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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

2005 Interstate Championships

13 March 2005, Sydney International Regatta Centre NSW

programme cover

2005 Programme Cover

Organising Committee & Officials

Organising Committee: NSW Rowing Association
President: Stewart Derwin
CEO: David Evans
Regatta Secretary: Margaret Mackenzie
Volunteers: David Sollom
Timekeeping: Stephen Croot
Field of Play: Anthony Brown

Referees: Andrew Guerin & Craig James
Competition Director: Michael Eastaughffe

Ron Beattie, Barny Cundell, Steve Hinchy, Peter Huggett, Kelly Jenkins, Rene Klupacs, Paul Logan, Greg Melbourne, John Murdoch, Brian Nash, Bob Pennington, Norm Saunders, Tim Wainman, Victor Walter, Joy Wooldridge and Brett Woolfitt.

116th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup


1st WA - Bow: Todd Skipworth. 2: Ben Cureton, 3: Steven Fletcher, 4: Jeremy Stevenson, 5: Mario Palmisano, 6: Brenton Jenke, 7: James Gatti, Str: Peppe Devita, Cox: Patrick Riley, Cch: Antonio Maurogiovanni
2nd VIC - Bow: George Jelbart, 2: James Marburg, 3: Jason Heard, 4: Nick Phelps, 5: David Crawshay, 6: Karsten Forsterling, 7: Christian Ryan, Str: Drew Ginn, Cox: Marc Douez, Cch: Chris O'Brien
3rd QLD - Bow: Michael McBryde, 2: Craig Dorrstein, 3: David Galley, 4: Shaun Coulton, 5: Sam Conrad, 6: Hardy Cubasch, 7: Boden Hanson, Str: Ben McGeachie, Cox: Michael Toon, Cch: Tim Conrad
4th NSW - Bow: David Mathews, 2: Ian Allsop, 3: Francis Hegerty, 4: Nick Baxter, 5: Fergus Pragnell, 6: Tom Chapman, 7: James Chapman, Str: Matthew Ryan, Cox: Marty Rabjohns, Cch: Andrew Randell
5th TAS - Bow: George Roberts, 2: Dion Birtwistle, 3: Sam Waley, 4: Anthony Males, 5: Scott Brennan, 6: Brendan Long, 7: Cameron Wurf, Str: Tom Gibson, Cox: Jack Tronson, Cch: John Driessen
6th SA - Bow: Adrian Oest, 2: Michael Shannon, 3: Angus Kurtze, 4: Trent Collins, 5: Tim Hennessy, 6: Cameron SandersonBrewster, 7: Alexander Worthington, Str: Alistair Walsh, Cox: Thomas Game, Cch: Roger Moore
6th ACT - Bow: Adrian Webster, 2: Ben Davis, 3: Jaime Fernandez, 4: Craig Jones, 5: Mitchell Punch, 6: Nigel Collins, 7: Bruce Hick, Str: Henry Gundry, Cox: Camilla Mather, Cch: Brett Hayman

WA led from the start taking a half second lead from Queensland in the first 500 metres with Victoria in 3rd placing. WA strengthened their lead in the middle 1000 metres with Victoria taking second place from Queensland in the third 500 metres. The margins and placings did not change thereafter with WA winning comfortably by just over a length.

The WA crew contained two very good Italian oarsmen who were temporarily resident in WA. The Victorian crew contained Olympic Champion Drew Ginn who was taking a year off competitive rowing and also the 2005 National Champion single sculling champion David Crawshay who chose to race the eight rather than the scull. The Queensland crew members were disappointed as they were trying to break the Queensland losing streak in this event. Queensland last won the King’s Cup in 1939. The sole survivor of that crew, Don Tynan, was a guest of the organizing committee to witness the race.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup


1st TAS - Scott Brennan
2nd SA - Chris Morgan, Cch: Adrian David
3rd VIC - Alistair Taylor
4th ACT - Craig Jones, Cch: Reinhold Batschi
5th NSW - Daniel Noonan
6th QLD - David Houston, Cch: Chris Arendsen

Scott Brennan had a good start getting a 3.82 second lead in the first 500 metres. He then held onto this lead throughout the race to finish 3.74 seconds in front of the promising SA sculler David Morgan with Al Taylor from Victoria a further two seconds back.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup


1st TAS -Bow: Tom Gibson, 2: Sam Beltz, 3: Cameron Wurf, Str: Simon Burgess, Cch: John Driessen
2nd ACT - Bow: Chris Ritchie, 2: Daniel Coombes, 3: James Crouch, Str: Mack Wilcox, Cch: Andrew McKenzie
3rd VIC - Bow: Tim Smith, 2: Joshua Frichot, 3: Nick Edwards, Str: Josh Fahy, Cch: John Cumper
4th QLD - Bow: Darryn Purcell, 2: Matthew Bolster, 3: Steven Kuzma, Str: Tom Varendorff, Cchs: Robert McNeill & Lincoln Handley
5th NSW - Bow: Joe Power, 2: Simon Nola. 3: George Keatinge, Str: Harry Horwitz-Rourke, Cch: Andrew Randell (Coach)
6th SA - Bow: Andrew Swift, 2: Beau Gora, 3: Alex Silz, Str: Edwin Michell, Cch: Phil Mangelsdorf
7th WA - Bow: Alex Watson, 2: Tristan Barnes, 3: Sven Van Oyen, Str: Jayden Edwards, Cchs: John Seroka & Jamie Jones

This race should be probably renamed the Tasmanian or Burgess Cup after the seventh win in a row to the Tasmanian crew with Simon Burgess being a member of all seven wins. This makes him probably the most prolific winner of the event. It was an all the way and comfortable win although the ACT crew tried to bridge the gap in the final stages of the race.

