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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1977 Interstate Championships

9 Apr 1977, Canning River WA

1977 programme

1977 Programme Cover

A fully buoyed five lane course was utilized for this event. The weather was warm but subject to stong winds.

89th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Time: 6:19.0
Margins 7.2, 0.9 & 3.5 secs

1st NSW - Bow: Chris Shinners, 2: David W Clark, 3: Stephen J Handley, 4: Ian Paver, 5: Anthony Brown, 6: Gordon G Clubb, 7: Ian Clubb, Str: Islay R Lee, Cox: Stuart Carter, Emergs: Gary Uebergang & Simon L Dean, Cch: Stuart A Mackenzie, Mgr: Robin Poke
2nd SA - Bow: John Bolt, 2: Rob Lang, 3: A Matson, 4: Tim Willoughby, 5: Matthew Marquis, 6: Henry Duncan, 7: Nigel Winter, Str: Dennis Hatcher, Cox: Brenton Parsons, Emergs: Bruce Keynes & P Deaves, Cch: Robert Russell, Mgr: R Watts
3rd VIC - Bow: Eric D Schrader, 2: Alex B Sloan, 3: Bill G Magennis, 4: Murray C Ross, 5: Brian J Richardson, 6: Stephen A Shirrefs, 7: Tim J Young, Str: Kerry P Jelbart, Cox: Adrian E Maginn, Emergs: Rod J Guy & Tim P Ross-Edwards, Cch: David B Bishop, Manager: Field Rickards
4th TAS - Bow: Anthony (Tony) D Heron, 2: Bruce S House, 3: Michael B Partridge, 4: Eric J Miller, 5: T J Davis, 6: Reg Free, 7: Victor R Gibson, Str: Stephen J Spurling, Cox: Roger A Curtis, Emerg: Roger J Grace, Cch: David Poulson, Mgr: Chris Dalton
WA eliminated in repechage - Bow: Peter Woodland, 2: John Vos, 3: Murray McHenry, 4: Jim Battersby, 5: Michael Low, 6: Mark Scott, 7: Stephen Saunders, Str: Laurie Anderson, Cox: Craig Huxtable, Emergs: Gavin Lee & Rob Jewkes, Cchs: Ken Grant & Peter Shakespear, Mgr: Robert Lewis

E1: 1st NSW, 2nd VIC, 3rd SA
E2: 1st TAS, 2nd WA
R: 1st VIC, 2nd SA, 3rd WA
Final: 1st NSW, 2nd SA, 3rd VIC, 4th TAS

Despite a Victorian attempt to unsettle the favoured NSW crew by a very fast start, the NSW crew managed to lead through the first 500 metres and thereafter.

NSW crew

The NSW crew leaving Sydney

Left to right: Gary Uebergang, Simon Dean, Chriss Shinners, David Clark, Steve Handley, Ian Paver, Tony Brown, Gordan Clubb, Ian Clubb, Islay Lee, Stuart Mackenzie

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Time: 8.09.4
Margins: 1.7, 12.4, 6.7 & 5.1 secs

1st NSW no 1 - Edward Hale
2nd NSW no 2
- Richard Reddell
3rd QLD - Robert Alexander
4th TAS no 2 - Adrian R Marshall
5th VIC - Peter L Benjamin
NSW no 3 eliminated in repechage - Jim Stride
TAS no 1 eliminated in repechage - John P Bugg
TAS no 3 eliminated in repechage - David Schier
SA no 1 eliminated in repechage - Neil V Talbot
SA no 2 eliminated in repechage - Robert J Bradley
SA no3 eliminated in repechage - Trevor D Sullivan
WA eliminated in repechage - Peter Jones

E1: 1st Reddell NSW, 2nd Benjamin VIC, 3rd Alexander QLD, 4th Sullivan SA
E2: 1st Marshall TAS, 2nd Bugg TAS, 3rd Jones WA
E3: 1st Hale NSW, 2nd Talbot SA, 3rd Stride NSW, 4th Bradley SA
R1: 1st Benjamin VIC, 2nd Talbot SA, 3rd Jones WA, 4th Sullivan SA
R2: 1st Alexander QLD, 2nd Stride NSW, 3rd Bugg TAS, 4th Bradley SA
Final: 1st Hale NSW, 2nd Reddell, NSW, 3rd Alexander QLD, 4th Marshall TAS, 5th Benjamin VIC

