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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

2008 Interstate Championships

3-9 March 2008, Sydney International Regatta Centre, NSW

2008 Australian Rowing Championships programme cover

2008 Programme Cover

These were well organised Championships blessed with good weather and racing. The only downside was a weed problem which the course staff resolved out of racing hours. The new LED scoreboard was appreciated and allowed video of racing to be displayed. The course maintained its status as the best course in Australia.

The locals regarded this regatta as the best ever. This may be true but others believed their view was coloured by the success of their crews and being awarded the Rowing Australia Cup as overall winners of the Interstate Regatta.

Organising Committee & Officials

Organising Committee: Charles Bartlett (Chairman), Andrew Rowley, Norma Perry, David Evans, Adam Horner (RA).

Team leaders: Tony Brown (Field of Play), Miles Hedge, Wade Hewitt, Georgie Lee, Margaret Mackenzie (Regatta Secretary), Owen Nix & Phil Titterton

Medical: Dr Denis Bourke, Wanda Klinicki, Michael Rigo, Dr Philip Sharp, Dr Krys Szatsnajder

Commentary: John Boultbee, Ray Ebert, Barry Moynahan, Owen Nix, Roger Wilson

Field of Play: Tony Brown, Bill Mison, Rod Richardson, Phil Titterton


Members of 2008 Jury

l-r: Ron Beattie (NSW), Paul Logan (SA), Tim Wainman (NSW), John Murdoch (WA - President of the Jury), Victor Walter (NSW). Roy Hinchy (QLD), Bob Pennington (SA), Caroline Schomberg (QLD), Steve Hinchy (QLD), Tim Wainman (NSW), Greg Smith (NSW), Craig James (WA), Greg Melbourne (SA), Lynne Baylis (WA), Andrew Guerin (VIC), Robert Cook (ACT), Phil Fraser (TAS), Michael Eastaughffe (SA - RA Competition Manager), Brett Woolfitt (WA), Rene Klupacs (VIC), Neville Doughan (QLD), Bill Webster (VIC)

Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup


1st New South Wales - Bow: Sam Loch, 2: Francis Hegerty, 3: Matthew Ryan, 4: Fergus Pragnell, 5: Tom Laurich, 6: James Chapman, 7: Terrence Alfred, Str: Stephen Stewart, Cox: Marty Rabjohns, Cchs: Andrew Randell & Brian Richardson
2nd Victoria - Bow: John Linke, 2: Tom Swann, 3: Cameron McKenzie-McHarg, 4: James Marburg, 5: James Tomkins, 6: Karsten Forsterling, 7: David Crawshay, Str: Drew Ginn, Cox: Marc Douez, Cch: Chris O'Brien
3rd Western Australia - Bow: Ben Cureton, 2: Cameron Brewer, 3: Todd Skipworth, 4: James Gatti, 5: Rhys Grant, 6: Jeremy Stevenson, 7: David Kelly, Str: David Dennis, Cox: Hugh Rawlinson, Cchs: Antonio Maurogiovanni & Jamie Jones
4th Queensland - Bow: Jared Bidwell, 2: Michael McBryde, 3: Peter Atkins, 4: Nicholas Parr, 5: Hardy Cubasch, 6: David Galley, 7: Duncan Free, Str: Sam Conrad, Cox: Michael Toon, Cchs: Lincoln Handley & Robert McNeil
5th South Australia - Bow: Chris Martin, 2: Matthew Bolt, 3: Tom Shelton, 4: Tim Hennessy, 5: Chris Morgan, 6: James McRae, 7: Ned Kinnear, Str: Bryn Coudraye, Cox: Lucy Hyde, Cch: Zoltan Shepherd
6th Tasmania - Bow: Shaun Finlayson, 2: Nicholas Harris, 3: Blair Tunevitsch, 4: Max Sondermeyer, 5: William Breier, 6: Scott Brennan, 7: Nick Baker, Str: Brendan Long, Cox: Jaimee Sluce

This race was superb in every respect. The West Australians left the field for dead in the first 500 metres and maintained a diminishing lead through to the last 500 metres. New South Wales led the fight back getting to within 0.6 seconds with 500 metres to go. Into the last 500 metres New South Wales broke through WA who had spent their money. Then the steam train, otherwise known as the Victorians, started their run home. They passed the boys from the West in the last 250 metres, then went after New South Wales, and nearly caught them. The New South Welshmen raced their race to perfection and came home victorious in a great and fast finish.

