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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1987 Interstate Championships

5 Apr 1987, Lake Barrington TAS

1987 programme

1987 Programme Cover

Organising Committee & Officials

Organising Committee: David Schier (Chairman), Patricia Pitman, David Rattray, Rod Baker, Don Boden, Les Coates, Chris Brooks, John Brady, George Bligh, Guy Scott, Ian Winter

99th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup


1st VIC - Bow: Ian Belot, 2: Andrew Ambrose, 3: Richard Howden, 4: David Doyle, 5: Mark Doyle, 6: Michael McKay, 7: Sam Patten, Str: James Tomkins, Cox: Graeme Barns, Cchs: Brian Richardson and Martin Aitken, Mgr: Andrew Guerin, Emergs: Neil Myers & John Sabljak
2nd NSW - Bow: Craig Muller, 2: Stuart Boyd, 3: John Croll, 4: James Ditzell, 5: James Clarke, 6: David Hoy, 7: Richard Finlayson, Str: Stephen Evans, Cox: Dale Caterson, Cch: Rusty Robertson
3rd QLD - Bow: Cameron Prout, 2: Timothy Herbert, 3: Timothy Browne, 4: Michael Opstelten, 5: Ian Edmunds, 6: Matthew Stower, 7: Gavin Keily, Str: Patrick O'Keefe, Cox: Chris Grummitt, Cch: Gary Merritt
4th WA - Bow: Benjamin Rosser, 2: David Keykin, 3: Chris Holliday, 4: David Kennedy, 5: Patrick Walsh, 6: Stephen Fisher, 7: Russell Langdon, Str: Neville Kempton, Cox: Shay Egan, Cch: Bill Cherrington
5th SA - Bow: Stephen Nesbitt, 2; Michael Southcott, 3: David McLeod, 4: John Belcher, 5: Hamish McLachlan, 6: Robert Booth, 7: Paul Thompson, Str: Mark McInerney, Cox: Michael Reardon, Cch: Matthew Draper
6th TAS - Bow: Ron De Haan, 2: Stuart Walter, 3: Gary Spriggs, 4: Ray De Haan, 5: Andrew Palmer, 6: David Carter, 7: David Tippett, str: Andrew Flakemore, Cox: Gavin Wakefield, Cch: Merv Tippett

The winning crew was all from one club and was the first club crew to win the King’s Cup since the Hberfield crew of 1948. The Victorians led from the start and the interest in the first half of the race was a battle for second placing between New South Wales and Queensland. New South Wales won that contest and finished second with a long margin back to third placing.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup


1st QLD - Richard Powell, Cch: Bob Marlow
2nd VIC - Paul Reedy
3rd SA - Brenton Terrell
4th NSW - Ben Geier
5th TAS - Glenn Myler, Cch: Bob Marlow
6th WA - George Gallo, Terry McNair

Powell from Queensland got a slight lead by the 500 metre mark and then consolidated his positon throughout the race, winning with a margin of 4.51 seconds.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup


1st NSW - Bow: Bruce Hick, 2: Derek Mollison, 3: Nick Hunter, Str: Merrick Howes, Cchs: Paul Rowe & Fernley Szuster
2nd VIC - Bow: Phil Gardiner, 2: Malcom Robertson, 3: Tom Sanchez, Str: Brian Digby, Emergs: Tony Inglis & Alan Borger, Cch: Martin Owen
3rd TAS - Bow: John Poynter, 2: Mike Davis, 3: Jamie Osbourne, Str: Peter Holloway, Cchs: Paul Harvey & E George
4th SA - Bow: Matthew Mayne, 2: David Belcher, 3: William Natt, Str: Richard Wiseman, Cch: Vaughan Bollen
5th WA - Bow: Mark James, 2: I Brown, 3: Darryl Salisbury, Str: I an Clarke, Cch: Ken Grant
6th QLD - Bow: Rod Birt, 2: Stuart Cioccarelli, 3: David Power, Str: Tim Cooney, Cch: Jack Hutchinson

This was a great race between the winning New South Wales crew and the Victorian and Tasmanian crews. At the 1000 metre mark there was little to separate these three crews. By the 1500 metre mark Victoria maintained a slight lead from New South Wales. However a sustained push by New South Wales crew over the last few hundred metres broke through the Victorians and they went on to win the race.

