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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1906 Interstate Championships

5 May 1906, Swan River WA

Photos 1906 Interstate Championships Photo Gallery

1906 programme

1906 Programme Cover

See the entire 1906 Programme

Regatta Officials

Starter: Mr W R Horsburgh
Umpire: Mr Paul Strelitz
Judge: Mr A G Jenkins
Timekeeper: Mr L Boxhorn

1906 Western Australia Association officials

1906 WA Association Officials

30th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 15.57
Margins: 2, 3, 3 & 2 lengths

1st TAS - Bow: Spencer Pedder, 2: T H Scarborough, 3: Frank Herbert Stephens, 4: J Steele, 5: Charles B Whiteside, 6: Dan Munro, 7: Keith Heritage, Str: Martin C Boniwell, Cox: C Colvin, Cch: James Coogan
2nd VIC - Bow: H J Green, 2: C E Suffren, 3: M C Brown, 4: Henry Joseph Whiting, 5: W C Low, 6: J J Fogarty, 7: M G Scott, Str: J B Suffren, Cox: B Arnold, Cch: W Dawson, Selectors: Edward R Ainley, Arthur J Shepherd & Jim M MacFarlane
3rd NSW - Bow: William J Middleton, 2: Edgar E Vautin, 3: N L F Josephson, 4: Sidney A Middleton, 5: Oliver T Cooper, 6: S C Wickham, 7: Rollo N Bray, Str: Jack H D Goldie, Cox: W Gray, Cch: Syd Edwards, Emerg & Mgr, Michael G Cater
4th WA - Bow: William Witte, 2: W J Farrar, 3: L StJ "Jonah" Jones, 4: Sydney Mews, 5: Cliff R Penny, 6: W Crawford, 7: M K Moss, Str: H B Stone, Cox: G O "Ponkey" Bailey, Cch: Paddy J Ryan, Mgr: E G Bee
5th SA - Bow: H E Winterbottom, 2: F R Peterson, 3: W H Whitfield, 4: G Alex Lawton, 5: Walter Rupert Rynell, 6: T C Kellett, 7: W G Wigg, Str: C T Lawton, Cch: H Skiffington, Emerg: W Alexander

Tasmanian men's eight

1906 Winning Tasmanian Crew

Due to a special rate obtained by the Victorian Rowing Association, all States were able to travel to Perth on the same steamer. The course and arrangements were regarded as excellent. A record crowd of 50,000 spectators witnessed the race. There was no hiding the delight of all but the Victorians present that they had been beaten at long last.

Victoria and Tasmania led over the first half mile from the other crews. Tasmania then started to push away and by the half way mark, Tasmania had a 2 length lead. Tasmania maintained a lead of about this margin throughout the balance of the race with the other crew several lengths further back.

Victorian men's eight

1906 Victorian Crew

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Distance: 3 Miles
Time: 21.35.0
Margin: 20 lengths & 20 lengths

1st VIC - Percy C Ivens
2nd TAS - William Robinson
3rd WA No 1 - H J Stephenson
4th WA No 2 - Peter Joseph Walsh - did not start - see below

The sculling race was a procession with Ivens leading from the start. P J Walsh did not start as he missed the ferry to take the scullers to the start. The Western Mail of 12th May 1906 reported: The Championships Sculling Race, with which proceedings were opened, proved altogether a tame affair. Ivens, the Victorian representative, whose chances, judged from his training operations, were always considered to be of the rosiest character, upheld the opinion of the judges, and altogether outclassed his opponents. The race was robbed of a considerable amount of interest owing to the non-starting of Walsh, the first chosen representative of Western Australia. Through some misapprehension as to the time of the starting of the steamer by which the scullers were conveyed to Applecross, he was unable to get to the boat in time. 

Sculler Percy Ivens

Percy Ivens


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