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy


1st SA - Bow: Edward Kinnear, 2: Nick Andrew, 3: Bryn Coudray, 4: Brad Spiel, 5: James McRae, 6: Mitchell Oliver, 7: Jarrad Schar, Str: Matt Bolt, Cox: Nicholas Guilianetti, Cch: Zoltan Shepherd
2nd WA - Bow: Cade Zulsdorf, 2: Perrin Franks, 3: Peder Olsen, 4: Josh Williams, 5: David Kelly, 6: Jeremy Ellis, 7: Rhys Grant, Str: Robert Alderman, Cox: Matthew Higgins, Cch: Rhett Ayliffe
3rd NSW - Bow: Will Townsend, 2: Murdoch Gatti, 3: Jack Hawkins, 4: Andrew Cahill, 5: Danjels Reedman, 6: Will Chambers, 7: Alexander Nikolaidis, Str: Terrence Alfred, Cox: Toby Lister, Cchs: John Bowes & Marty Rabjohns
4th TAS - Bow: James Baker, 2: Stephen Hosie, 3: Luke Ellis, 4: James Ryan, 5: Chaise Strickland, 6: Dane Williams, 7: Blair Tunevitsch, Str: William Breier, Cox: Lizzie McQuestion, Cch: Robert Williams
5th QLD - Bow: Ben Groeneveld, 2: Jackson Price, 3: Harrison Law, 4: Tom Fleming, 5: Ben Farrell, 6: Gareth Salkield, 7: Graham Kolb, Str: Sam Renton, Cox: Jirik Haselgrove, Cch: Joe Rodrigues
6th VIC - Bow: Alexander Machin, 2: Courtney Date, 3: Nick Mitchell, 4: Lachlan McKenzie, 5: Alistair Tubb, 6: Tom Larkins, 7: Nick Burchell, Str: Christopher Riddell, Cox: Tim Deveson, Cchs: Julian Voller & Sam Pullen
7th ACT - Bow: Alexei Trundler, 2: Christian Stevens, 3: Elliott Stephens, 4: Reese Graham, 5: David Hawke, 6: William Yorke, 7: Benjamin Cook, Str: Thomas O'Donnell, Cox: Tristan Dakin, Cchs: Tony Green & Jaimie Fernandez

The NSW crew was the fast starter and maintained the lead to the half way mark with the Tasmanians following. However the South Australians and Western Australians had plenty in the tank and rowed through during the second half of the race to take first and second placings with a margin between them of 0.7 second. The other crews were over a length behind. This was a great second half of the race with a superb finish.

Women's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The Queen's Cup


1st VIC - Bow: Emma Wawn, 2: Sarah Forbes, 3: Siska Concannon, 4: Robyn Selby-Smith, 5: Emily Martin, 6: Fleur Chew, 7: Pauline Frasca, Str: Sarah Heard, Cox: Lizzie Patrick, Cch: Bill Tait
2nd NSW - Bow: Anna Donen, 2: Danielle Jolly, 3: Hally Hames, 4: Elisha Single, 5: Debbie Stack, 6: Georgia Koutts, 7: Alexandra Doyle, Str: Kyeema Doyle, Cox: Rowena Slocombe, Cch: Nick Garratt
3rd WA - Bow: Jess Huston, 2: Sarah Carando, 3: Rebecca Sattin, 4: Karolina Hayes, 5: Annika Naughton, 6: Amber Bradley, 7: Sarah Outhwaite, Str: Natalie Bale, Cox: Connor McCombe, Cchs: Jason Lane & Antonio Maurogiovanni
4th TAS - Bow: Megan Hibbs, 2: Kirsty Fleming, 3: Laura McKenzie, 4: Rebekah Tunevitsch, 5: Dana Faletic, 6: Elanna Wade, 7: Claire Shield, Str: Kate Hornsey, Cox: Genevieve Smith, Cch: Roger Drummond
5th ACT - Bow: Yasmin Burraston, 2: Adair Ferguson, 3: Kerry Knowler, 4: Kate Lord, 5: Sonia Mills, 6: Diana Egerton-Warburton, 7: Tara Huntly, Str: Sarah Cook, Cox: Mollie Bain, Cch: Gordon Marcks
6th QLD - Bow: Jacque Benson, 2: Alison Scobbie, 3: Katie Quinn, 4: Roxy Botha, 5: Suzanne Brown, 6: Joanne Stumer, 7: Kate Clarkson, Str: Elizabeth Brown, Cox: Jennifer Gilbert, Cch: Peter Howard

The Victorians dominated the event taking a three second lead in the first 500 metres and extending their lead in every part of the race thereafter to win by over 10 seconds. The only interest in the race was for the minor medals with a strong finishing WA nearly taking second placing.