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy


1st VIC - Bow: Tim Blackett, 2: Chris Smith, 3: Nick Green, 4: Dane Manzie, 5: Jason Kovacic, 6: Simon Quirk, 7: Warwick Hooper, Str: Jason Kerr, Cox Bill Webster, Cch: David Pincus,
2nd NSW - Bow: Phillip Chapman, 2: David Donkin, 3: Sean Muffet, 4: Steve Schweikert, 5: Adrian Mitchell, 6: Michael Wilkinson, 7: Peter Murphy, Str: Robert Tucker, Cox: Brett Dodd, Cch: Tim Conrad
3rd TAS - Bow: Andrew Pierce, 2: Andrew Saville, 3: Adam Potito, 4: Richard Binns, 5: Malcolm Turner, 6: Bruce McWatt, 7: John Keogh, Str: Scott Oakley, Cox: Ben Steven, Cch: John Bolton
4th SA - Bow: Tim Ball, 2: Alastair Miller, 3: Richard Seifried, 4: Matthew Cornelius, 5: Cory Bernadi, 6: Angus Ross, 7: James Hicks, Str: Campbell Wilson, Cox: Philip Grudnoff, Cchs: R Rowlands & Robert Russell
5th QLD - Bow: Peter Barker, 2: Bruce Bennett, 3: Simon Smith, 4: Paul Buckley, 5: Doug Kewley, 6: Richard Birks, 7: Craig Hobart, Str: Robert Jenkins, Cox: Andrew James, Cch: Tom Jack
6th WA - Bow: Phillip Jurjevich, 2: Alex Hatch, 3: Cory Russell-Davison, 4: Daniel Walsh, 5: Richard Field, 6: David Sumich, 7: Michael Logue, Str: Hugh Baird, Cox: Adam Prentice, Cch: Conway Stacey

This was another tightly fought race, particularly between Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania. Victoria got a slight lead at the 500 metres and improved on this position by the 1000 metre mark. A series of efforts by New South Wales and Tasmania failed to get through the Victorians who went on to win by 1.36 seconds to NSW with Tasmania a further 2.01 seconds further back.

Women's Interstate Four Championship–The ULVA Trophy


1st VIC - Bow: Debbie Bassett, 2: Racheal McInnes, 3: Felicity McCall, Str: Sue Chapman-Popa, Cox: Kay Fry, Cch: Barbara Gillett
2nd SA - Bow: Margot Mayfield, 2: Cathy Stock, 3: Kym Gregg, Str: Alison Smith, Cox: Julie Capurso, Cchs: Phil Mangelsdorf & gavin Threadgold
3rd NSW - Bow: Alison Worth, 2: Margaret Kitchen, 3: Lisa Garrett, Str: Vicki Spooner, Cox: Jo Burnand, Cch: Peter Shakespear
4th WA - Bow: Elizabeth Warren, 2: Tracey Nyman, 3: D Wookey, Str: Phillipa Adler, Cox: Morag Smith, Cch: Simon Whitehouse & Vanessa Grant
5th QLD - Bow: Jenny White, 2: Julie Bourne, 3: L Knight, Str: Andrea Faux, Cox: Penny Dixon, Cch: Terry Mulligan

The Victorians won comfortably only ever being challenged in the first 500 metres by NSW.

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy

Time: 8.06.69
Margins: 9.49 & 4.78 secs

1st QLD - Ceinwen Frisch, Cch Bob Bleakley
2nd NSW - Marilyn Kidd, Cch: Rusty Robertson
3rd TAS - Urszula Kay, Cch: Robert Marlowe
4th VIC - Virginia Cortens

Ceinwen Frisch led from the start and consolidated her lead throughout the race to win comfortably by 9.49 seconds.

Women's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Victoria Cup

Time: 7.15.92
Margins: 5.36 and 4.47 secs

1st VIC - Bow: Leanne Whitehouse, 2: Marina Cade, 3: Pam Westendorf, Str: Gayle Toogood, Cch: Barbara Gillett, Emerg: D Kimba
2nd NSW - Bow: Justine Carroll, 2: Virgina Lee, 3: Debbie Clingeleffer, Str: Gay Horan, Cchs: Lindsay Callaghan & Rusty Robertson
3rd SA - Bow: Robyn Stoeckel, 2: Helen Simpson, 3: Susi Deterding, Str: Amanda Cross, Cch: Robert Holland
4th WA - Bow: Jodie Allsop, 2: Carol Cunningham, 3: Rachel Walker, Str: Lisa Harffey, Cches: Warren Gibson & David Mulroney

Victoria led from the start and consolidated their lead throughout.


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