Finish of the King's Cup

The frantic finish with Victoria chasing the fading New South Wales crew

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup


1st New South Wales - Daniel Noonan, Cch: Nick Garratt
2nd South Australia - Chris Morgan, Cch: Adrian David
3rd Queensland - Duncan Free, Cch: Chris O'Brien
4th Victoria - Alistair Taylor, Cch: Chris O'Brien
5th Tasmania - Brendan Long, Cch: Rhett Ayliffe
6th Australian Capital Territory - Craig Jones

Dan Noonan swept all great scullers before him in a start to finish win. Duncan Free stayed with Daniel in the first part of the race and then drifted into third place. Perhaps he thought that the Queenslanders were a good chance in the eight and saved himself? Chris Morgan started slowly being last after the first 500m but came back well in the second 500 m. He was unable to catch the strong sculling of Dan Noonan.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup


1st Western Australia - Bow: Perry Ward, 2: Ben Cureton, 3: Ross Brown, Str: Todd Skipworth, Cch: Antonio Maurogiovanni
2nd Tasmania - Bow: Shaun Finlayson, 2: Nick Baker, 3: Blair Tunevitsch, Str: Tom Gibson, Cch: John Driessen
3rd Queensland - Bow: Tom Gethin-Jones, 2: Bob Hoyes, 3: Tim McDonnell, Str: Darryn Purcell, Cch: Robert McNeil
4th New South Wales - Bow: Oliver Zuk, 2: Simon Nola, 3: Roderick Chisholm, Str: Edward Alexander, Cch: Stephen Luker
5th Victoria - Bow: Thomas Bertrand, 2: Thomas Nickson, 3: Eduardo Inostroza, Str: Angus Tyers, Cch: Bill Tait
6th South Australia - Bow: Andrew Swift, 2: Mostyn Clarke, 3: Sam Martin, Str: Beau Gora, Cch: Ron Mobbs

There were no surprises in these results with Western Australia taking a start to finish win from Tasmania.

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy


1st Victoria - Bow: Ben Quinlan, 2: Tom Beattie, 3: Josh Dunkley-Smith, 4: Salvador Henricus, 5: Daniel Sweeney, 6: William Lockwood, 7: Chris Bush, Str: Alexander Scharp, Cox: Amelia Agosta, Cch: Simon Harrison
2nd Queensland - Bow: Angus Morton, 2: Chris Camphin, 3: Brenton Canning, 4: John Dickson, 5: Robert Lewis-Swan, 6: Adam McRae, 7: Jon Trovas, Str: Hugo Struss, Cox: Daniel Licastro, Cchs: Lincoln Handley & Greg Brown
3rd New South Wales - Bow: Kurt Spencer, 2: Toby Ledgerwood, 3: Thomas Quilty, 4: Dominic Grimm, 5: Matthew Edstein, 6: Little, 7: Edward White, Str: James Goswell, Cox: Matthew Grimes, Cch: Mark Prater
4th Western Australia - Bow: Rhys Gelmi, 2: David Prosser, 3: Brendan Longman, 4: David Watts, 5: Elliot Bannan, 6: Chris Bond, 7: Michael Glorie, Str: Adam Seroka, Cox : Rowan Ellis, Cchs: Sean Leyland & Tom Morris
5th South Australia - Bow: Alexander Evans, 2: Lewis Roberts-Wakeham, 3: Max Tonkin, 4: Sam Gallard, 5: Tom Sullivan, 6: Liam Gotley, 7: Nick Sopru, Str: Owen Girardi, Cox: Aleco Mitropoulos, Cchs: Andrew Butler & Wayne Severin
6th Tasmania - Bow: Jarrod Matthews, 2: Reinhard Hemm, 3: David Wright, 4: Angus Peltzer, 5: Lachlan Davey, 6: Taylor Wilczynski, 7: George Foot, Str: Jonothon Hookway, Cox: Giles Harvey, Cchs: George Roberts & Robert Williams
7th Australian Capital Territory - Bow: Henry Waldren, 2: Matthew Barnier, 3: Sam Lawrence, 4: Reece Graham, 5: James Hart, 6: Anthony Tridgell, 7: Riley Owen, Str: Nicholas Barnier, Cox: Anna Trundle, Cch: Jaime Fernandez

