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2003 Interstate Championships

17 Apr 2003, Lake Barrington TAS

2003 Programme

2003 Programme Cover

114th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup


1st VIC - Bow: Paul Myers, 2: Michael McKay, 3: Karsten Forsterling, 4: Cameron McKenzie-McHarg, 5: Travis Johnston, 6: Lachlan McPherson, 7: Drew Ginn, Str: James Tomkins, Cox: Marc Douez, Cch: Chris O'Brien
2nd WA - Bow: David McGowan, 2: Brenton Jenke, 3: Ben Hopkins, 4: Luke Pougnault, 5: Stephan Szczurowski, 6: Stuart Reside, 7: Jono Fievez, Str: David Dennis, Cox: Kenny Chan, Cch: Antonio Maurogiovanni
3rd NSW - Bow: Zac Kirkham, 2: Daniel Bourke, 3: James Chapman, 4: Francis Hegerty, 5: Tom Laurich, 6: Jeff Stewart, 7: Stewart Welch, Str: Stephen Stewart, Cox: Martin Rabjohns, Cch: Tim McLaren
4th QLD - Bow: Randall Martin, 2: Shaun Coulton, 3: Ross MacLeod-Carey, 4: Steve Cook, 5: Craig Dorrstein, 6: Sam Conrad, 7: Bo Hansen, Str: Ben McGeachie, Cox: Michel Toon, Cch: Gary Lynagh
5th ACT - Bow: Tom Westgarth, 2: Ian Morgan, 3: Adrian Webster, 4: Ben Southwell, 5: Craig Jones, 6: Mitchell Punch, 7: Henry Gundy, Str: Jaimie Fernandez, Cox: Brett Hayman, Cchs: Reinhold Batschi & Nick Hunter
6th SA - Bow: Alex Silz, 2: Tom Guthrie, 3: John Absolon, 4: James Bailey, 5: Tim Hennessy, 6: Trent Collins, 7: Greg Taylor, Str: Mark Sparon, Cox: Tina Love, Cchs: Rob Rowlands & Phil Mangelsdorf
7th TAS - Bow: Sean Finlayson, 2: Michael Schnackenberg, 3: Wes Young, 4: Aaron Long, 5: Brendan Long, 6: Tom Edwards, 7: George Roberts, Str: Tom Gibson, Cox; Richard Dalton, Cchs: John Driessen & Rob Williams

This was a great race and a superb win to the Victorians who did not have it their own way at any time during the race. The WA crew got off to a good start leading the field through the first 500 metres. The Victorians reversed this in the second 500 metres but were unable to shake off the WA crew. The narrow margin of 0.4 second separated these two crews for all the middle 1000 metres of the race. The WA crew then tried a valiant sprint to the line but crossed 0.09 seconds behind the Victorians who held off the challenge. There was another battle for the third place between NSW, QLD and ACT which was going on well behind the two leaders.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup


1st QLD - Duncan Free
2nd TAS - Brendan Long
3rd NSW - Peter Hardcastle
4th VIC - David Crawshay

Duncan Free led all the way and had a strong lead up until the last 500 metres. There was a superb battle for the minor placing going on with the other three scullers which closed the margin for Free over the last 500 metres.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup


1st TAS - Bow: Deon Birtwistle, 2: Sam Beltz, 3: Shane Broad, Str: Simon Burgess, Cch: Sam Le Compte
2ndWA - Bow: Ross Brown, 2: Tom Nicholls, 3: Ben Cureton, Str: Glen Loftus, Cch: Antonio Maurogivanni
3rd NSW - Bow: Andrew Black, 2: Robert Mitchell, 3: Karl Parker, Str: Tim O'Callaghan
4th QLD - Bow: Oliver Zuk, 2: Steven Kuzma, 3: Michael McBryde, Str: Haimish Karrasch, Cch: Bob Bleakley
5th SA - Bow: Mario Lippis, 2: Adrian Oest, 3: Sam Saunders, Str: Cam Sanderson-Brewster, Cchs: Roger Moore & Steve Perry
6th VIC - Bow: Andrew Sypkens, 2: Nick Edwards, 3: George Jelbart, Str: Anthony Edwards, Cch: John Cumper

The Tasmanians continued their good form in this race despite a great race from the WA crew. The Tasmanians were in second place for most of the race but stormed home in the final stages to take the lead. The final margin does not reflect the tight racing as the WA slowed after failing to hold off the fast finishing Tasmanian crew.

