E T Peterson, Cch: Joseph H Clouston, Mgr: Thomas A Heward
5th WA - Bow: T Mackie, 2: George Rogers, 3: A A "Bull" Strickland, 4: E C Kempsted, 5: Algernon Hope Carlisle, 6: Aubrey R G Fearby, 7: R E (Bob) Joyce, Str: Horace H Sadler, Cox: L Allwinton, Emergs: Charles W Horsburgh & W Goss, Cch & Mgr: Charles W Horsburgh
6th QLD - Bow: A Swensson, 2: M Byrne, 3: J F Donovan, 4: W P Watts, 5: Alick Dennis, 6: J Ferguson, 7: H A Montefiore, Str: J H Williams, Cox: Win Fowles, Emerg: W Mellish, Cch: Arthur A Watson, Mgr: J N Devoy

This was the first NSW win for 15 years. SA got the best of the start with NSW taking the lead with only a mile to go. Victoria and Tasmania overtook SA and finished with Victoria 1 1/4 lengths behind the winners and Tasmania a further 3 lengths further behind. The arrangements for the race met with everyone's approval with numerous civic functions and the Harbour Trust providing use of their steamer "Osprey" for the day.

NSW crew

1908 New South Wales Eight

Back row - Martin (2), Hauenstein (5), Gaden (6), Ryrie (3)and Middleton (Cch). Front row: Waley (Cox), Ireland (7), Fitzhardinge (Str), Goldie (4) and Jones (Bow)

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Distance: 2.5 Miles
Time: 17.50.2

1st VIC - Harold D Brasch (replaced Percy C Ivens who was unwell)
2nd NSW - John R Towns
3rd QLD - W M Callaghan
TAS disqualified - Edwin Jack (Jack was first past the winning post but was disqualified for failing the amateur status definition.)

The sculling race had many changes. Brasch led out from the start from Towns. By the mile mark Towns had gained the ascendancy and Callaghan of Queensland had fallen back. By the two mile mark, Jack passed Brasch and Towns stopped rowing. Jack went on to cross the line three lengths in front of Brasch, then the off water clash began. The dispute over the eligibility of the Tasmanian sculler was resolved well after the event with all States except Tasmania accepting that he was ineligible. He "was employed in or about boats for wages" being the son of a boat builder which was contrary to the amateur definition at the time.


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