The final was a stirring race between Reddell and Hale. Reddell led all the way but faltered badly near the finish allowing Hale to win.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup

Time: 7.26.5
Margins 7.0, 7.8 & 4.8 secs

1st VIC - Bow: Colin J Smith, 2: Peter T Antonie, 3: Simon M Gillett, Str: Geoff L Rees, Cox: David B England, Emerg: John F Hawkins, Cch: Peter E M L Philp
2nd NSW - Bow: Phillip Gardiner, 2: Alan de Belin, 3: Peter Riccord, Str: John Bailey, Cox: R Denton, Emerg: David Taylor, Cch: Bert Harding
3rd WA - Bow: Geoff Mitchell, 2: G Wayne Simmons, 3: Michael Sasse, Str: Chris Curry, Cox: Michael Hart, Cch: Richard (Dick) Gard
4th SA - Bow: William Moody, 2: A Beal, 3: W Young, Str: Vaughan Bollen, Cox: Geoff Worth, Emergs: R Widger & A Ranson, Cch: Bob Cooper
TAS eliminated in repechage - Bow: Mark A Roach, 2: Maurice J Barry, 3: David G MacFarlane, Str: G L Williams, Cox: D L Williams, Cch: John H Bolton

E1: 1st WA, 2nd SA, 3rd TAS
E2: 1st VIC, 2nd NSW
R: 1st SA, 2nd NSW, 3rd TAS
Final: 1st VIC, 2nd NSW, 3rd WA, 4th SA

The Victorians stormed off the line getting a half length in the first 250 metres and their lead was never in any doubt.

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy

Time: 4.55.5
Margins 1.4, 4.3, 1.7 & 4.3 secs

1st TAS - Bow: M Thorpe, 2: L McMullen, 3: S Ebsworth, 4: T Scandrett, 5: Glen Wills, 6: P Beswick, 7: Graeme Kitto, Str: P Hansen, Cox: C Wojtas, Cch: Paul Myler
2nd SA - Bow: Adrian P Blue, 2: Mike Osis, 3: Stephen J Mann, 4: J D Squigley, 5: M J Edwards, 6: J D Lott, 7: D F Matters, Str: C J Riggs, Cox: P Hogan, Emergs: John P Curtis & John C Bentley, Cch: Ron Lawrence
3rd NSW - C Capel, R Creer, T Gillespie, C Jones, C Newton, M Warren, R Tooth, R Purrell, Cox: S Walcott, Cch: Ken St Heaps
4th WA - Bow: Guy Bicknell, 2: Stewart Mitchell, 3: Jamie Downs, 4: Neville Kempton, 5: James Fairchild, 6: John Stocco, 7: Richard Read, Str: Peter Scott, Cox: Simon Cox, Emergs: Ian Telfer & Ian Tchakos, Cch: Paul Cox
5th VIC - Bow: Bradley G Horney, 2: J A Burzacott, 3: Peter A Shorten, 4: Richard J Tomczak, 5: P A Scott, 6: Gary J Gullock, 7: A R Heys, Str: Mark W Cunningham, Cox: M G O'Brien, Emerg: D J Cunningham, Cch: Jock Heys
NSW No 2 eliminated in repechages
WA No 2 eliminated in repechages

E1: 1st TAS, 2nd SA, 3rd NSW No 2, 4th WA No 2
E2: 1st WA No 1, 2nd NSW No 1, 3rd VIC
R: 1st VIC, 2nd NSW No 2, 3rd WA No 2
Final: 1st TAS, 2nd SA, 3rd NSW No 1, 4th WA No 1, 5th VIC

Tasmania led all the way.