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy


1st NSW - Bow: Rupert Sheridan, 2: Andrew Viquerat, 3: Andrew Wilson, 4: Angus Campbell, 5: Ian Allsop, 6: Matt Ryan, 7: Michael Valli, Str: Nicholas Hudson, Cox: Robbie Williams, Cch: Andrew Randell
2nd QLD- Bow: Gordon Lusink, 2: Paul Barber, 3: David Houston, 4: Eugene Arendsen, 5: David Nelson, 6: Alex Avetisoff, 7: Sebastian Harper, Str: Peter Winkle, Cox: Mitchell Rosenlund, Cchs: Nick Brown & Tim Conrad
3rd TAS- Bow: Dane Williams, 2: Brad McMaster, 3: Kasper Hebblewhite, 4: Sam Lovibond, 5: Anthony Males, 6: Scott Brennan, 7: Sam Waley, Str: Cameron Wurf, Cox: Scott Colvin, Cchs: John Driessen & Rob Williams
4th VIC- Bow: Tim Smith, 2: Josh Fahy, 3: Corey Hester, 4: Tyson Chambers, 5: Tim Linke, 6: Sean Sowerby, 7: Tom Paton, Str: Oscar Stanley, Cox: Tim Deverson, Cch: Jeff Watt
5th WA- Bow: John Polinelli, 2: Steven Fletcher, 3: Ewill Hughes, 4: Matthew Stroud, 5: Matt Turnbull, 6: Zac Pritchard, 7: David Kerry, Str: Ryan Green, Cox: Roland Warren, Cchs: Clark Taylor & Rhett Ayliffe
6th SA- Bow: Josh Master, 2: Juris Svilans, 3: Mitchell Oliver, 4: Mackenzie Jarvis, 5: Daniel Masters, 6: Michael Craven, 7: James McRae, Str: Tim Donaldson, Cox: Jordan Welden-Iley, Cchs: Neil Myers & Paul Bastiaans
7th ACT- Bow: Jack Chenoweth, 2: Jason Cain, 3: Miles Foran, 4: Charles Boyle, 5: Fergus Pragnell, 6: Joe Power, 7: Chris Ritchie, Str: Mack Wilcox, Cox: Tristan Dakin, Cch: Tony Green

The NSW crew dominated the race from the start and were never seriously threatened. There was an interesting race for third placing between Tasmania and Victoria with the Tasmanians taking the honours.

Women's Interstate Eight Championship–The Queen Elizabeth II Trophy


1st NSW - Bow: Jodie Winter, 2: Kyeema Doyle, 3: Julia Wilson, 4: Krysten Winkley, 5: Alexandra Doyle, 6: Monique Heinke, 7: Victoria Roberts, Str: Kristina Larsen, Cox: Georgia Green, Cch: Alan Bennett
2nd VIC - Bow: Pauline Frasca, 2: Sara Richards, 3: Kate Hutchison, 4: Fleur Chew, 5: Sarah Chibnell, 6: Robyn Selby-Smith, 7: Emily Martin, Str: Catriona Oliver, Cox: Emily Trewartha, Cch: Tom Courtney
3rd WA - Bow: Kate Smith, 2:Sally Robbins, 3: Jessica Harker, 4: Felicity Willis, 5: Sarah Outhwaite, 6: Joanna Lutz, 7: Rebecca Sattin, Str: Amber Bradley, Cox: Jessica Anderson, Cchs: Jason Lane & Marc Corser
4th TAS - Bow: Susan Stegmann, 2: Ursula Kay, 3: Claire Shield, 4: Kate Hornsey, 5: Kerry Hore, 6: Florence Temple, 7: Dana Faletic, Str: Vicky Myers, Cox: Cate Thomas, Cch: Roger Drummond
5th ACT - Bow: Diana Egerton-Warburton, 2: Lisa Star, 3: Kerry Knowler, 4: Brianna McGill, 5: Donna Martin, 6: Jane Robinson, 7: Taryn Langdon, Str: Fleur Spriggs, Cox: Ann Whelan, Cch: Gordon Marcks

The NSW crew were favourites and they lived up to their reputation. The surprise packet in this race was the Victorian crew who out raced the fancied WA crew and nearly caught the NSW crew. WA led for the first 1000 metres before being rowed through by both the NSW and Victorian crews. The NSW crew were unable to break free on the Victorians who kept the favourites honest throughout the race.