This was a start to finish win for the Victorians who won well and strongly. New South Wales tried valiantly to stay with the Victorians for 3/4 of the race and were overhauled by Queenlsand in the final 500 m. The Queenslanders came home in terrific style and in a very fast last 500m.

Victorian team, the winners

The Victorian Men's Youth Eight

Women's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The Queen's Cup


1st Victoria - Bow: Lisa Szatsznajder, 2: Robyn Selby Smith, 3: Pauline Frasca, 4: Fleur Chew, 5: Kim Crow, 6: Phoebe Stanley, 7: Catriona Sens, Str: Sarah Heard, Cox: Lizzie Patrick, Cchs: John Cumper & David Colvin
2nd Western Australia - Bow: Sian Flynn, 2: Alexandra Hagan, 3: Libby Alderman, 4: Joanna Lutz, 5: Sally Robbins, 6: Natalie Bale, 7: Ashleigh Miles, Str: Emily Rose, Cox: Sallie Watson, Cchs: Jason lane & David Milne
3rd Queensland - Bow: Jo White, 2: Emma Brown, 3: Tara Kelly, 4: Emma McCarthy, 5: Sarah Eke, 6: Sascha Lahey, 7: Pippa Savage, Str: Sally Kehoe, Cox: Jennifer Gilbert, Cchs: Richard Paterson & Peter Howard
4th New South Wales - Bow: Peta Estens, 2: Renee Kirby, 3: Brynne Allen, Amy Ives, 4: Zoe Uphill, 5: Brooke Pratley, 6: Katelyn Gray, 7: Elizabeth Kell, Cox: Georgia Green, Cch: Phil Bourguignon
5th Tasmania - Bow: Rebecca Downie, 2: Emily Grant, 3: Kirsty Flemming, 4: Carly Cottam, 5: Kerry Hore, 6: Ailsa Tremayne, 7:Charlotte Walters, Str: Kate Hornsey, Cox: Alena Prescott
6th Australian Capital Territory - Bow: Yasmin Burraston, 2: Louise Kilby, 3: Diana Egerton-Warburton, 4: Kerry Knowler, 5: Sarah Cook, 6: Sonia Mills, 7: Fleur Spriggs, Str: Lauren Burraston, Cox: Mollie Bain
7th South Australia - Bow: Maja Fiddler, 2: Vanessa Hughes, 3: Brooke Willshire, 4: Joanne Malcolm, 5: Rhiannon Hughes, 6: Laura Osti, 7: Sally Causby, Str: Anna McRae, Cox: Sarah-Jane Hyde, Cch: Nicholas Dawes

This was perhaps the most devasting win in this event ever. A margin of 12.56 seconds in such a race is unheard of and worthy of great acclaim. The Victorian crew took 2-3 seconds per 500m off the other crews and then hammered home a sensational last 500m 4.5 seconds faster than all other crews. It was awesome.

The Victorian crew crossing the finish line to win

The Victorians crossing the finish line

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy


1st Queensland - Pippa Savage, Cchs: Richard Patterson & Tim Conrad
2nd Tasmania - Kerry Hore, Cch: Rhett Ayliffe
3rd New South Wales - Zoe Uphill, Cch: Nick Garratt
4th Western Australia - Sally Robbins
5th Australian Capital Territory - Sonia Mills
6th Victoria - Robyn Selby Smith

Pippa Savage proved again that she was Australia's number one sculler with a convincing win from start to finish.

