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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1970 Interstate Championships

Men's: 4 Apr 1970, Lake Wendouree VIC
Women's: 9 May 1970, Milton Reach, Brisbane River QLD

Photos 1970 Interstate Championships Photo Gallery

1970 programme

1970 Programme Cover for the Men's Interstate Championships

The format for the Men's Interstate Championships was again heats, repechages and finals.

The closest race of the day at the Women's Interstate Championships was the Lightweight Four Championships with less than 2 lengths covering the three crews. It is interesting to note that the two Queensland crews contained the same personnel and that Shirley Graham competed in all three events. SA did not participate in any of the Women's Championships.

82nd Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup


1st VIC – Bow: David Bishop, 2: John Shanassy, 3: Kerry Jelbart, 4: Paul Guest, 5: John Harry, 6: David Douglas, 7: Stephen Gillon, Str: Graeme Boykett, Cox: Geoff Godkin, Cch: David Boykett, Emergs: Will Liley & David Palfreyman, Selectors: Alan N Jacobsen, G Harvey Nicholson & coach, Mgr: Ron H Richardson
2nd SA – Bow: Brian Richardson, 2: I Munro, 3: W Hume, 4: William Dankbaar, 5: Michael G Page, 6: Rod Ellaway, 7: W Harbison, Str: William Hay, Cox: Brenton Parsons, Cch: John Marshall, Emergs: M Magarey & D Crompton
3rd TAS – Bow: Victor Gibson, 2: Ted Hale, 3: Stephen Ireland, 4: Adrian Marshall, 5: Tim McKay, 6: J Taplin, 7: Chris King, Str: Roger Manton, Cox: David Rattray, Cch: Dr Brian Palmer, Emergs: Geoff Mason & R Browne
4th NSW – Bow: Lindsay Freeman, 2: S Perkowicz, 3: C Allsop, 4: Philip Wilkinson, 5: Chris Stevens, 6: Kim Mackney, 7: Michael Morgan, Str: Gary Pearce, Cox: Alan Grover, Cch: Phillip Cayzer, Emerg: J Curtin, Selectors: Maurice Grace & Cecil Pearce
WA eliminated in repechage – Bow: Alex Cromow, 2: Corbet Poynton, 3: Nick Garrett, 4: William Davies, 5: John Whitehand, 6: Richard Porter, 7: Joe Saunders (Jnr), Str: Michael McPhee, Cox: Brian Tonkin, Cch: Joe R Saunders (Snr), Emergs: Peter Shakespear & Ian Hamilton
QLD eliminated in repechage – Bow: Rod Stewart, 2: Greg Farrell, 3: Anthony Levick, 4: Peter Benson, 5: Archibald Fanning, 6: Bernard Moroney, 7: Robert Alexander, Str: Peter Gregg, Cox: Peter Cole, Cch: Peter Cole, Emergs: Donald Scott & Leo Bertini

E1: 1st VIC, 2nd WA
E2: 1st TAS, 2nd NSW
E3: 1st SA, 2nd QLF
R: 1st NSW, 2nd WA, 3rd QLD
Final: 1st VIC, 2nd SA, 3rd TAS, 4th NSW

This was a great race with SA narrrowly leading through the first 500 meteres from Tasmania. Tasmania then took the lead in the second 500 metres with SA and VIC in close pursuit. These three crews were level at the 1500 metre mark and SA made their move to lead with 300 metres to go. However Victoria, with a strong final spurt, took the lead and the Championship.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup


1st TAS – Reg Free
2nd SA – Norman V Talbot
3rd NSW – Richard Reddell
4th QLD – Michael Reynolds
VIC eliminated in repechage – Robert Fitch

E1: 1st NSW, 2nd VIC, 3rd QLD
E2: 1st TAS, 2nd SA
R: 1st SA, 2nd QLD, 3rd VIC
Final: 1st TAS, 2nd SA, 3rd NSW, 4th QLD

Reg Free won his second title in succession some 6.2 seconds in front of Norm Talbot of SA.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup


1st SA – Bow: Colin Smith, 2: Vaughan Bollen, 3: Robert Cooper, Str: Luigi Lippis, Cox: Geoff Worth, Cch: Robert Russell, Emerg: Michael Eastaughffe
2nd NSW – Bow: Ron McConville, 2: Ian Carmody, 3: Col Bullard, Str: Phil Sharp, Cox: Ian Chessell, Cch: Bert Harding, Emerg: Paul Rowe
Equal 3rd VIC – Bow: Bryan Clarke, 2: Andrew McKinley, 3: T Campbell Johnston, Str: Peter Nicholson, Cox: Anthony Richards, Cch: Dr Mark Schapper, Emergs: Tim Hogan & Charles Barton
Equal 3rd WA – Bow: Roy Loftus, 2: Jeff Dunstan, 3: Barry McKinnon, Str: Harry Robinson, Cox: Ken Reynolds, Cch: Robert Brealey
TAS eliminated in repechage – Bow: B Polton, 2: Martin Guinan, 3: M Bradford, Str: Chris Poulson, Cox: Cliff Anderson, Cch: David Poulson, Emerg: David Grainey
QLD eliminated in repechage – Bow: R Butler, 2: W Shepherd, 3: V Grayson, Str: G Monk, Cox: A Monk, Cch: L Barraclough, Emerg: G Sprott

E1: 1st VIC, 2nd QLD
E2: 1st SA, 2nd WA
E3: 1st NSW, 2nd TAS
R: 1st WA,. 2nd TAS, 3rd QLD
Final: 1st SA, 2nd NSW, 3rd VIC equal, 3rd WA equal

This was also a great race with SA narrowly winning from NSW and a dead heat for third placing. This was SA's first victory in this Championship.

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship–The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 1000m
Time: 3.27.5
Margins: 3 & 5 lengths

1st NSW – Bow: Elizabeth Monti, 2: Betty Simms, 3: Pat Cree, Str: Janice Cameron, Cox: Robert Arentz, Cch: Mervyn Perry
2nd VIC - Bow: Julie Parnaby, 2: Pauline Gilbertson, 3: Pam Murray, Str: Nanette Geer, Cox: Geoff Crisp, Cch: Lance Gallagher
3rd QLD – Bow: Donna Jermanus, 2: Kay Crompton, 3: Pam Ward, Str: Shirley Graham, Cch: Mr T Dean, Cch: Roy C Graham

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy

Time: 3.52
Margins: 1 1/2 lengths & a canvas

1st NSW – Janis Adam, Cch: Steve Roll
2nd VIC - Val Bertrand
3rd QLD – Shirley Graham

Women's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Victoria Cup

Time: 3.37
Margins: 1 & 3/4 length

1st VIC – Bow: Lesley Roberts, 2: June Thorne, 3: Kath Suhr, Str: Sue Bartlett, Cox: Alf McLaren, Cch: Roy Sutcheon, Emerg: Sue McPhee
2nd NSW – Bow: Larraine Franklin, 2: Judith Perry, 3: Joan Lake, Str: Evelyn Gardiner, Cox: Robert Arentz, Cch: Mervyn Perry
3rd QLD – Bow: Donna Jermanus, 2: Kay Crompton, 3: Pam Ward, Str: Shirley Graham, Cox: T Dean, Cch: Roy C Graham


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