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship–The ULVA Trophy

Time: 3.58.4
Margins 6.3, 3.1, 0.6 & 4.2 secs

1st NSW - Bow: Vicki Spooner, 2: Jill Callan, 3: Vivian Roe, Str: Sally Harding, Cox: Jill McCure (NB: Not an officially selected crew from NSW but permission was provided to race.)
2nd WA - Bow: Gwenda Bennetts, 2: Jenny Dalzeil, 3: Jane Cowan, Str: Penny Curry, Cox: Susie Gaskin, Emergs: Rosemary Barwick & Verna Westwood, Cch: Terry Scook
3rd SA - Bow: Barbara Phelan, 2: Lesley Dankbaar, 3: Barbara Henrich, Str: Dale Henrich, Cox: G Kinnane, Cch: Bill Dankbaar
4th VIC - Bow: Leanne J Whitehouse, 2: L J McDonald, 3: Pam D Westendorf, Str: D V Petschel, Cox: T Gazelle, Emergs: Anne Chirnside & Wendy John, Cch: Ruth Klinge
5th TAS - Bow: S Innes, 2: J Hurburgh, 3: H Shiel, Str: J Linton, Cox: B Beechey, Cch: G Burton

The winning Mosman crew was allowed by NSW to race but was not a representative NSW crew. It comprised rowers combining to better enhance the chances of Australia in international competition. They won convincingly.

E1: 1st WA, 2nd SA, 3rd VIC
E2: 1st NSW, 2nd TAS
R: 1st VIC, 2nd SA, 3rd TAS
Final: 1st NSW, 2nd WA, 3rd SA, 4th VIC, 5th TAS

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy

Time: 4.40.8
Margins 2.4, 0.9, 9.9 and 1.3 secs

1st NSW - Evelyn Adams, Cch: Robyn Pull
2nd Sydney No 1 - Denise Phillips, Cch: Dennis Carmody
3rd VIC - Leisa Patterson, Cch: Jeff Sykes
4th TAS - Shann McGinniss, Cch: Reg Free
5th VIC No 2 (YWCA) - Kath L Bennett, Cch: Jack J Bennett
Artemis eliminated in repechage - Mary Renouf, Cch: L Renouf
WA eliminated in repechage - Vanessa R Grant, Cch - Ken D Grant
Sydney No 2 eliminated in repechage - Robyn Mackney, Cch: Kim Mackney

E1: 1st Patterson VIC, 2nd NSW, 3rd WA
E2: 1st Bennett VIC No 2, 2nd McGinniss TAS
E3: 1st Phillips Sydney No 1, 2nd TAS
R: 1st Adams NSW, 2nd McGinniss TAS No 2, 3rd TAS, 4th WA
Final: 1st Adams NSW, 2nd Phillips NSW No 2, 3rd Patterson VIC, 4th McGinniss TAS, 5th Bennett VIC No 2

Patterson lead to 800 metres but was passed by both Sydney scullers over the last 200 metres in a dash for the line.

Women's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Victoria Cup

Time: 4.13.6
Margins: 1.0, 2.6, 8.8 and 2.3 secs

1st VIC - Bow: Marina DiMartino, 2: Lisa McKinnis, 3 Jan Olney: Str: Meredith Rayner, Cox: Cathy Gellion, Cch: Luan (Lou) Renouf
2nd NSW - Bow: Karen Law, 2: Fiona Renfrew, 3: Karen Williamson, Str: Maureen Revington, Cox & Cch: Robyn Pull
3rd SA - Bow: Annette Lowe, 2: Paula Mann. 3: Lesley Cummins, Str: Jill Mangelsdorf, Cox: Bronwyn Coulter, Emerg: Susan Egan, Cch: Phil Mangelsdorf
4th WA - Bow: Joanne E Green, 2: Robyn T Travers, 3: Barbara F Kelly, Str: Marie T Gibson, Cox: Veronica (Ronnie) Cooper, Cch: Warren J Gibson, Emerg: Lynne M Bayliss
5th QLD - Bow: Gillian Richards, 2: Cindy Walpole, 3: Debbie Walpole, Str: Megan McConnell, Cox: John Avery, Cch: Bede McLennan, Emerg: Virginia Davy & Gay Allen
NSW No 2 eliminated in repechage : Bow: Vicki Baxter, 2: Helen Ward, 3: Gwen Ryan, Str: Barbara Webb, Cchs: Len MacPherson & Robert (Bob) Stone

E1: 1st NSW, 2nd SA, 3rd WA
E2: 1st VIC, 2nd NSW No 2, 3rd QLD
R: 1st SA, 2nd WA, 3rd QLD
Final: 1st VIC, 2nd NSW, 3rd SA, 4th WA, 5th QLD

A narrow victory was achieved by the Artemis Rowing Club crew from Victoria.


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