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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1926 Interstate Championships

Women's: 1 May 1926, Brisbane River QLD
Men's: 8 May 1926, Brisbane River QLD

Photos 1926 Interstate Championships Photo Gallery

1926 programme

1926 Programme Cover from the Men's Interstate Championships

Regatta Officials

Starter: Mr C Rudd
Umpire: F W de Little
Judge: Hon J F Donovan
Timekeepers: R Wilson & E E McCaskie
Weight Steward: H Kyle
Chairman: R G Howard Gill
Treasurer: P C Hooper
Hon Sec: G N Smoothey

Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 15.43
Margins: 1, 3/4 & 2 lengths

1st TAS - Bow: Edward Elrick, 2: D Haywood, 3: W Hull, 4: G Richardson, 5: J A Inglis, 6: A Filbee, 7: L R Smith, Str: J L Hallam, Cox: A Griggs, Cch & Mgr: Cecil L McVilly, Emerg: H Wilkinson
2nd SA - Bow: A Pilmore, 2: J Guerin, 3: H W Doecke, 4: A V Scott, 5: D Marshall, 6: L Stone, 7: A Loxton, Str: Walter H Pfeiffer, Cox: R A Cummings, Cch: E Higgs, Emerg: C F Kretschmer, Mgr: J P Marcus
3rd VIC - Bow: W A Holtham, 2: G J Adam, 3: L A J Scully, 4: F C Borrman, 5: W L Pincott, 6: E J Farrell, 7: R (Bob) V Gregg, Str: H A Schlichting, Cox: B E Coombes, Emerg: Jack L Mounsey, Cchs & selectors: Charles Donald & Edward Kenny, Mgr: Jimmy P Rorke
4th QLD - Bow: H G Poole, 2: E G Cook, 3: R Shaw, 4: R Couzens, 5: H Blackman, 6: J J Poole, 7: S McFarlane, Str: M Raffin, Cox: J Hughes, Cch: John Copp, Emerg: D Castles
NSW did not finish - Bow: George S Wallis, 2: J T Vindin, 3: Phillip G Dowling, 4: Gilbert E Phillips, 5: J Lowrey, 6: William (Bill) C H Ridley, 7: Charles (Chic) W Hurley, Str: William E Livingston, Emerg: Oswald (Ossie) R Dowling, Cox: R J Daly, Cch: Stuart S Amess, Mgr: E J Buckley

The Queensland crew put a good fight and were in the lead after a mile. However the strength of the Tasmanian, South Australian and Victorian crews showed through in the second half of the race. NSW ceased rowing before completing the race. On a sad note, the Victorian bow man died in the months following the race.

Tasmanian men's eight

1926 Tasmanian Crew

Bow: Edward Elrick, 2: D Haywood, 3: W Hull, 4: G Richardson, 5: J A Inglis, 6: A Filbee, 7: L R Smith, Str: J L Hallam, Cox: A Griggs

King's Cup Certificate

1926 Tasmanian Certificate

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Time: 15.35.0
Distance: 2 1/2 miles
Margins: 1 1/2 and 2 lengths

1st QLD - Arthur A Baynes
2nd NSW - Jack A Goulding
3rd VIC - Arthur Cambridge
4th TAS - Les C Nimmo

Arthur Baynes

Arthur Baynes from Queensland

The scullers race for the President's Cup for the first time at these Championships. The trophy was presented to the AARC by their inaugural president, Mr E C Watchorn of Tasmania. The sculling race also proved to be a great race with a stirring struggle between the first three placed scullers with close margins considering the 2 1/2 mile race. Nimmo from Tasmania again suffered an accident, this time to his fin and caused a foul to Cambridge. The nineteen year old Goulding led for a good part of the race before the experienced Baynes rowed him down. Perhaps the promising young sculler Goulding had caused Baynes too much grief as Baynes retired after this race.

Jack Goulding

Jack Goulding from NSW

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship–The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 1/2 Mile
No time taken
Margin: 6 lengths

1st SA - Bow: G O'Malley, 2: M Quin, 3: Adele Hill, Str: J Thomas, Cox: Len Hill
2nd QLD - Bow: C Hooper, 2: R George, 3: A Hinckfuss, Str: E Palmer, Cox: Mr C Dix

The South Australians were far too strong in this two crew race.


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