Women's Interstate Lightweight Quad Scull Championship–The Victoria Cup


1st South Australia - Bow: Amber Halliday, 2: Maja Fiddler, 3: Miranda Bennett, Str: Marguerite Houston, Cch: Adrian David
2nd Tasmania - Bow: Kirtsy Flemming, 2: Emily Grant, 3: Ingrid Fenger, Str: Carly Cottam, Cch: Ron Batt
3rd New South Wales - Bow: Alison Smith, 2: Bronwyn Watson, 3: Jacky Peile, Elsa O'Hanlon, Cch: Ellen Randell
4th Victoria - Bow: Heidi Wilson, Courtney Adamson, Jennifer Matthies, Str: Alice McNamara, Cch: Tim Dolphin
5th Queensland - Bow: Kat Murray, 2: Clare Raven, 3: Catriona Rose, Str: Heather McNeil, Cchs: Andrew Service & Honor Conrad
6th Australian Capital Territory - Bow: Jodie Groothoff, 2: Jessica Willis, 3: Adair Ferguson, Str: Katie Duncan

This result was not in doubt with the favourites South Australia winning well even though Tasmania got the better of them in the first 500m.

Women's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Bicentennial Cup


1st Queensland - Bow: Maddie Edmunds, 2: Clare Gilbride, 3: Steph Krippner, 4: Rachael Gibson, 5: Phillipa Lindley, 6: Hannah O'Loughlin, 7: Francesca Paterson, Str: Lara Taylor, Cox: Jade O'Neill, Cchs: John Bowes, Greg Burley & Richard Paterson
2nd New South Wales - Bow: Sarah Handley, 2: Kate Darke, 3: Victoria Orsag, 4: Georgia Separovich, 5: Georgia Lowe, 6: Emma Costello, 7: Ashleigh Peppernell, Str: Chloe O'Regan, Cox: Gabriella Poletto, Cchs: Glenn Bates & Stani Slavova
3rd Victoria - Bow: Sarah Tubb, 2: Lauren Battaglia, 3: Gina Hicks, 4: Claire Bowtell, 5: Rachel Thomas, 6: Sarah Perkins, 7: Michelle Yann, Str: Jen Bailey, Cox: Rachel Miller, Cchs: David Ochert & Peter Kupcis
4th Western Australia - Bow: Rose, 2: Jessie O'Mahony, 3: Daisy De la Hunty, 4: Kate Hawkins, 5: Georgia Gibbs, 6: Jamie Mancktelow, 7: Ashleigh Miles, Str: Alexandra Hagan, Cox: Sallie Watson, Cchs: Mike Quinn & Rolland Warren
5th Australian Capital Territory - Bow: Emily Balmaks, 2: Haylee Edwards, 3: Melissa Greck, 4: Rachel Stokker, 5: Ailie McDonald, 6: Christabelle Northam, 7: Any Fowler, Str: Veronica Tamsitt, Cox: Anna Trundle
6th Tasmania - Bow: Eve Mure, 2: Laura Morris, 3: Laura Broomhall, 4: Abby Garcia, 5: Gemma Parker, 6: Rebecca Trethewie, 7: Nadia Gehrich, Str: Ella Flecker, Cox: Jaimee Sluce, Cchs: Paul Newbon & Michael Pollard
7th South Australia - Bow: Emily Jordan, 2: Peta White, 3: Mary Connelly, 4: Chelsea Hill, 5: Kirrily Martin, 6: Sarah Day, 7: Courtney Ogilvie, Str: Abbie Trengove, Cox: Coco Hall, Cch: Victoria Spencer

The Queensland crew did not have the race all their own way. New South Wales made a good race of it throughout.

The victory dias

The Victory Dias


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