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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1929 Interstate Championships

Men's: 4 May 1929, Swan River WA
Women's: 15 May 1929, Swan River WA


1929 Programme Cover from the Men's Interstate Championships

The conditions for racing were not good with a strong south westerly wind lashing the course. The officials agonised over whether to postpone racing. The West Australian newspaper on Monday 6th May 1929 reported that waves were 18 inches high and the course was more like "the sea than a river". Despite the conditions, a crowd on 50,000 spectators enjoyed the racing.

A PDF copy of the 1929 men's regatta program can be found through this link.

High definition images of this regatta can be found at the Australian Rowing Images website.

48th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Time: 16.43
Margins: 3/4, 10 & 4 lengths

finish of the 1929 King's Cup

1929 King's Cup Finish

King's Cup finish

Another angle of the race finish

1st NSW - Bow: S Fred Evans, 2: N I Reynolds, 3: J T Mitchell, 4: August Otto Pfafflin, 5: Joe T Vinden, 6: Cyril B Callaghan, 7: I B ("Longley") Evans, Str: H Les Callaghan, Cox: Reg J Daley, Emergs: J B Harkness & Sidney Raper, Cch: Oswald J Wood, Mgr: Harold G Alderson
2nd WA - Bow: William (Bill) A Browne, 2: Frank H Powell, 3: A Perc Ffarrington, 4: Peter Bessell-Browne, 5: George Orgill, 6: A G (Gra) Rosser, 7: Bert Buzolic, Str: W Murray Church, Cox: Patrick Nelligan, Emergs: Alex Thomas & B Cooper, Cch: Paddy S Ryan, Mgr: Stan O'Brien
3rd VIC - Bow: J E Andre, 2: E P Panther, 3: L L Zilles, 4: Jack W Beattie, 5: Fred J Yates, 6: H M Grace, 7: Stanley B McGorm, Str: Gordon "Clarrie" C Hutchins, Cox: A J Wilson. Emergs: V Thomas & V Barker-Hays, Cchs: A J Dawson & J B Suffren, Mgr: Edward Kenny, Sole selector: Cecil McVilly
4th SA - Bow: F A Davey, 2: A Hallett, 3: C G White, 4: T J Jelly, 5: Ken S White, 6: L White, 7: L Georecke, Str: W R Salkeld, Cox: C F Turner, Emerg: A Plaisted, Cch: W Salkeld, Mgr: R Wallmans

Tasmania was given an exemption from competing due to floods which disrupted their preparation. The AARC resolution read: "That exemption be granted as a special case in view of the exceptional and unprecedented circumstances and that Tasmania shall not lose its next turn in the rotation of the race." Queensland also had an exemption under the rules from competing in WA.

The eights race was a splendid race between NSW and WA with VIC close up for the first three quarters of the event. The NSW crew was comprised solely of members of the Mosman Rowing Club who had won the Henley on the Yarra Grand Challenge Cup on two occasions. It was also the first win for New South Wales since 1911.

The Western  Australians raced superbly to stay in touch with the strong New South Wales crew. They used the advantage of the calmer water in the last 2 miles to work back at the New South Welshmen but could not do enough to over power them.

 The Victorian Rowing Association allowed their selected crews to be challenged for the right to represent their State. A successful challenge was mounted by the Ballarat Clubs and a new crew named to represent Victoria.

The start differed from past races. The West Australian reported: "The method od starting - an innovation in King's Cup races - was favourably commented upon by all. Each coxswain held a string attached to a moored buoy, and when the pistol fired he let it go, the method obviating confusion, and facilitating a very even start."

WA crew

WA King's Cup crew

Bow: William (Bill) A Browne, 2: Frank H Powell, 3: A Perc Ffarrington, 4: Peter Bessell-Browne, 5: George Orgill, 6: A G (Gra) Rosser, 7: Bert Buzolic, Str: W Murray Church, Cox: Patrick Nellighan

SA crew

SA King's Cup crew

Bow: F A Davey, 2: A Hallett, 3: C G White, 4: T J Jelly, 5: K S White, 6: L White, 7: L Georecke, Str: W R Salkeld, Cox: C F Turner

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Time: 15.47.0
Margin 3 1/2 lengths

1st NSW - Henry (Bobby) Pearce
2nd WA - Keith "Sprocket" Langley

Despite only having a young sculler in Langley to defeat, Pearce showed why he was the amateur Champion of the world. The West Australian newspaper reported on 6th May 1929 that: "Pearce's methods were a revelation. His boat had a continuous run and his powerful strokes appeared effortless." Despite the popularity of rowing in Victoria, the Victorian Rowing Association did not have a sculler of sufficient standing to compete.

Bobby Pearce and K Langley

Pearce being congratulated by Langley

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship–The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 1/2 mile
No time taken
Margin: 1 foot

1st VIC - Bow: Ruby Robinson, 2: Minnie Anderson, 3: Edna Barlow, Str: Rose Gideon, Cox: William (Billy) Dron, Cch: A R Gideon, Mgr: Mrs Gideon
2nd NSW - Bow: Iris Pike, 2: Win Durrell, 3: Flo Thurston, Str: Rose Goodman, Cox: C Nickson, Emergencies: V Mossop, E Wall and T Riley, Cch: Claude Rosevear
3rd SA - Bow: F Eime, 2: M.Quin, 3: A. Hill, Str: J. Thomas, Cox : L. Hill
4th WA - Bow: F Biessel, 2 : K Nelson, 3 : L Orme, Str: L Haub, Cox : P Nelligan, Cch : Bob Joyce

The Victorian crew hailed from the Essendon Ladies Rowing Club and won by a mere one foot from NSW who had led throughout the race until the last few strokes. The NSW crew looked far better than the Victorians but the Victorians used rate and determination to overcome the NSW women. This was Victoria's first win in this event.

The district of Essendon also got it's first Champions in any sport. The Mayor and Councillors of the City of Essendon met the girls upon their return at the railway station and they were taken by motorcade to the Essendon Town Hall for a Civic Reception.

Victorian women's four

1929 Champion Women's Four - photo courtesy of Essendon Rowing Club 


  • Regatta program
  • Victorian Rowing Association annual report
  • Author's records
  • The West Australian Monday May 6, 1929 pages 15 and 16

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