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy


1st WA - Amber Bradley, Cch: Jason Lane
2nd TAS - Kerry Hore, Cch: Lyall McCarthy
3rd VIC - Catriona Oliver, Cch: Lyall McCarthy
4th ACT - Donna Martin, Cch: Lyall McCarthy
5th QLD - Sonia Mills, Cch: Gordon Marcks
6th NSW - Natalie Long, Cch: Lindsay Callaghan

Oliver led for the first 1000 metres before being passed by Bradley in the third 500 metres and then Hore in the last 500 metres. Bradley's third 500 metres was superb and set up a great win leaving the others to try and bridge the gap.

Women's Interstate Lightweight Quad Scull Championship–The Victoria Cup


1st SA - Bow: Sally Newmarch, 2: Miranda Bennett, Sally Causby, Str: Amber Halliday, Cch Adrian David
2nd VIC - Bow: Sally Muir, 2: Regina Kennedy, 3: Alison Withers, Str: Christine Mitchell, Cch: Mark Baxter
3rd NSW - Bow: Sarah Macfarlane, 2: Nicole Cooke, 3: Bronwyn Watson, Str: Zita van der Walle, Cch: Inna Frolova
4th QLD - bow: Belinda Harris, 2: Honor Conrad, 3: Lucinda James, Str: Marguerite Houston, Cch: Kate Dearden
5th TAS - Bow: Ingrid Fenger, 2: Jess Wade, 3: Mollie Hill, Str; Kirsty Fleming, Cch: Paul Newbon

The South Australians were hot favourities for this event and they did not disappoint. They took a length lead in the first 500 metres and then extended it at every stage of the race. They were never threatened.

Women's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Bicentennial Cup


1st WA - Bow: Jess Huston, 2: Megan Willis, 3: Anna Szczurowski, 4: Karolina Hayes, 5: Annika Naughton, 6: Felicity Willis, 7: Sarah Outhwaite, Str: Natalie Bale, Cox: Victoria Felles, Cchs: Jason Lane & Marc Corser
2nd NSW - Bow: Elsa O'Hanlon, 2: Katelyn Gray, 3: Marnie Kuypers, 4: Megan Crawford, 5: Tegan Richardson, 6: Elizabeth Kell, 7: Alex Doyle, Str: Holly Hames, Cox: Elizabeth Smith, Cch: Debbie Fox
3rd VIC - Bow: Rebecca Robinson, 2: Emma Bandy, 3: Rachel Skevington, 4: Sarah Forbes, 5: Rebecca Chisholm, 6: Sarah Heard, 7: Sassi McCarthy, Str: Michelle Funder, Cox: Georgie Coleman, Cch: John Acton
4th QLD - Bow: Melanie Clements, 2: Elizabeth Brown, 3: Elizabeth Davies, 4: Amy Middleton, 5: Sally Kehoe, 6: Tara Kelly, 7: Suzanne Brown, Str: Kate Clarkson, Cox: Cassandra Clements, Cchs: Phil Bourguignon & Peter Howard
5th SA - Bow: Jasmin Meyer, 2: Adelaide Boylan, 3: Brooke Willshire, 4: Tara Ellis, 5: Stephanie Monson, 6: Anna McRae, 7: Melissa Hart, Str: Jacqui Bain, Cox: Araminta Dunstone, Cchs: Ron Mobbs & Phil Blessing
6th TAS - Bow: Bianca Heron, 2: Emma Van Dyken, 3: Holly Pintarich, 4: Sarah Rubenstein, 5: Emma Goggin, 6: Gemma Youl, 7: Sarah Murdoch, Str: Jacqui Saunders, Cox: Genni Smith, Cch: John Kincade
7th ACT - Bow: Yasmin Burraston, 2: Jessie Foran, 3: Jenny Bradley, 4: Sarah Phillips, 5: Clare Lutton, 6: Tara Huntly, 7: Margo Harley, Str: Sarah Cook, Cox: Genevieve Tait, Cch: Liz Harley

There was intriguing battle between the first three crews in the middle part of the race but WA took control of the race over the final stages. The margins and changing fortunes during the race created a most interesting event.


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