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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1963 Interstate Championships

Women's: 20 Apr 1963, Brisbane River QLD
Men's: 4 May 1963, Milton Reach Brisbane River QLD

Photos 1963 Interstate Championships Photo Gallery

1963 Programme cover

1963 Programme Cover for the Men's Interstate Championships

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PDF copies of the 1963 men's regatta program and the 1963 men's teams program can be found through these links.

Full definition images from these championships can be found on the Australian Rowing Images website.

Organising Committee & Officials

Organising Committee: Queensland Amateur Rowing Association

Starters: Cliff Cullen & James M Dowrie

Umpires: R Scott & Tom Jack

Judges: Lance W Trout & J Sullivan

Timekeepers: Ron Clemence & R D McDowell

Assistants: Jack Hutchinson, P Philp, F Moss, Jack Pritchard, R Mahony

Clerk of Scales: D Cunningham

75th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Time: 5:59.0
Margin 1 canvas

1st VIC - Bow: Brian J Vear, 2: Derek E Norwood, 3: Charles J Lehman, 4: Paul M Guest, 5: John P Nettleton, 6: David Ramage, 7: Martin G Tomanovits, Str: Terry R Davies, Cox: David Palfreyman, Coach: Alan N Jacobsen, Emergs: Richard J Garrard & Michael F McKenna, Manager Ron March, Selectors: Dr Lloyd S Williams, Ron J March & coach.
2nd NSW - Bow: Peter Shenstone, 2:William E L Young, 3: Graeme K (Mick) Allan, 4: Gary S Herford, 5: Alf W Duval, 6: John Hudson, 7: Stuart McGill, Str: Rodney M Northam, Cox: Alf MacLaren, Cch: Alan R Callaway, Mgr: Bill Purcell, Emerg: Bruce Dickson
3rd WA - Bow: Milton A Francis, 2: Reg Clairs, 3: Ross Moffat, 4: Arnold H Drok, 5: Chris L Fisher, 6: Berry Durston, 7: Ron W N Hardy, Str: Frank Lowrey, Cox: Terry Scook, Cch: Ken Grant, Emerg: W A (Bill) Eales
4th TAS - Bow: Chris Gourlay, 2: Robert Gould, 3: John D Blake, 4: Reg Free, 5: Ian Dickinson, 6: Cliff J Alcock, 7: R Hall, Str: Ian Edwards, Cox: David Rattray, Cch: J R Verney, Emergs: Doug Denny & Brian Hughes
SA eliminated in repechage - Bow: Robert Russell, 2: D Beck, 3: Ian Russell, 4: P Mitchell, 5: R McLeod, 6: David B Bishop, 7: Cliff Graetz, str: R Cornelius, Cox: Vaughn Bollen, Cch: Bryan Draper, Emergs: Allan L Southcott Jnr & C R Levinge
QLD eliminated in repechage - Bow: N Cairns, 2: Roy Hinchy, 3: Phillip Clutterbuck, 4: Dennis Donnelly, 5: James Love, 6: N Fielding, 7: Anthony Elliott, Str: Robert Harmsworth, Cox: William Bennett, Cchs: Arnold Fielding & Dave Magoffin

The eights race was a held start from punts which was unusal for those days. Heats and repechage was conducted on Friday with finals on Saturday.

NSW defeated QLD, VIC defeated WA and TAS defeated SA in the heats. WA won the repechage convincingly from SA and QLD in that order. The final was one of the tightest finishes for many years. NSW and VIC led early and exchanged the lead at various stages down the course.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Time: 8.04.0
Margins: canvas, 6 lengths

1st TAS - Graham Squires
2nd VIC - Jeff Sykes
3rd NSW - Robert Shirlaw
4th QLD - Russell H McLellan
5th WA - David K Walker

The sculling championship was a first and final and resulted in a win to Graham Squires, his first win in eight attempts by a canvas to Jeff Sykes of Victoria.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup

Time: 7.18.00
Margin: 1/2 & 3 lengths

1st NSW - Alan G K Symons, Greg A Hancock, John W Henderson, Don D McIver, Cox: Larry Parker, Cch: Norm Grounds
2nd VIC - Bow: Peter Downey, 2: Robert Fitch, 3: Brian McFarlane, Str: Phil Morgan, Cox: Terry Morgan, Cch: Len Gladman, Emerg: Robert Sarah & James Edmond
3rd QLD - Bow: B Hall, 2: Peter Hemming, 3: Brian Hemming, Str: D John Murphy, Cox: R Brett, Emerg: J Adam, Cch: David Magoffin
4th TAS - Bow: Michael (Mick) Knowles, 2: I Baade, 3: Robbie Johnstone, Str: P Rosevear, Cox: G Smith, Cch: B Wheatland, Emerg: Peter Vincent
5th SA - Bow: B Mobbs, 2: B Schultz, 3: Robert Cooper, Str: J Banks, Cox: R Chaloner

NSW led the lightweight four championship all the way but had to face challenges from Victoria and finished 1/2 length in front at the finish.

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship–The ULVA Trophy

Time: 4.14.0
Margins: 1 1/2 & 1/2 lengths

1st NSW - Bow: Wendy Spurling, 2: Marilyn Mattes, 3: Penne Mattes, Str: Janice Cameron, Cox: Barry Roberts, Cch: Robert (Bob) F Saville
2nd QLD - Bow: E Robinson, 2: D Christensen, 3: J Whiteley, Str: J Nimmo, Cch: Mr R Mahoney
3rd VIC

The fours championship scored another NSW victory from the Queensland University crew with Victoria in third placing this time.

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy

Distance: 1000m
Time: 4.52
Margin 6 lengths

1st NSW - Helen Evans
2nd QLD - Barbara Benson

The inaugural sculling championship saw a strong win to Helen Evans of Sydney by six lengths to Barbara Benson of Queensland.


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