Danielle Jolly of NSW became the first rower to have raced in all of the Queens Cup, Nell Slatter Trophy and Victoria Cup.

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy


1st QLD - Sally Kehoe, Cch: Lyall McCarthy
2nd TAS - Dana Faletic, Cch: Sam LeCompte
3rd ACT - Sonia Mills, Cch: Lyall McCarthy
4th WA - Amber Bradley, Cch: Lyall McCarthy
5th NSW - Brooke Pratley
6th VIC - Robyn Selby Smith
7th SA - Amy Charlick

This was a great and tight win by the young Queensland sculler Sally Kehoe from her more experienced rival from Tasmania, Dana Faletic. Faletic led early only to have Kehoe take the lead in the second 500 metres. Faletic regained the lead in the third 500 metres only to lose it again in the last part of the race. It was a classic race and Kehoe will no doubt reappear on the record books in the future.

Women's Interstate Lightweight Quad Scull Championship–The Victoria Cup


1st VIC - Bow: Sarah Jane Blunt, 2: Sally Muir, 3: Regina Kennedy, Str: Alison Withers, Cch: Tim Dolphin
2nd TAS - Bow: Kirsty Fleming, 2: Megan Hibbs, 3: Jess Wade, Str: Ingrid Fenger, Cch: Paul Newbon
3rd NSW - Bow: Rebekah Hourigan, 2: Robyn Johnstone, 3: Kylie Grant, Str: Elsa O’Hanlon
4th QLD - Bow: Joanne Stumer, 2: Jacque Benson, 3: Alison Scobbie, Str: Marguerite Houston, Cch: Peter Howard
5th WA - Bow: Erin Hookey, 2: Phoebe Jones, 3: Jess Huston, Str: Victoria Robinson, Cch: Mike Quinn

This was a great race between the Victorian and Tasmania crews with the Victorians stealing the race in the finals stages after being in second place throughout the rest of the race. The winning crew had even suffered a last minute withdrawal of one crew member for medical reasons. The current champions from SA had all taken the year off after the 2004 Olympic Games and no crew was entered by that State.

Women's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Bicentennial Cup


1st VIC - Bow: Sarah Lazar, 2: Sarah Hawe, 3: Georgie Harvey, 4: Nicole Payne, 5: Katie Minogue, 6: Lisa Szatszajdser, 7: Ronnie Smith, Str: Phoebe Stanley, Cox: Nicole Hirst, Cchs: Connie Vanderwerp & Cam Muir
2nd QLD - Bow: Emma McCarthy, 2: Erin Huttenmeister, 3: Sasha Lahey, 4: Kate Beasley, 5: Lucy Elkins, 6: Lauren Steinke, 7: Tara Kelly, Str: Kim Brown, Cox: Cassandra Clements, Cch: Phillip Bourguignon
3rd NSW - Bow: Sarah Moxon, 2: Laura Robertson, 3: Brynne Allen, 4: Yasmin L'Estrange, 5: Renee Kirby, 6: Laura Polin, 7: Katelyn Gray, Str: Verena Stocker, Cox: Alison Williams, Cchs: Peter Murphy & Alan Bennett
4th SA - Bow: Maja Fiddler, 2: Lucy Dempster, 3: Brie Salagaras, 4: Kate Hollingworth, 5: Jessica McRae, 6: Laura Osti, 7: Stephanie Monson, Str: Anna McRae, Cox: Bec Astley Cchs: Ron Mobbs & Stani Slavova
5th WA - Bow: Sian Flynn, 2: Caitlin Trumble, 3: Jillian Richards, 4: Megan Willis, 5: Anna Szczurowski, 6: Georgia Baker, 7: Chloe Smith, Str: Karolina Hayes, Cox: Victoria Felles, Cchs: Jason Lane & Mike Quinn
6th TAS - Bow: Courtney Ranson, 2: Meghan Ranson, 3: Caitlin Smith, 4: Ailsa Tremayne, 5: Charlotte Walters, 6: Samantha Fowler, 7: Kate Wilson, Str: Carly Cottam, Cox: Ellen Kirlpatrick, Cch: Roger Drummond
7th ACT - Bow: Michaela Ledger, 2: Laura Tapp, 3: Brydie Foran, 4: Emma Cook, 5: Merryn Steer, 6: Emma Woods, 7: Christabelle Northam, Str: Louise Kilby, Cox: Mollie Bain, Cch: Dafydd Gwynn-Jones

The Victorians and Queenslanders shared and changed the lead throughout the first three quarters of the race but the Victorians powered away to win by a length in the final stages of the race.


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