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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1962 Interstate Championships

Men's: 24 Mar 1962, Lake Wendouree VIC
Women's: 29 Apr 1962, Albert Park Lake VIC

Photos 1962 Interstate Championships Photo Gallery

1962 programme

1962 Programme Cover for the Men's Interstate Championships

The Men's Interstate Chapionships were raced with heats, repechages and finals.

Organising Committee & Officials

Organising Committee: M S Williams (Chairman), R R Aitken, G H Taylor, A T Trahar, N F Wilkinson & N W Cairnes

Starters: Jack J Donald, F Roberts, Robert Duncan & Vic Sharp

Umpires: William Morrison, E Elliot, David Boykett

Judges: Alec McLeish, J Barnett, T Cotton, F Findlay

Timekeepers: F Peters & A Martin

74th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Time: 6:08.5 Margin 1/2, 1 1/2 & 1/2 length

1st VIC - Bow: Ian E Douglas, 2: Charles J Lehman, 3: Duchan Stankovich, 4: Graeme McCall, 5: Martin Tomanovits, 6: Terry R Davies, 7: Paul Guest, Str: W Neville Howell, Cox: G J Norton, Coach: Alan N Jacobsen, Emerg: Simon Newcomb & Brian J Vear, Manager: W Ray B Todd, Selectors: Dr Lloyd S Williams, Ron J March & coach.
2nd WA - Bow: Milton A Francis, 2: Frank J Lowry, 3: Ross Moffat, 4: Alan Hall, 5: Roger C Liggins, 6: Berry H Durston, 7: Ron W N Hardy, Str: John E Negus, Cox: Terrence J Scook, Emerg: Reg J Clairs, Cch: Ken D Grant, Mgr: Robert C Hemery
3rd TAS - Bow: Chris Gourlay, 2: Kevin Spicer, 3: John Blake, 4: Reg Free, 5: Don Rule, 6: Chris Alcock, 7: Ray Trousselot, Str: Ian Edwards, Cox: David Rattray-Smith, Emergs: Brian Hughes & Ross Gregory, Cch: John Verney
4th NSW - Bow: Michael W Lowrey, 2: Gary S Herford, 3: John A Campbell, 4: Stewart L Derwin, 5: Alf W Duval, 6: Neil C Smith, 7: Graeme K (Mick) Allan, Str: James A Goulding, Cox: Ken C Lloyd, Emergs: Stuart E Agnew & Don S Brewer, Cch: Phil Cayzer, Mgr: Alf Duval
SA - Bow: Derek Sweetman, 2: Ian Russell, 3: Lindsay Southcott, 4: David B Bishop, 5: R Cornelius, 6: R Cheeseman, 7: John H Jarvis, Str: Robert Russell, Cox: Vaughan Bollen, Emergs: Tom P McCormick & D Vincent, Cch: John "Jack" A Hill
QLD - Bow: Graham Angus, 2: Roy Hinchy, 3: James Love, 4: Thomas Clarke, 5: Allan Higgins, 6: Robert Harmsworth, 7: Steve Hinchy, Str: Kenneth Monk, Cox: William Bennett, Emerg: Phillip Clutterbuck, Cch: Dennis Donnelly, Manager: Robert Lyndon

In heat one of the eights, Tasmania defeated Queensland. In heat 2 NSW defeated South Australia. In heat three Victoria defeated Western Australia. Western Australia won the repechage against South Australia with Queensland scratched due to the illness of the seven man Steve Hinchy. The final was a half length win to Victoria from WA with NSW a further 1 1/2 lengths further back.

Finish of the King's Cup

south australian crew training

SA crew in training on 28th February in their new boat from Sydney

Photo: The News and The Mail, Adelaide - from the Guerin Collection

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Time: 7.30.0
Margin: 4 & 3 lengths

1st NSW - Ian Tutty
2nd TAS - Graham Squires
3rd VIC - Jeff Sykes
4th WA - Gerry M Hubbard
SA eliminated in repechage - G Fitzgerald

In the sculling championship, Tutty defeated Squires and Fitzgerald in heat one, and Sykes defeated Hubbard in heat two. Squires won the repechage from Hubbard and Fitzgerald. Tutty had an easy win in the final from Squires, then Sykes and Hubbard.

Ian Tutty, NSW Sculler

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup

Time: 7.05.00
Margin 4 lengths

1st VIC - Bow: Rodney J Smith, 2: George Xouris, 3: Anthony M Walker, Str: Ken M Hume, Cox: David Palfreyman, Emergs: Rodney Gladman & Peter Downey, Cch: Keith Bilney, Selectors: William Wallace, E Wilson & coach
2nd NSW - Bow: John W Henderson, 2: Patrick W Burke, 3: Ray C Bushell, Str: Geoff A Knight, Cox: Alan Grover, Emerg: Col Bullard, Cch: Bert Harding
3rd WA - Bow: Anthony Windus, 2: Dennis Durston, 3: Eddie Fordham, Str: Geoff Storey, Cox: Daryl Ninham, Cch: Norm Golding
SA - Bow: J Blank, 2: D Edmonds, 3: Bruce R Pontifex, Str: J Minney, Cox: Peter Worley, Emerg: P Blank, Cch: K McCoy
TAS - Bow: Terry Philpott, 2: Tony Timms, 3: Cliff Hutton, Str: M Knuth, Cox: Joe Howlett, Emerg: Kerry Hay, Cch: Anthony Timms

In the lightweight fours, Victoria defeated NSW and Tasmania in heat one and Western Australia defeated South Australia in heat two. NSW won the repechage from SA with Tasmania not finishing. The final was a four length win to Victoria from NSW with WA a further 1 1/2 lengths back.

Victorian Crew

Bow: Rodney J Smith, 2: George Xouris, 3: Anthony M Walker, Str: Ken M Hume, Cox: David Palfreyman

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship–The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 1000m
Time: 4.08.4
Margins: One canvas and 1 length

1st NSW - Bow: Janice Cameron, 2: Margaret Agnew, 3: Jacqui Bonner, Str: Margaret Hansen, Cox: Barry Roberts, Cch: R F "Bob" Saville
2nd VIC
3rd QLD - Bow: E Robinson, 2: J French, 3: Barbara Bensen, Str: J Nimmo, Cox: Mr S Hood

The margins indicate a closer contest this year between NSW and Victoria. However it was again another win to NSW.


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